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International Data Services For Smartphones

Today’s smartphones and iPhones can consume huge amount of data, especially when running applications ranging from online maps to internet radio. It might not be a big deal in home country, but using all these apps while travelling overseas can result in huge International Roaming charges. Further, data solutions providers in foreign countries charge excessive amount on data services for smartphones, tablets, etc. Therefore, if people are planning to use a lot of data services while travelling, they must check for any international dataplan with global service providers in India before starting their journey.

International 3Gdata services are the most recent discoveries of the telecommunication industry. These data plans are the most economical option for uninterrupted internet connection overseas. They are not only affordable but also offer better quality and service. With international data services, travellers can easily retain control over costs while keeping their smart phones and tablets operating. Similarly, the international 3G data plan enables travellers to save money spent over renting cyber cafe systems and other modes of internet connectivity in foreign countries.

These data services are now easily available in the Indian markets and can also be purchased over the internet. There are numerous companies in India that provide wireless services and BlackBerry services to people travelling to foreign countries. Global packages of these companies are quite inexpensive and can also be accessed over the website of the company. It provides specific solutions to meet the requirements of different groups of people including business class, leisure travellers, etc.

Most of the leading Indian telecom companies like Matrix, Telstra, GoSIM and others provide several options of data solutions to the global travellers. They offer international services for people travelling to multiple countries and country-specific services for people travelling to any particular country with several benefits.

For instance, A Matrix customer travelling overseas can avail several benefits such as obtaining their international mobile number before departure as well as paying their bill in Indian currency. Travellers can get unlimited access to emails, browsing, BBM, facebook, twitter at just 1/10th the cost of International Roaming charges by activating international data services on their smartphones before travelling to overseas. International Data-roaming on Indian number can cost as much as Rs. 750 per MB whereas a Matrix customer can get unlimited access to services on his or her smartphone for as low as Rs. 999. These cards enable travellers to stay connected with their family, friends and office back at home.

Our country-specific data services are tailored for business and leisure travellers looking for cost effective data services for smartphones. With these services, Matrix Cellular customers can now travel to these countries without worrying about the high cost of International Data-roaming charges,” according to Mr. Gagan Dugal, Managing Director, Matrix Cellular.

Driving Around Los Angeles Using Car Rental Services

Los Angeles boasts of public beaches that stretch for miles but before going there right away, why don’t you work up a sweat first? Using a car rental in Los Angeles Airport, you can check out other destinations before taking a dip in the warm waters. Here are just some of the things you can do in Los Angeles.

The klieg lights

Avoid all those movie star tours and just buy a map from a local convenience store. Unfortunately, only a handful of movie stars actually resides in Hollywood. What you will find in Hollywood, however, are plenty of museums and movie-themed restaurants. Visit the Grauman’s Chinese Theater for the famous Walk of Fame. Or go to the famous Hollywood sign by driving through Beachwood Drive and turning left on Ledgewood Drive and then turning right again onto Deronda Drive.

Note: Avoid the 405. You don’t want to waste of your precious time being caught in traffic gridlock. It doesn’t matter if it’s nighttime or early morning, there’s always a jam in the highway. Buy a map instead and plan your route. If you have car hire Los Angeles, park it somewhere and take the Metro Rail instead.

Mickey Mouse and friends

With your Los Angeles car rental, you can drive to Anaheim which is located east of downtown Los Angeles and from there, it’s hard to miss Disneyland even without a map. This is perfect for small kids as most of the rides are specifically designed for them. There’s also the famous Disney parade as well as a lot of fireworks especially during the summer. There’s also the California Adventure next to Disneyland which is good for a visit.

Universal Studios

It used to be a film set but it has since evolved into a movie-theme park. The tour can basically be divided into two: the themed rides featuring famous movies like Jaws, Jurassic Park, Revenge of the Mummy, House of Horrors, King Kong, Waterworld, Transformers, etc. The trip also allows you to tour the different movie sets through the working studio.

The Farmers Market

Decades ago, this used to be a place where farmers converge to trade goods. But now it has become a place of convergence where food stands, restaurants, shopping areas, movie theaters and plenty of amusement activities. You can contact all those companies offering rent-a-car in USA so you can explore Los Angeles conveniently.

You don’t have to drive across the country for a quick trip here. You will waste precious time out of your vacation period on the road, particularly if you are living in the East Coast. Just buy a plane ticket and contact numerous car rentals in Los Angeles and find the best pricing package.

Exciting And Favorable Services Being Provided by Best Banquet Halls in Punjab

Punjab is well known for the most desirable and excellent hospitality services and for the luscious food made with all natural products. Many best restaurants in Punjab are known for their food only being made by their well professional and experienced chefs from different parts of the world.

These places offer catering services as well those are extremely renowned for its exquisite food, spectacular presentation, and first-class service. Whether a ballroom, boardroom, or an intimate garden setting, these places make your event the talk of the town.

Hotels of Punjab offer extremely elegant party halls with exclusive furnishings giving it the supreme ambience for big social gatherings like marriages and corporate conferences too. The efficient service along with additional, customer-friendly provisions for activities and entertainment is another reason why it is a hot spot for every event.

There is the highest level of professional service has made it ideal for many a celebrations and events, elegant, beauty, and refined decor, well maintained, courteous service, convenient, ample car parking, hospitality, warmth, vibrant, and classy at the same time, traditional dining experience, choose one that is easily accessible to you, pamper guests, reputation, quality service, affordable luxury and value for money, personalized attention, food will add extra spice to your endeavors.

Several banquet halls and huge lawns that are being provided by the best hotels in Punjab offer most valuable services and features to their guests. These can be used for:

-Casual get-togethers.

-Birthday Bashes.




-Naming Ceremonies.

-House Warming.

-Farewell Parties.

-Corporate Events.

-Training Programs.

These special occasions like weddings, pre-weddings/ post weddings functions and special affairs with families, friends, or colleagues always require special attention and exclusive venues so these places are highly appreciated and recommended. Services of these places are to offer the best venue for the events for their guests. One of the three or a combination of three may be booked depending on the size of invites.

Several carefully landscaped lawns and banquet halls in Punjab can accommodate and entertain up to 1500 to 2000 guests. These hotels even arrange for Live Musical performances, food stalls, decorative lights and flowers to bring alive the ambience and even bon-fires in winter.

Event planning ‘extraordinaire’ is the best way to describe the Banquet services by the well mannered staff members.

No matter what kind of meeting you are planning, be it a wedding or a press meet, Punjab hotels, restaurants, banquet halls have all the added touches to make the event stylish and unique. To ensure your event is a success, they provide you with state-of-the-art Communication Systems and presentation facilities.

They will provide you the best services ever and to the guests from all over the world. guests come from all over the world for vacations, or to know about the Punjab’s culture and civilization, or for business purposes they choose out the best hotel and for sure they will get the best that will make their stay exciting and favorable one.

Travel in Style with the London Chauffeur Services

The word Chauffeur originated from France; refers to drivers of luxury/VIP cars such as limousines or sedans/town cars, etc. London chauffeur services and car hire drivers are employed by individuals and businesses for multiple benefits related to time savings, productivity and convenience. A key benefit of chauffeur car hire is the transport safety for senior citizens and business people as well. However, many of you have the misconceptions that using a chauffeur service and being driven around by a tuxedo-laden man or woman is an expensive idea. There are chauffeur services that will offer you a price you might be surprised with.

London chauffeur service is a great option if you’re the business type who has to travel for meetings with prospective clients. A chauffeur will arrive on time and in professional attire that will reflect well upon your business. No matter how many meetings you have to attend, a professional chauffeur will get you there on time and will even wait for you until you are ready to move to your next destination.

Want to take your family on a day out in London and explore its diverse history and heritage? Just hire London chauffeur car service that will allow you all to see everything that London has to offer while enjoying it from a luxury VIP car/sedan. You will be able to share the back seat with the kids and enjoy the whole day together, without perturbing about driving and parking.

Whether you are going for a night out or Christmas parties- why not arrive in style and add a touch of class. Now, there is no need to rely on a taxi when you can avail the luxury of a chauffeur in affordable prices. You will be able to arrive on time and in style knowing your transportation has been professionally dealt with.

Mostly every one of you must have experienced the big airport rush. You can avoid the waiting for the taxi to show up to take you to the airport- switch to a London chauffeur service and save yourself the stress of the airport journey. A skilled London chauffeur will ensure that they know your arrival time well in advance and even advise you on the best time to leave for your departure flight.

So what are you waiting for? London chauffeur services hire has a wide range of possible uses from corporate requirements to airport transfer.

Communicor Global Corporate Transportation is dedicated to the provision of quality throughout their service for stress free experience coupled with luxury, hassle free executive VIP travel in any one of their fleet of luxury, executive and immaculate cars. The company has chauffeurs that have an extensive level of knowledge and highly skilled in driving the London chauffeur car hire vehicle that you select from their extensive luxury and executive convoy.

Look for the best possible combination of car/sedan and chauffeur as well as availability and rates by logging on to: and enjoy excellent quality chauffeur service hire without having to pay over the odds.

Making The Right Choice of Las Vegas Car Services

In many cases it has been witnessed that car owners experience a tough time in trusting auto repair or car service companies. If you are living in Las Vegas then finding a trustworthy Las Vegas repair firm can be a challenge, especially if you are on a look out for a company that can offer world class services at competitive rates. The reason behind this is simply because most of these companies tend to adopt unfair means to rob customers. For a simple repair work they would create a complex situation thus ensuring that you get misguided and end up paying up to double the amount.

A simple example could be say for instance your car just needs oil change but the mechanic will try his best to give you all kinds of reasons to get your carburetor changed. In most cases, all car drivers do not have adequate knowledge of the parts that run the vehicle so it becomes really simple for the mechanic to cheat such a person. This is why it is advisable to be informed about common car parts that have a higher probability of wearing out on frequent basis.

However not all Las Vegas car service and/or repair companies are untrustworthy. Quite a few also strive to offer honest services and have better credibility. It is always good to know such a company that has been in the repair domain for quite some time and has good reputation of offering cost effective services. In case your car does breakdown, you can simply give them a call and they would come to pick you up and even tow your car to their garage. In case you do know such a car repair service firm and are trying to find one then here are a couple or guidelines worth considering:

Ask for references and/or recommendations: This is very important because even if you do not know much about the company and cannot bear any trust in them however you can trust your family and friends who have recommended you the company. It is still good if you can do your own research work before you approach them. To blindly trust any such a company is not an advisable approach.

Find a company that commits to offer genuine parts: No matter what make or brand of car you drive always try to find out if the service company that you are approaching offers genuine car parts. Any company that offers spurious parts can ruin the life and durability of your car and you end up spending more than necessary.

Visit a car service company that employs qualified mechanics: Good such Las Vegas companies tend to employ qualified experts for the car repair job. This enhances trust and dependability and gives you the assurance that your car is in safe hands. Further, a good mechanic would never try to misguide you and would be inclined to offer to complete the job at a competitive price.