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Accommodation in Dubai Where To Stay?

Are you planning a trip to Dubai? Then you’ll be amazed to know that not long ago this cosmopolitan city was a small fishing village. Today, the fisherman’s shack and rural huts have given way to futuristic buildings and some world-class resorts. For the visitors, the major draw in this city is the shopping here and also some incomparable business opportunities. Accommodation in Dubai consists of youth hostels, backpacker and budget places as well as boutique and 5-star hotels.

What is it about Dubai that makes it the focal point of the Middle East? The positive business environment, professional work culture, amazing shopping opportunities and tourist attractions coupled with yearlong sunshine, makes it a must visit place. The hospitality establishments here are in keeping with the traveler friendly image of the city. Hotel accommodation Dubai is everything you can hope for in a foreign land.

The best places to stay

For those who are planning a Dubai-based holiday, it is always a better idea to look for places to stay within the city itself. There are some good hotels in the outskirt regions, but it is best to avoid these because of the hassles of the regular journey involved. There are two methods of arranging for accommodation in Dubai. You can book a joint flight and hotel package, or else, go for separate reservations. The expenses involved in the latter arrangement are slightly higher. There is a high concentration of luxury resorts for those willing to pay the price. Also, there are many flophouses for the visitors who are on a budget.

Other choices for staying in Dubai include bed-and-breakfasts, guesthouses and hostels. These offer a homely atmosphere at highly affordable rates. You can find such lodgings usually in the residential areas. In the hostels, dormitory-style arrangement is present which brings down the costs involved.

What to expect at the Dubai hotels?

Hotel accommodation Dubai is sometimes seafront properties, having private beaches which the guests can use. You can expect a fine decor, large rooms, world-class amenities and various leisure facilities. The city resorts offer good access to nightlife and shopping attractions. Business travelers will find places to stay which are suitable to their requirements. These are near the exhibition and conference centers, meeting facilities and public transportation points. Those who want to stay at the hotel apartments can do so by all means. Such apartments are for frequent travelers who stay for longer periods of time. These units are fully furnished with separate kitchen facilities and serviced.

While you can spend a fortune on Dubai hotels, it’ll be a foolhardy decision indeed if you have to pay for it for the rest of your life! Therefore look for stay over places which you can afford without breaking the bank balance.

Shenzhen Safari Park – Where The Wild Roam

Shenzhen Safari Park is an ideal place for nature lovers and tourists. Located in the northern part of Shenzhen bordering the Xili Lake is the Shenzhen Safari Park where you find a paradise along with many wild animals. In this venue you would come across various animals and their performances as well. In this safari park the animals are uncaged and are strolling about freely. You would notice that there are over 300 varieties of animals that are bred and taken care of. Most of the animals residing in the zoo are very rare or on the verge of extinction and is protected by China. In Shenzhen Safari Park a visitor can meet giraffes, pandas, cranes, flamingos, Siberian tigers and Asian elephants as well.

The safari park is secluded with a green mountainous barrier which highlights the park like a glistening pearl in a crowded city. The zoo occupies a wide area of 120 hectares and comprises three varieties of living habitats to suit the various animals. To grab sight of the uncaged animals, visitors can take a bus around the premises where you would see so many animals belonging to different species living in utmost harmony. When you come across the adventurous beast zone, the most deadly beasts in the world would cross your path. Among them would be the Bengal tigers, lions, cheetahs, south china tigers, bears and also the very special tiglon.

The zoo also comprises of a vegetarian zone where giraffes, kangaroos, camels, zebras, swans, hippos, pandas and so many other vegetarian animals live in. it’s this safari park which houses the largest swan lake in China and gives it visitors the amazing opportunity of floating towards the elegant black and white swans. The animal performing zone of the park is where all the wonderful and astonishing performances of the animals are taken place. Tourists visiting Shenzhen could have a much organized trip if you reserve a Shenzhen long stay apartment. For comfortable and luxury Shenzhen serviced apartments you can always go for something like Ascott Maillen Shenzhen which is definitely the best of its kind and promises you a pleasant stay.