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Phuket Big Buddha – Blessing the Skyline of Phuket

Shining white in the distance, caressing the pearly white clouds that pass by, sits an intricately carved Buddha statue. The Phuket skyline is sanctified by the presence of the statue which was sculptured into existence over a period of ten years consequent to an ambitious idea of a cluster of friends who happened to stumble upon a stupendous location, while on a perfectly inert ramble through the wooded parts of Nakkerd Hill.

After the initial suggestion was made, it took over a decade to complete constructing the statue of the leader of Buddhism seated on a lotus flower in full bloom. The location stood out from every other point of Nakkerd Hill, which stands at the centre of the island of Phuket as it is one spot that offers vistas of either end of the island. The Chalong Bay is visible on one side while Kata and the Andaman Sea are seen from the other. The founder friends wished to allow more of its fellow Thais to have access to these unparalleled views of the sunset and wanted to convert the jungle to a more accessible viewpoint. This thought process culminated in a decision taken to bless the island with a large Buddha statue that would overlook these fine views.

The statue stands on a quiet ground bordered by a forest, with the silence only broken by an occasional tinkle of the temple bell. The structure was made possible by private donations; Burmese marble has been used for the construction as it is a local representation of hope. There is a smaller brass Buddha statue within the same temple premises facing another angle of the famed view.

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