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Local Festivals Of Nainital

The famous hill station of Nainital, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most visited destinations during the summer season. People from all over the country visit this scenic hill stations for beating the heat of the plains during the peak summer time and take a break to recreate and rejuvenate. Since this is the peak season, people prefer to make advance booking of Nainital hotels so that there are no hassles later on. But there are some other times of the year as well, when visiting this place brings you the opportunity to see the vibrant lifestyle of the people, particularly their festivities. This article mentions some of the main festivals of Nainital whose information can be used for planning a visit so as to catch the glimpses of colourful life of the people and make your vacation more enjoyable and worthy.

The Nanda Devi Fair

This fair is close to the hearts of the local people and showcases the cultural backdrop and strong traditions of the people. It is symbolic of the faiths and beliefs of people. It is held during the month of September every year. During this month, the hotels in Nainital can be booked relatively easily since the peak season of summers has waded off to some extent.

The Rani Bagh Fair

As the name suggests, this fair is held at Uttaryani every year. This place is 30 kilometres away from the city. People look forward to this fair and even the tourists get to see the folklore there.


In the beginning of March, when the first seasonal flowering of plants happens, these flowers are used to adore the houses. It is believed that these bring good omen and prosperity to the households. It looks good to find the houses decorated with different types of flowers from the exteriors as well as interiors.

Gheeya Sankranti

As per the month of Hindi Calendar, the month of Bhado falls in August. The first day of Bhado is celebrated as Gheeya Sankranti in Nainital. There is a tradition among the people of eating the ghee and applying the same on the forehead as well. Artisans, agriculturists, traders and other business people are known to give gifts to one another. During this month booking hotels in Nainital is also easy.


This is the local name of the famous festival of Navratri which is celebrated in Chaitra month. Women do fasting for nine days in this festival. Seven types of grains are also sown in the fields and also in the pots at homes which is symbolic of growth and prosperity in future.