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How to Save Money While Travelling to Belgium

Belgium is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe. Belgium has many attractions ranging from beautiful architecture, romantic cruises and delicious food. The geographical position of Belgium is crossed with European countries, particularly with the UK.

As a result of globalisation and liberalisation, a large number of Indians travel to Belgium for business or leisure purposes. High international roaming charges are a major concern for Indian travellers when planning for an international travel.

A Country Specific SIM card, combined with an international mobile phone; is the most simple and economical solution for making and receiving calls while in Belgium. These SIM cards offer you the benefits of using your own phone at local rates.

In India, there are numerous international telecom service providers which provide cellphone services for Belgium. Simply replace your SIM card with a Belgium SIM card and you will be set to make and receive all phone calls and send quick messages across the world, without paying excessively high roaming costs.

How to activate these services

Belgium SIM card will provide you with a Belgium mobile phone number that is printed on the back side of your Belgium SIM cardpackaging. One should follow the following steps to activate their services:

How to make & receive international calls

To make an international call from your Belgium mobile phone dial 00 (or +), followed by the country code (for e.g. 91 for India), area code and phone number.

Similarly, your family and friends need to dial the international prefix, followed by the country code 32 and your mobile phone number. For e.g., when calling from India, callers need to dial 00 32 and then your mobile number.

Top service provider in India

Matrix Cellular is the leading telecom solution provider for Indian travelers moving to Belgium. The company offers reliable solutions in a cost-effective manner. They provide services all around the world and have its offices across India. The Company has also launched a new online store where consumers can buy Country Specific SIM card online at .

“Matrix is continuing its revolution by offering customers, inexpensive and best option while traveling abroad,” as per Arun Batra, CEO, Matrix Cellular.

Some other ways to save money while travelling Belgium

While Renting a Luxury Yacht Charter

The holiday can be captive when vacationers rent a luxury yacht charter and journey in the sea to explore some extraordinary islands. The sightseers become unable to pay the rent of the luxury boat chartering. Since the popularity on sea journey on holidays is rising high, most people can access to this transportation for their sea holiday. The enchanting experiences can be gained if there presents an appropriate arrangement in advance. The interesting destinations can be availed while occupying the recommendations on hiring Caribbean boat chartering. Renting luxury yacht charter from the Caribbean organization can help the travelers touch some alien spots in high sea. There are different Yacht leasing organizations in Caribbean belt, and these can be on a particular zonal brands including St. Lucia, Antigua, Virgin Island or St. Martin.

Before going for a yacht charter, the travelers should judge the services of the different boat chartering organization in the Caribbean zones. It is to be done with a view of a smooth and satisfying holiday ending. All the required necessities are to be made in well advance. The budget, the destination, and the tentative date of the vacation should be fixed. The sea journey perhaps is new to some travelers. All the aspects of the proposed voyage are to be verified well. These include mode of hiring, related advantages and the disadvantages. The agent who has experiences in this field can help find the feasible boat chartering.

Other than communicating with the agents for sea journey someone has to visit physically the spot as a result the judgment appears in advance and it helps plan the program well in advance. The travelers who have perceived the services of a particular yacht charter operator can provide the pertinent information for the sea journey. This step can make the travelers prepare a good plan on the sea trip. The type of the boat chartering is one of the pre-conditions. As the inspection of the type of the transport is over, the next step is to spot the condition of the selected sea mover. Inspecting on the photographs or the advices of the agent cannot be accurate always that is why physical inspection is advisable.

When all the necessary arrangement on hiring a luxury yacht charter is made, and the vacationers become convinced regarding the fact. The travelers can go ahead and opt for booking the Yacht. The advance can be made in this instance also. Generally the booking is done prior the journey in most of the cases. It can take place 3 or 6 months before. The crucial factor is that the escrow payment method is to be introduced and the operators of boat chartering companies will not have any options to misuse of deceive the funds. The fund transfer is important as because the whole plan for the holiday on sea can come to an end if the travelers are fallen in trap of deceiving. As the all the required preparations are made, the planned vacation is to be in the right order, and the vacationers can wear the sun glasses on the day of their voyage on yacht charter.

Where to Stay While Coming to Feira Milano City for Top Exhibitions

Fiera Milano City is one of the top convention centres that attract several key players from different industries to showcase their products or services. Hosting some of the major exhibition shows, trade fairs and seminars, this venue is one stop destination for event organisers who are planning to host an event in Milan.

All those visiting the city from distant places can make bookings with hotels near Fiera Milano and reach the venue for business conferences or exhibitions. To experience the luxurious comforts, find perfect 4 star accommodations in vicinity of the venue. Pick any of the popular lodgings according to the facilities and features offered by each of them.

Here are a few luxury hotels available for leisure and business travellers coming to Fiera Milano.

Town House 12

Situated at Piazza Gerusalemme in Milan, Town House 12 is a modern four-star hotel that features 15 Superior and Classic rooms for the visitors. Travellers can pick Junior Suite for a cosy stay in close proximity to the venue. The stylish interiors of the lodging are simply impressive. It provides access to the high-speed internet system, temperature control technology, flat screen LCD with Sky Box and much more. The private balcony is attached with all the rooms which make the hotel more appealing for a relaxing stay in the city.

Una Hotel Scandinavia

Una Scandinavia is a great four-star lodging that offers warm hospitality and all state of the art facilities to the customers. All the 153 well-furnished rooms, conferencing facilities with 6 meeting rooms, fitness club with sauna and an onsite restaurant makes it one of the ideal places to stay in while coming for leading trade shows and fairs. Visitors can also benefit from the free shuttle bus service, car parking facility and garage service available at the hotel.

Best Western Astoria

Located at Viale Murillo in Milan, Best Western Astoria offers first-rate facilities near the Fiera Milano City venue. Easily accessible via tram and subway, this lodging is suitable for both leisure and business travellers in Milan. Spread over 8 floors, Astoria provides all types of meetings facilities, bar, restaurant, health club and well-equipped guest rooms within its premises. Enjoy great breakfast meals and evening cocktails in your leisure time during your stay.

Find about the approaching exhibitions and fairs coming up at Fiera Milano City and plan your visit accordingly. Know about the features and amenities offered by each hotel near Fiera Milano City and pick the right lodging as per your niche.

Things to Consider While Planning For Your Journey

While planning to go to some different city or country it is important to make some planning in advance to avoid stress and trouble once you reach your destination. The major concern while traveling is to ensure quality accommodation and conveyance in the destination. When traveling to a new location you are always confused with the various options available for conveyance. A nice way to board and lodge, and a convenient and quick means of traveling is always desirable. No matter whatever the purpose of traveling is, whether a vacation or a business tour or something else, it is always better to ensure that your journey is well planned according to your requirements.

Finding a rental car provider is not much of a trouble with the use of Internet. The traditional way involves searching for the service providers in the local business directories and advertisements in print media. Now most of these agencies have their own websites which make it easy for the customers to connect with the agency and go through the various services offered by the rental provider. You can also easily compare multiple rental companies operating in the location on the terms of quality and cost. Almost every rental agency provides the user with facility of availing online quote to analyze the cost of rental service. You can browse through the website of these service providers to access the vehicle fleet of the agency. It is possible to have a certain choice of vehicle for hiring. Having an idea of the policy of the rental agency and driving sense in the location is always recommended. Every apparent and non apparent service offered by the company can have its own importance. You can contact directly with the company to clarify your confusions regarding the rental process.

If you are traveling through the means of airways, it is better to look for an airport car service. An airport car rental service makes it very easy for you to get a car as soon as you arrive the airport, and straight away drive for your planned destination directly from the airport. Thus definitely saving time and stress which is generally involved in hiring from the physical location of the agency. For availing an airport car, it is important that you book a rental car in advance. A vehicle booked in advance also sets you free from all the stress and confusion regarding availability of a rental vehicle.

The Factors You should Consider While Planning Your Honeymoon

If you happen to be bride in 2013, first accept my congratulation. You must be very exciting: there is a lot to plan, organize and manage for your wedding. And even after marriage, you must be waiting for that special celebration that every person waits for long: your honeymoon. We often see that many people plan their honeymoon in last minute. And a lot miss out, because last minute planning can never be perfect. They have to compromise either with budget or with amenities or destination choice. So you better plan your honeymoon in advance to enjoy your trip to the fullest!

When it comes to contrive your honeymoon, the foremost consideration is the destination choice. And the decision depends upon the preference of you both and the time and budget you have. Weather is another factor that affects your decision. For instance, a hillside vacation is ideal in summer, while a beach-resort or a tropical island can be the perfect choice for those celebrating their honeymoon during winter. If you’ve a short span of time at hand, you better book flights to a nearby destination.

The second important thing that you need to take care of is the availability travel documents. If you plan an overseas trip, you’ll need a valid visa and passport. So make sure you arrange them well in advance. An authorized ID card, your flight tickets and hotel booking documents are other essentials.

Book your travel facilities well in advance! March-June will be the peak tourist season at Himalayan hill stations. October-March is when almost all Goa flights go packed of tourists, while Kerala remains hot favourite round the year. During peak tourist time, it often becomes tricky to get your suitable travel deals. So it is advisable to book them beforehand. Start searching at least three months before your travel deals and book as soon as you find the one matching your criteria perfectly. Advance booking not only avoids hassles of last minute but it also gives you an affordable deal.

Once you have got your tickets and hotel-reservation slip, it is time to do some homework on the destination. Know about the major tourist attractions, safety status, weather and other important issues attached with the destination. You must know what has happened there in last one year or so. Information about the famous locations for shopping, dining and other funs should be gathered in advance. Search online to know what to pack for your trip.

Alternatively, or perhaps most importantly, availing professional assistance from a reliable company will come in very handy in this matter. Searching online, you will come across a number of tour packages for almost all famous honeymoon destinations. You just need to book the one that suits you the best, and the rest would be taken care of by the company.

Plan your honeymoon properly, and enjoy it to the fullest!