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Classic Renovated Yacht Chartering in The Mediterranean

Feadship Sultana was first launched in 1969 and after finding her in poor conditions in a French shipyard in 2007, experienced yachtsman Kees Van Den Hoek fell in love with the Sultana’s classic lines, bought her and decided to collaborate with the Feadship refit department to fix the ship.

The Sultana, a Mix of History and New Technology

During the refit work, the Feadship team just repainted the Sultana’s hull, which is a classic canoe style of 84.6ft, in their yard in Makkum. But in the other hand, the interior was totally renovated. They gave her a brand new and stylish interior layout and installed technologically advanced systems and equipements in every area of the ship. Plus, in superyacht world, Feadship means class and high quality, and the Sultana has it because she is one those yachts which were built and also rebuilt by the Feadships. And what really make this boat special is the fact that inside her beautiful lines of more than 40 years are systems and gagdets like you would only seen in science-fiction movies. The salon is such an open plan with a large L shaped sofa to port and full entertainment centre to starboard. A special feature in the lounge also is a glass floor section, allowing views into the immaculate totally rebuilt Gardner main engines below.

Exploring the Mediterranean on board a Luxury Yacht

The Feadship Sultana’s rebuild project being a smashing success, the classic boat is now chartering in West Mediterranean as a luxury yacht. She can take up to eight guests with her crew members aboard. Beginning every trip in Monaco, the Sultana calls at Porto Vecchio, Porto Cervo, Bonifacio, Ajaccio, Calanques de Piana, Saint-Tropez before finally coming back to her homeport in Monaco. Thus, the classic yacht’s cruisers can discover many interesting places and sites in Corsica, even also in Italy and of course, in Monaco. In Ajaccio, for example, they can visit the Musee Fesch. Situated in the Fesch Palace, built in 1827, the museum contains remarkable collections of Italian Painting such as Giovanni Bellini, Botticelli, Titian, Cosimo Tura and so on. Ajaccio also has many superb restaurants, not to mention all the beautiful crystal clear Mediterranean seas that Feadship Sultana allows to discover during her cruises. And all that and much more cost E38,000 with full board

Luxury Yacht Charters Cruise The Mediterranean In Style

Yacht chartering means renting out of all kinds of yachts to sailors or explores mainly for traveling and leisure purposes. Luxurious yachts began to be constructed in the early 1900 by rich and wealthy individuals. It was a status symbol and still is. Boat chartering is an activity done during vacations for enjoyments or sometimes business events even in the Mediterranean. From this, we are now able to know that luxury yacht charter is actually a business.

There are many romantic destinations in the Mediterranean that make luxurious boat chartering essential. There are also many yacht clubs that offer a wide range of luxurious yacht charters and charter planning assistance and knowledge about Mediterranean boat and yacht charters.

There are different ways of doing luxury yacht chartering. It mostly depends on who is renting your yacht. For instance, most celebrities and high profiled persons like their privacy and would like to avoid the media during such expeditions. They therefore tend to come with their own crew to sail with them to their destinations. This then means that your own yacht crew will not be needed. This type of luxury yacht chartering is known as the bareboat yacht chartering. In this type of charter, a few lessons about the sea and how to behave in the sea is necessary for the crew.

When the yacht is rented together with the crew, this type of yacht charter is then referred to as crewed charter. For a small yacht, the crew usually comprises of a few members with a captain being their head. Bigger yachts require a bigger crew and a number of specialists such as engineers and divers.

There are different types of luxurious yachts in the charter business ranging from small yachts to large yacht available in the Mediterranean. Small yachts can carry up to six passengers and these types of yachts are referred to as six-packs. Luxury yacht charters are usually expensive and thus it is economical for a group of less than six going for this type of charter.

For larger groups who with a common destination, a big yacht is needed. This charter yacht can even be almost as big as ships. These charters are spacious and are usually made to accommodate a large number of passengers to the tune of 600. These are the type of luxurious yacht charters that cruise the seas to such destinations like South Africa, Madagascar, and Australia and so on.

A luxurious yacht charter is supposed to offer a range of services and features and should be very comfortable. This includes things like live music from performing musicians, catering and even room service. The cost of charter always varies depending on such features. The cost also varies depending on the design of the yacht, size and or age. Super- yachts are expected to be more expensive than other luxurious yacht charters.

It is important to choose a destination before going for a luxury yacht charter. Not the entire sea is safe, safety of the passengers on the yacht and the yacht itself should be considered. There are waters that should be avoided for obvious reasons, piracy. There are waters that are notorious for piracy like the Somali coast the Caribbean. Even though these areas usually have good sceneries such as sandy beaches, caves winds, beautiful islands, good sailing conditions, fishing, water sports and so on, ensure security measures are taken before you let your yacht enter such waters. The East African coast is famous for its sandy beaches like in Mombasa, Zanzibar and Malindi, for instance, it would be a bad idea to sail the Somali waters to reach such destinations, there are alternative routes to reach such destinations. Hire security personnel to accompany you or inform the relevant security bodies in the area of your ventures.

It is important to plan for the luxurious yacht sailing charter before embarking on the actual sailing. After deciding on the destination of choice, make sure your timing is sound. Look at the sailing condition such as weather, calamity of the sea and security of the waters. Luxurious yacht chaters are expensive and thus you should make the good out of it by enjoying to the fullest.

Find The Best Luxury Yacht Charter To Cruise The Mediterranean

If you desire something that could provide you joy to the max, after that the only point that I could suggest is to go for a luxury yacht charter. Renting out luxury yacht charters for your vacation is one of the most remarkable trip choices. As you could see, there are luxury yachts that are geared up with the sports angling is vital that you must pick the best firm by gathering info.

If you desire something that could provide you joy to the greatest, after that the only point that I could advise is to go for a luxury yacht charter. Leasing luxury yacht charters for your vacation is one of the most remarkable escape choices. Yes, it is feasible for you to have a vacation in a yacht due to the fact that there are numerous charter boat business providing this. You must select the right and also expert yacht charter broker. As you could see, there are luxury yachts that are furnished with the sports angling is crucial that you need to pick the appropriate firm by accumulating details.