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Pushkar Resort Understanding The Iconic Heritage

Any Pushkar resort does not just offer a luxurious place to live; it offers a grand experience of understanding and interpreting the beautiful and grand city. Most excavations have occurred within Purshkar which has allowed better understanding of Rajasthan’s history. The Mauryan period was generally concurrent with the migration into Rajasthan of certain groups who had fought and/or given way before Alexander of Macedonia’s onslaught of c. 327-326 BC against the north-western part of the subcontinent. Among these were the Malava, Sibi and Arjunayana, described in Greek accounts as the ‘Malloi’, ‘Sibae’ and the ‘Aggalassoi’, who migrated and settled in present-day Rajasthan from around c. the second century BC onwards. Obviously, these groups did not come into an unpopulated land, and literary, epigraphic and archaeological data indicate that the Matsya, Surasena and Yaudheya ‘people’ were among the established dominant political entities in Rajasthan around that time. They are mentioned in early literary references as practitioners of Vedic beliefs and attributed a tradition of established occupancy in parts of present-day Rajasthan.

The Matsya kingdom covered parts of the modern districts of Pushkar and, with Viratnagar, near modern Alwar, as their capital. The Buddhist text Anguttara-Nikaya lists the Matsya kingdom among the ‘Solasa Maha- Janapadas’ (‘Sixteen Great Republics and Kingdoms’) of the age. The lands of the Surasenas, also listed prominently among the ‘Sixteen Great Republics and Kingdoms’ in the body of literature known as Puranas and in Buddhist Pali literature, and reputed for their knowledge of Vedic sacrificial lore, included parts of modern-day Pushkar districts of Rajasthan. The Yaudheyas too were dominant over parts of northern and north-eastern Rajasthan during c. 300 BC-AD 300, with the earliest of theYaudheya coins dated to around the first century BC. Some of these depict their clan deity, ‘Brahmanyadeva’ (i.e. Karttikeya), the divine Commander-in-Chief of the Gods. One Yaudheya copper coin found in the excavations at Sambhar, depicts on its obverse a bull standing before a sacrificial post or pillar known as a yupa, enclosed by a railing, with the legend ‘yadheyana’ in the Brahma script. Later Jain tradition in Rajasthan held that the Yaudheyas worshipped the fierce goddess ‘Chandamari’.

At Pushkar, excavations in the 1930s unearthed a circular Buddhist shrine (8.23m in diameter) atop Bijak-ki-Pahari hill. Originally surrounded by wooden pillars supporting the entablature, the shrine was made of brickwork panels plastered with lime, which have 26 alternating octagonal shaped wooden pillars. Double circular in plan, this is one of the earliest such structures still extant. Originally encircled by a path for ritual circumambulation, having an east opening, at a later date the entire complex got enclosed inside one rectangular compound which has an open assembly space at the entrance. The remains of a Buddhist monastery, with a cloister and cells, were found nearby. Pieces of a polished stone cupola, which may have once crowned the stupa, were recovered in the excavations also noted the remains of at least two deliberately fragmented Asokan pillars of non-local Chunar stone. Religious, social, cultural, geographical and historical experiences surround the city and Pushkar resorts.

Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort Goa

Lemon Tree Group is renowned in India. They own midscale properties in a few tourist destinations in India. Lemon Tree Amarante BeachResort is also a midscale located in Goa. It is an excellent-resort and offers vacation makers with many facilities and services.


This is located in North Goa. It is 41 km away from domestic and international airport. The distance from railway station is 45 km. One can reach the rsort within an hour or two after arriving at airport or railways station. This is housed very near to Candolim beach. The beach is walking distance (250m) from that. Many other beaches like Calangute beach, Baga beach, Anjuna beach etc are also not far. All the happening places are nearby and once can easily hail local transport.

The Resort:

That is quite large and offers 65 beautiful rooms and suites. Some rooms are park facing while others are sea facing. All the basic amenities and more are offered in the room. Every room is equipped with flat screen television, electronic safe, tea/coffee maker, dvd player with selection of movie and much more. Newspaper is provided daily to customers.

The rsort also offers range of facilities. One can opt for the special Balinese body massage. For fitness conscious people, there is gym where one can go workout. The rsort has one of the biggest swimming pools in the region. Conference room is also available which can be arranged as per the requirement. The also has a business centre which is open around the clock and has work stations with internet access. That can arrange for customer to enjoy and experience adventurous sports at the beach. That also has packages available for touring Goa. Goa has many interesting places to offer and one can opt for hotel packages to take a tour of Goa.

The room tariff is very economical. This maintains superior quality services at very affordable pricing. The room tariff begins around Rs 7,000 per night. However one can get discounted price depending on negotiations.

About Goa:

If a ranking needs to be made for most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in India, Goa will certainly be among the top 10 places. There are around 40 beaches in Goa. At the beach, one can relax and take a sun bath. One can also enjoy activities like jet skiing, boat riders, parasailing etc at the beach. Goa has many places to visit including religious, historical places. Dudhsagar Waterfalls- the second highest waterfall in India is in Goa.

Enjoy The Thrill of Skiing at The Thredbo Ski Resort

Australia has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. There are many different types of spots available in Australia from splendid beaches to magnificent snow covered mountains. Australia also has a very rich cultural heritage thanks to the aboriginals and various ethnic groups and as such as visit to Australia becomes an experience of a lifetime. The snow covered mountains to Australia are a very popular spot for skiing and snowboarding and is known to be attracting a multitude of tourist not only from Australia and worldwide. The beauty and solemn nature of the mountain ranges attracts people for not only sports and thrills but also those who wish to reach to their inner self and a peace of mind and solitude. These ski destinations and very famous in Australia and abroad so if you plans to go skiing this holiday make sure you make pre-bookings at the resorts. There are plenty of travels agents who can get you your dream ski deals.

There are also many options available on the internet where you can many different types of deals. There are huge number of websites of companies and other such agents where you can find the most reasonable deals and huge discounts and offers that might lure you towards them. But be sure to look for different deals before finalizing any as there are various types of deals and some might suit you better than the other ones you were looking at. There are many companies that compete among themselves to provide the customers the most cheap ski holidays, so looking at more options is a smart idea.

Out of the many ski resorts in Australia Thredbo ski resort and Perisher are the top quality ones. More are more tourists flock to these destinations to get the most out of their holidays. The ski resort packages include practically everything that matters in such ski outings such as the flight fares, resort room bookings, transportation of the tourists to and fro from the ski sites and other stuff related to holiday plans. There are different types of plans and deals so it is better to get a look at as many as possible so that you can choose the one that suits your needs best. Do not get carried away by just discounts in costs; there are many other features which when added to your current holiday package will make your expenditure’s worth more. Such a feature is the jindabyne ski hire, the top ski professionals around the area. If included in your package you might get to avail the best ski and snowboarding gears plus the help of experts to help you learn skiing and other such snow which makes you stay even more enjoyable and animated.

Enjoy Winter Vacations by Staying at a Splendid Resort

Vacation time is matched the finest with extraordinary services provided by the hotel or hotel you are remaining at. Numerous hotels provide remarkable, luxurious, as well as exec club spaces. Superior and also luxurious spaces normally supply sight from a high factor and also deal modern design with stylish layouts.

Vacation time is matched the finest with remarkable facilities used by the hotel or hotel you are remaining at. Lots of hotels provide premium, luxurious, as well as exec club spaces. Superior and also luxurious spaces normally use sight from a high factor as well as deal modern design with trendy styles.