What Is So Special About The Cottage Ooty Hotels?

Ooty is the summer destination where the people flock to with their families and friends for vacationing in the cool and natural surroundings. Just as the hill stations of north India located on the mighty Himalayas, Ooty is a hill station located in the Nilgiri mountains in southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Since it is one of the most preferred destinations for holidaying in summers, the hotels in Ooty see advance booking of their rooms. The more popular of Ooty hotels get booked earlier than the less popular ones and this makes it absolutely important to do hotel booking months in advance of travel date.

Ooty offers different types of staying experiences. For the travelers who are on budget travel, there are budget hotels in Ooty which provide the bare minimum basic amenities and are rather restricted in providing more services. However, these do care to maintain clean and hygienic surroundings and provide delicious food to the tourists. There might not be too many options on offer by them but these staying places do ensure that, in order to stay in business, the basic things are cared for.

Besides the budget hotels, there are cottages and resorts which make living here quite an interesting as well as comfortable experience. Resorts bear a more modern look than the cottages. These are situated at or near to the elements of nature such as the waterfalls or the hills or even the tea plantations of this city. The architecture of these places is modern but the overall look and feel of the place bears a relaxing ambiance.

Cottages are characterized by their distinctive look of village-like habitations. You would find these made with mud and thatched straw roofs. These would be using the bamboos and use of natural products in the construction of these cottages is quite prominent. Even exteriors are developed in such a way that provides typical village-like cottage staying experiences. However, bearing a village-like look does not mean that these would be devoid of the modern amenities. In fact, there are a range of facilities provided to the modern travelers. These include a wide variety of meals options. At the same time, there are opportunities to conduct the business and to hold events. Recreational activities are also provided so that the guests get to recreate themselves. Packages are also provided for sightseeing and doing activities such as trekking, rock climbing and biking.

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