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Reasons to Visit Canada

There are many reasons to visit Canada, as any proud native would be willing to tell you. There are sights to see, activities to do, and friendly people to meet. For many foreigners, Canada is also a place to be reunited with family members who have long since become permanent residents in the country. Canada has a very rich and diverse culture thanks to the number and diversity of foreigners that flock to the country each year. The chance to visit relatives living in Canada provides a major motivation for many foreigners to obtain a Canadian visa, even if this means meeting visa requirements such as obtaining invitations to visit the country and buying Super Visa insurance.

However, for tourists who do not have family in the country, there are still plenty of reasons to plan at least a short vacation.

Progressive Urban Cities

The largest cities in Canada are highly progressive. Their residents enjoy the comforts and luxuries that can be expected from a modern and urbanized country. Commercial establishments are open to the public, and government offices and public services are available to people in need of police or medical assistance. Transportation is not a problem since there are many different modes of land, air, and water travel available. While the major routes cover the main urban hubs, regional transportation is also available, even in remote locations such as the Northern Territories. Of course, the more remote locations may have limited access to public transportation, but they are nevertheless still accessible (especially remote locations that are popular among tourists).

The people in these cities are also interesting themselves. Canada is a melting pot of cultures, a country that is frequented by people from all over the globe. Many foreigners choose to live permanently here, adding to the rich diversity of the country’s culture.

A Country with a Big Backyard

One of the best things about Canada is that it has managed to preserve its natural environment despite the ongoing progress of its cities and towns. There are still many forests, mountains, open spaces and bodies of water that are untouched by urbanization. It is not uncommon to find vast forested parks close to or even within the major cities. When you go to the outskirts of the main cities and drive along the national highways, you will find plenty of breathtaking views, hiking trails to explore and campgrounds where you can rest.

Outdoor and Indoor Sports

The natural climate and terrain of Canada makes it ideal for various outdoor sports. Since the country experiences all four seasons, summer and winter sports are very popular all over the country. Outdoor adventure sports like hiking, trekking, scuba diving, ATV driving, cycling, and swimming are very popular, not only among the locals but among tourists as well. Field and indoor sports like lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, and ice hockey are also widely played. Various tournaments occur for these sports each year. In some areas along the coasts of British Colombia, Quebec, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia, surfing is a popular sport that people enjoy even during the winter season. Speaking of winter, skiing, sledding, and tobogganing are the main winter sports that locals and tourists alike look forward to during the cold, snowy months.

Each foreign tourist will have their own personal expectations about Canada and reasons for visiting. They can be certain that even if those expectations are not met, they will still find something worthwhile and worth remembering during their stay in Canada.

Let All Your Dreams Come True During Your Visit in Queen of Hills

Globally famous as Dev Bhumi due to its exceptional natural beauty and captivating charm, Himanchal Pradesh is a state situated in North India. It is amongst the most sought after tourist destination which is nestled in the foot hills of Himalayas. Be it the snow laden mountain peaks, lush green forests, fruit laden apple orchards, cool amiable climatic conditions and the fresh misty air of this majestic place, have magnetized tourists from the different corners of the globe for having a wonderful holidaying experience. This place is blessed with some of the most spectacular and beautiful landscapes which make tourists spell bound with its heart gripping impressive panoramas.

Himanchal Pradesh is a favorite destination of all kinds of tourist’s, adventure seekers, nature lovers, vacationers, honeymooners and pilgrims from all over the world. It is the abode of several captivating and charming destination like Chail, Chamba, Dalhousie, Kasauli, Khajjar, kullu, manali, Mandi, Shimla, Mashobra, Solan, Rohtang pass, Kangra, etc. All these sight seeing spots are worth to explore because of their spell binding and heart gripping captivating beauty. These magnetizing places are the result of the marvelous creation of god and are decorated with the astounding attractions and destinations. So, Himanchal tourism is offering you the wonderful chance to explore all the attractions and worth visiting spots.

Himanchal Pradesh is inviting tourists, vacationers, honeymooners and adventure seekers to full fill their dreams in the wonderful place. Located at a distance of 90km from kalka, Shimla is one of the heart gripping hill stations in India luring tourists attention. During the colonial period, this place is the “Summer Capital” of India inviting a large number of its admirers not only from India but also from the different corners of the world. In the present era, this extensive town is offering wonderful opportunities to explore its mysterious beauty.

Shimla is gifted with abounding natural beauty and act as an ideal destination for making wonderful and cherry carnivals. This small hill station amidst the lofty snow clad mountain ranges, surrounded by lakes and greenery all around give a picturesque location where one can spend the ultimate experience of lifetime. The unique thing about Shimla is that it still retains its colonial charm that is not found anywhere else in India. You can visit this beautiful place of India anytime through several Himanchal tour packages. Every nook and corner of Shimla is blessed with the gifts of Mother Nature in the form of snow caped mountain peaks, apple orchards, blossoming gardens, picturesque landscapes and soothing climatic conditions. The beauty of this place can’t be described in words, so, if you want to experience its majestic beauty, make a visit here and enjoy your journey.

Likewise Shimla, manali is an important, most visited place of Himanchal Pradesh which never fails in alluring tourists from the globe. This place is often mentioned as “Switzerland of India” because of its ancient temples, meadows of wild flowers, marvelous landscapes and bewitching waterfalls. All types of tourists find it as their idyllic vacation spot where some leisure time can be spent. So, if you want to share these experiences, make your tours in the beautiful hill stations of Himanchal Pradesh for a unique experience of lifetime.

Penang State Museum & Art Gallery – A ‘Must Visit’ When in Penang

Penang is a state in Malaysia. The state includes an area on the north western part of the Malay Peninsula and Penang Island. Although Penang contains a few beaches, they are hardly the best beaches in the country. Instead people visit Penang more for the cultural experience. The island also has a few excellent shopping malls and a terrific nightlife. One ‘must visit’ when in Penang is the State Museum & Art Gallery.

This State Museum & Art Gallery is located in the Georgetown area of Penang. Although it currently houses many national and state treasures, the museum had quite humble beginnings. The museum was established in 1941 as part of the St Xavier’s Institution and became grander over time. The art gallery was only added on about two decades later.

In addition to a series of revolving temporary exhibitions, the museum and gallery houses a permanent collection. The museum’s permanent exhibit includes a large collection of jewellery, antique furniture and other historical artefacts. The gallery’s permanent exhibit features paintings by many local (Chong Hip Seng, and Loo Foh Sang) and international artists (Angela Smith).

The art gallery is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm and is only closed during public holidays. The museum has the same operating hours but is closed on Fridays. Admission is free in both cases. All tourists holidaying in Penang should try and visit this place. Not only will visitors gain fascinating insights into Malay history and culture, but they will also have fun doing so.

Penang has excellent infrastructure and is a great place to take a vacation. There are plenty of restaurants around where one can get delicious Malaysian cuisine. The public transport is pretty good, although it can be a little confusing. Tourists can save themselves a lot of hassle by staying at a Tanjung Bungah hotel Penang which is quite close to Georgetown. Copthorne Orchid Hotel Penang is one hotel in the area and is an excellent place to stay at. The Penang hotel not only enjoys a convenient location, it also offers elegantly decorated rooms and top notch service that helps to make your stay all the more memorable.

St. Kilda Melbourne is a Great Place to Visit For The Whole Family

Melbourne, the capital city of the State of Victoria, is one of Australia’s most cosmopolitan cities. St. Kilda, one of Melbourne’s oldest bayside suburbs is one of the main reasons why Melbourne got its cosmopolitan reputation.

Like many districts in big cities, St. Kilda has had a checkered history. In its early years, it was Melbourne’s first seaside resort. As the city grew and became one large metropolis, for many years, St. Kilda went into decline. The famed St. Kilda baths, where many famous Australian Olympic swimmers have trained, went out of fashion and many of the formerly fashionable shops and restaurants languished as Melbournians turned to newer venues.

Today, St. Kilda has undergone a revival and once again is the “in” place to go in Melbourne. Fitzroy and Acland Streets are the “hip” streets for the college and arts communities. As such, they are great places to go if you want to enjoy a cappuccino in a cafe that just oozes atmosphere or browse for books in an independent bookstore. If you’re looking for clothes, there are trendy boutiques and designer second hand clothes shops. The beautiful Victorian mansion on Acland Street that houses the Centre for Contemporary Arts is hard to miss. Be sure to go inside and see what’s on display there.

Beachside, St. Kilda is a lot like California’s legendary alternative beach, Venice. Take a stroll along the beach, joined by skaters and bike riders. Check out the Sunday Arts and Crafts Market on the esplanade for a great day of stimulating browsing and shopping.

St. Kilda is a great place for the whole family, too. The whole family will enjoy Luna Park, one of St. Kilda’s oldest and most beloved landmarks. After enjoying the rides, take a leisurely walk out onto the breakwater and keep an eye out for the fairy penguins that are so often seen frolicking in the water and on the rocks.

There’s plenty to do in St. Kilda at night, too. If you’re looking for entertainment, the lower Esplanade is the place to go. For a big night out, take in an international act at the Palais Theatre. For more local entertainment, try the Esplanade Hotel or one of the pubs in town. Finding entertainment at night is not going to be a problem in St Kilda: the problem will be in making your mind up about which place to go to.

If Melbourne is the most cosmopolitan city in Australia, then Carlisle Street is the most cosmopolitan street in town. English won’t be the only language you will hear on the streets and in the cafes here. In fact, it may not even be the language most spoken. Don’t worry, though, when you stop in for a bagel or a full lunch, you will be understood.

There are still many people who say that St. Kilda’s days of glory are gone. They are only just beginning. Be part of the action. Stay at a St. Kilda accommodation and get the most out of your visit to Melbourne. Whether you stay in one of the many backpackers resorts or in a magnificently restored Bed and Breakfast, you will love this part of the city.

Himachal Pradesh And Its Splendid Attractions to Visit

Himachal Pradesh is one of the beautiful states, which is located in north part of India and is also well known as Dev Bhumi. It is beautifully bordered by Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Tibet independent region and Uttarakhand. Nature has truly blessed Himachal Pradesh with fascinating attractions and magnetism charm. It has splendid vistas of endless natural beauty, welcoming climate, impressive landscapes, meadow of flower, tranquil flowing brooks. It is such places for tourists can explore incredible sightseeing attractions to enjoy. Beside the beautiful attractions, there are also superb opportunities to enjoy fishing, skiing, ice skating, climbing, mountaineering, trekking and much more.

Visit this beautiful state once in lifetime and celebrate your remarkable vacation with your family, beloved and friends. It is surely going to give you several surprises at every step with its tremendous attractions which easily grab your heart and attentions towards it. Himachal Pradesh gives a wonderful opportunity for you to visit alluring destinations on your vacation. There are numerous beautiful destinations in Himachal Pradesh to keep you happy on your vacation and some of them are mention below:

One of the most popular hill stations of Himachal Pradesh and is such a land which is blessed with splendid wonders and charm. The snow covered mountain arrays, garrulous brooks, and colorful orchards truly make Manali the first choice among the tourists to spend remarkable vacation. It is situated at an elevation of 2050 meters above sea level and is 250 kms far away from the north Shimla, the capital of state. It truly gives you all magnificent attractions which full fill your beautiful dream of vacation. Manali also has good culture and heritage and is also considered as home of the sage Manu, creator of the human race on the world. There are several religious spots and alluring sightseeing spots that entice lots of visitors due to its extra ordinary natural beauty which they are blessed with it. The popular attractions and the major tourist places while Travel to Manali includes Manu temple, Kothi, Rehalla falls, Solang valley and Rohtang Pass. So, come Manali to enjoy your remarkable vacation in wonderful way.

Shimla is known as the queen of all hill stations and is capital of the Himachal Pradesh. It is lovingly declared as a summer capital of the British raj in year of 1864. Nature has lovingly blessed Shimla with snow capped peaks, garrulous waterfalls, lush green valleys and picturesque views. It is ideal tourist’s destination that gives you wonderful opportunity to explore picturesque attractions. There is a huge variety of tourist’s attractions in Shimla that easily enticing lots of tourists from India as well as abroad in every year that include Arki Fort, Annandale, Elysium hill, Jakhu temple, Christ church.

Above mentioned are the alluring hill stations which are very worth to visit, so contact any leading tour operator and book any Shimla Manali Tours according to your budget and taste. Beside the Shimla and Manali there are also magnificent destinations to explore that include Dharamshala, Kullu, Chamba, Dalhousie and Kangra. Truly speaking Himachal Pradesh gives you many cherish and blissful memories which will never fade from your soul and mind. –