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This Holiday Season Pack Your Bags For The Great African Safari

If someone has asked you where you would be heading with your family in this Holiday season then you might get tackled a bit and after a long deep breath would have told them confidently that you are heading to the great African safari. Yes indeed it is the word that not only excites the person who is going to taste of it, but it also mesmerizes the person who hasn’t been there till now. There are many interesting fact presents on the wild African safari; some of them are storylines while many of them are true. To know the reality of those facts one has to visit this fascinating land and enjoy the thrilling African safaris.

Perhaps, if you are thinking that the wild safari is only the attraction in Africa, then you need to think twice. Apart from the African safari there are plenty of things that you can do in Africa and spend memorable time with your family. You can roam around the fabulous beaches and sea shores of South Africa. You can glare the ultimate mountains of central Africa. You can enjoy the desert safari in the great Sahara desert and also you can enjoy forest life in the tropical forests of Kenya and Zambia. Africa offers a complete wild expedition package that has plenty of thrills, adventures, excitement, fun and action. There are plenty of options available that you can take for African safari tours.

You can go for a jeep safari ride and enjoy the African lands in the wild life reserves and you may also take an elephant ride in the deep and dense jungles of Africa and look in to the rare species closely. The biggest attraction of the African safari is of course the lion safari. The famous African lion is the endangered species that is found in Africa. They are left very few in the planet, but thanks to the Aid from the UNESCO and other social organizations and with the help of South African government the African lions are now preserved. Over the years, It has been noticed the reasonable increase in the population of the great African lions.

The best thing about the African wild safari is that not only you will have your fun vacations, but you will also get the liberty to see the fascinating wild life creatures that you have been seeing in the televisions till now. Some of the most popular wild species that are found in African national parks are Rhinos, African lions, African Elephants, jaguar, zebra, African buffalo and leopard. Apart from them you can have a glimpse of more than thousands of birds and mammals. So, start packing your bags now to have a once in a lifetime experience in Africa.

How to Make Your Holiday Cheaper

We all wish that we could spend our whole lives on holiday and for most of us the majority of our working days will be spent watching the calendar and making the countdown to the day that we fly. Working in an office for many people can be somewhat soul crushing, and the idea of flying off to far off lands where it’s always sunny and where there’s adventure and relaxation in equal measures is of course a lot more appealing.

Unfortunately very few of us have the luxury to ‘always be on holiday’ and even if we did it’s not really practical – we eventually grow to miss the cups of tea and our own beds. But while this is off the cards, what could be possible would be to go on holiday a bit more often – if only you had the money.

Or if only you could make going on holiday a bit cheaper in the first place. Which is actually very possible… Here we will look at some ways you can go on holiday for less and so go on holiday more…

Drive to the Airport

Driving to the airport is the cheapest way to get there by far. If you drive to the airport then this will mean that you can pay just once for everyone who’s going, and it means that you can go in your own time and not have to pay a driver. It’s the all-round better option, but make sure you also have cheap airport parking lined up.

Fly Cheap

There are many budget airline companies that can offer you cheap flights and these will save you an awful lot of money compared to going with one of the bigger airlines.

Go Off-Season

If you go on holiday in the summer holidays when the kids are off school then you’ll pay a boatload. Go in October though somewhere that’s still warm and you’ll save yourself huge amounts.

Go in Big Groups

If you go in a large group then you can split the costs of your petrol on the way to the airport and then pay for a villa at your destination which will cost a lot less than a hotel once you divide the cost. If you go with lots of couples you can double up in the rooms and save huge amounts.

Book Separately

While the package deals offered by Thomson and similar companies are often very tempting, they also will often be more expensive than they should be because you’re paying for all that organization and not getting the big discounts. If you book all the aspects of your holiday separately however then this frees you up to use sites like and thereby save yourself a lot of money.

Befriend a Pilot

This is my secret – I have a friend who happens to fly for FlyBe which means that I get flights for pittance anywhere I want. Of course not everyone will have that luxury, but if you happen to know of a pilot somehow connected to your friendship group, then it’s worth tracking them down and seeing if you can’t befriend them.

Goa Beach Resorts Accommodation for Exciting Holiday

Goa is regarded as one of the top tourist destinations of India. The beautiful beaches of the city welcome everyone to enjoy the splendor. In addition to this, the beach resorts add another feather in the hat. The city cuddles many beach resorts and hotels in its white sand coastline; however, the best out of all is the Ozran Heights.

This deluxe resort is located between the stunning Anjuna and Vagator Beaches. Thus, the location of the beach resorts is among the specialties of the places. Further, the resort is embellished with contemporary architecture along with all luxurious amenities. Discussed ahead are the grand services that the hotel renders to create a chain of happy guests. Have a glance and explore the flamboyant world of Ozran Heights Resort.

Deluxe Cottages for a Royal Stay

The cottages that serve as the accommodation are very spacious and comfortable. They make the guests fall for them in the very first look, as they are the perfect blend of simplicity and style. Further, these elegantly designed cottages are categorized as follows:

The Premier Sea View Cottages gift the sight of the Arabian Sea and the Grand Sea View Cottages compliments the same with the mesmerizing view of the lush garden. Further, each cottage is facilitated with king sized double beds. However with the Grand Sea View Cottages, the guests also get an option to avail two single beds. In addition to this, both the cottages have a special lounge area with double sofas and coffee table that makes the stay more comfortable.

Other complimentary facilities rendered by the Ozran Heights Goa include:

This resort is the perfect place to gasp the ambience of Goan beauty.

Special Honeymoon Packages for Weaving a Romantic Tale

Goa is not only famous as a tourist spot, but is also recognized as one of the top honeymoon destinations. Considering the same, Ozran Heights Resort has exclusive tour packages for honeymoon couples. The package includes visit to the following places:

A pinch of unique privileges simply adds delight in the tour of the newly wedded couple. When couples watch the deep blue sea kissing the white sand, the romantic moment turns more passionate. These special honeymoon packages make sure to offer memories to cherish lifelong.

Further, the Ozran Heights gifts various other services that turn Goa holidays more amusing. The warm hospitality rendered by the hotel staff ensures that the guest enjoy their stay with a big smile on their face. For exploring more about the inn, one needs to visit the resort. The Ozran Beach Resort has online booking facility that makes it easy for the visitors to make prior reservations. Thus, one who wishes to take a blissful break can book their stay at the Ozran Heights Resort.

Go With Car Rental Mauritius On A Holiday

Mauritius, this beautiful island found in the Indian Ocean has grown to be a main tourist attraction. The beautiful beaches and warm climate all year round is a very pleasant place to be.

Many people from around the world come to visit every year. The main question for many visitors remains “What is the best way to get around?”-use a Taxi or the public transport, sign up for a tour, or go with a car hire.

Well here is why renting a car through is your best option:

– With renting a car through you have time for more discoveries as you do not have to be limited by the attractions listed on a brochure or only the places along a certain route. Instead, you can go wherever you want and even to attractions that are hard to get to or considered out of the way. Aside from sightseeing, you can also experience countless recreational, sports activities as well as experiencing the local culture since you have all the time to do so.

– Renting a car through also means that your schedule is entirely in your hands. You can stay as long as you want in the places you like and can even revisit your favourite areas of interest.

– This option also provides you with a more personal journey when you are travelling with your family or as a couple as opposed to travelling on public transport or on a coach with a group of strangers.

– Having your own rental vehicle also provides you with more comfort than buses for example. With car rentals offering many different vehicles, you can choose the one you think will be the most comfortable, especially if you’re planning on long road trips.

In order to experience all the benefits of renting a car during your stay in Mauritius, our company Bern-oto Ltd can provide you with the car to make your visit a pleasant one. Our company founded in the early 80’s to provide car rental service at reasonable prices on the island of Mauritius. The company has grown to become a great success locally and with the launch of its website aims for international success.

With over 25 years experience in the car rental business and being one of Mauritius’ leading independent car hire companies, at Bern-oto we believe in providing quality rental cars and services at the most- desirable prices. We have a wide variety of vehicles which through regular maintenance guarantee their good running condition.

The success of our business stems from our philosophy and spirit: Good business attracts goodcustomers and good customers make good business. Our repeat-customers are the hallmark of ourlongevity. Whether you are on vacation, travelling or your car is being serviced; we want your carrental experience with us to be a pleasant one.

On our website you will find a range of vehicle sizes to suit a variety of budgets and space. To better help you decide about the car that is the most suitable to you, our website described the size, door count, gearbox type (manual/automatic) and whether the car is air-conditioned, amongst other specifications. Some examples of vehicles provided for rental are Hyundai Accents, Nissan Sunny. For more information you canvisit our carrentalmauritius.netwebsite.

In addition to our vehicles, on the carrentalmauritius.netwebsite you will also have the option to rent a satellite navigator for a minor daily fee. Our vehicles also can be delivered at the place where it is most convenient to you, whether it is at the airport or at the place where you will be residing.

However, car rentals are subject to some conditions. We would expect from our customers that the vehicles be returned in a good condition. We also have a minimum time limit for which the driver must have held a driver’s license, which is as high as 2 years. A valid, current driver’s license is required in order to rent a vehicle.

The rental payment can be made by cash or credit card, upon delivery of the vehicle. Even though no initial deposit is required, any additional costs which may arise from the rental such as speeding fines, excess on insurance as a result of an accident, will have to be paid upon request.

All our vehicles are insured on a comprehensive basis. However, in the case where the renter is involved in an at fault accident, he will have to pay for an excess on insurance fee.

Have You Ever Heard of a Rich But Cheap Holiday in 1borneo

Malaysia is a tropical country blessed with 365 days of warm weather and sun shine. The states of Sabah and Sarawak in the island of Borneo are God’s gift to Malaysia. Have you ever heard of a rich but cheap holiday in 1borneo? Strange as it may sound it is possible to stay in the most happening area in Borneo and still enjoy a holiday well within your budget! Nature has gifted people of Malaysia a ready made recreational park in the form of the island states of Borneo. From tall mountains, to hiking trails, caves for exploration, waterfalls for spine shivering showers, Borneo is a haven for the adventurous and nature loving tourists. You will be surprised at the modern, comfortable hotels that have mushroomed in central locations of 1Borneo Hypermall which can give you a cheap holiday in 1borneo.

Centrally located, with great security and sanitation, not to mention ‘5 star equivalent’ bed and bath, these hotels have managed to keep costs low by cutting out on the frills but keeping up on excellent basic amenities. If your destination is Sabah, don’t hesitate to check out at the happening 1Borneo Hyper Mall in Kota Kinnabalu. You are sure to find wonderful low cost hotels with shuttle or other transport facilities to take you around the city.

For the fit and sporty, the Pinnacles in Sarawak is the ultimate experience in trekking. A trail of about 2.5km, with a gradient of 1200metres, the steep climb might leave you with little energy but the spectacular sight of hundreds of razor sharp limestone structures atop, will make the climb well worth it. If you are up to diving, then the Sipadan-Kapalai dive resort is a ‘must visit.’! The Barracuda Point which is the most popular site, lets you come in close proximity with the underwater inhabitants such as the green turtles, hammerheads, grey reef sharks and the under water coral gardens with schools of unicorn fish! If this doesn’t sound magical, nothing else will!

A holiday in Sabah Sarawak is never complete without the experience of the famous Mount Kinnabalu climb! The tallest mountain in Malaysia cited as a World Heritage Site, is a picture of majestic beauty, with the bold and young trying out their mettle at mountain climbing at the foothills. Kinnabalu national park, another world heritage site is home to some of the rarest orchid species and the most carnivorous pitcher plants!

It is the concept of an affordable lodging that really clinched the dream of a cheap holiday in Malaysia for many tourists. From world famous beaches, to tropical rain forests, to mountains, to quaint villages, aquatic thrills and spills, the country has so much to offer that no tourist would want to leave with only a quick tour of Kuala Lumpur. Another concept is the chain hotels with competitive pricing across the country that has made this exciting proposition a true living dream! Browse and book on line to get the best deals. There is no need to compromise either on basics such as bed and bath or even security and sanitation because without these, no hotel can be called ‘a value for money’ proposition.

If Sabah and Sarawak are island states lying to the southeast, then Kulim is a typical mainland Malaysian village in the northern most state of Kedah. A quick cheap holiday in kulim gives a visitor an idea of this country’s cultural and racial diversity. The Hindu temples, Churches, Buddhist temples, Mosques are a testament to the harmony with which the different races coexist. If you can locate a good hotel that gives you proximity to at least some of the ‘tourist interest’ places along with facilities such as internet connections then it is well worth exploring the region while being in touch with your loved ones. Some of the places worth visiting are the Junjung waterfalls, Sungai Sedim recreation park, Kulim Hi Tech Park, Mount Bungsu forest reserves and last but not the least the world famous tree top walk, which boasts of being the world’s last canopy walk.

Thanks to low cost air carriers, budget hotels, tourism has boomed in Malaysia making it a win win situation for both the tourist and the industry. Remember, a bit of preplanning, advance booking on line and getting the priorities right for a good yet comfortable lodging that you would be happy to recommend to your friends is the trick to enjoy an affordable, comfortable yet a cheap holiday.