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In The Snowy Mountains of Magical Kashmir

Verdant natural beauty, exotic mountainous retreats and rich cultural heritage make Kashmir one of the most sought after tourist spots in India. Read this article to know what this magical land, in the lap of snowy Himalaya, has to offer you.

If you want a mountainous retreat away from frantic city life, Kashmir is where your search ends. The ‘Heaven on Earth’, ‘Jahangir’s Valley of Paradise’ and ‘Alps of India’ – these are the quotes which Kashmir is fondly dubbed as and bespoke how beautiful this north Indian state is. Kashmir has been the wildest and most controversial tourist spot in India. Incidents of terrorism and some religious riots kept the region under isolation for long, but now the region is regaining the same status and attracting backpackers from far and wide. Legendry Himalayan peaks, famous Shikara ride in Srinagar, skiing and trekking in Gulmarg and the highest and most rugged landscapes in Ladakh are some of the region an increasing number of travelers visit to Kashmir.

Undoubtedly, Kashmir is magically beautiful and has always been in wish list of nature-lovers. However, many of travelers change their idea, simply because the region is said to be unsafe to wander around. But reality is different. Most of tourist places in Kashmir are safe and untouched by regional riots. Go to Ladakh, and you find nothing terrifying for travelers: this is the remotest but the safest region of Kashmir. And the same goes with Jammu, Srinagar and Pahalgam regions.

Amidst snowy mountains of Kashmir, this is a lot in store for backpackers. From exciting adventures of Zanskar Valley to religious retreat in Leh and Amarnath and serene lakes of Srinagar to fun-filled skiing in Pahalgam and Gulmarg, there is something exotic for everyone. Considering top tourist destinations in Kashmir, you find most of them are gifted by Mother Nature. To begin with, Srinagar boasts a magical beauty of nature dotted with picturesque gardens, tranquil lakes and lush green plantations. Snowy Himalayan peaks in background are a soothing retreat for eyes and senses. Paying respect to age-old mosques and a fun-filled Shikara ride are the parts of any itinerary of Srinagar tour.

Leh, in the lap of mighty Himalaya at a breathless altitude of 3505m, is another not-to-miss attraction of Kashmir tour package. Rugged terrains, freezing streams & glaciers, breathtaking landscapes and exotic flora & fauna nearby this gleaming jewel of Ladakh tourism leave visitors enchanted. However, iconic stupas and monasteries of Buddhist religion are what the tourist find most intriguing in Leh. The city is a great place to learn and savor Buddhism. Gulmarg is one of the hot favorite destinations for skiers, golfers and the ones looking for tranquil retreat in India. Lush green valleys and enticing hill-side retreat here also keep domestic tourists pouring into Gulmarg – literally “Meadow of Flower”.

Pahalgam is a beautiful hill resort in Kashmir and is perfect place for honeymooners and peace-seekers. Also, the region boasts a range of adventures like trekking, rafting and camping, which attract adrenaline junkies from various parts of the country.