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Top Five Heritage Hotel Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful states of India and is also known as a royal state of India. This beautiful state has lots of tourism options that grab the attention of tourists from all over the world. Jaipur is the capital city and is one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan. Ethnic Rajasthan terminus and is an ideal place for all kinds of vacationers. Rajput grandeur and Rajasthan Hotels in demand throughout the year to keep the powerful charisma acts like a magnet.

Hotels of Rajasthan are internationally popular for their traditional food and warm welcome. They offer a mixed range of accommodation to suit everyone’s taste. It is such a land where tourists from all around the world come to taste the royalty. Several outstanding palaces, stunning forts and havelis of Rajasthan have converted into majestic heritage hotels for tourists to enjoy the glory of this royal place. Top Five heritage hotels in Rajasthan are:

Lake Palace, Udaipur: One of the outstanding hotels in Rajasthan and is made of white marble stone. This beautiful palace is situated in the centre of the beautiful Lake Pichola. The Lake Palace is a five-star heritage hotel and was built in the 17th century by Maharana Jagat Singh II. Lake Palace consist more than 80 guest rooms with one grand presidential suite.

Devigarh Palace, Udaipur: This is one of the most popular hotels in Udaipur. This Palace has more than 30 rooms equipped with modern facilities and services. Devigarh Palace has beautiful suites and each of them is adorned with marble that make it elegant in look. It is famous for captivating blend of designs (both old and new), which make it identical with other hotels.

Ajit Bhawan, Jodhpur: A fascinating attraction of Jodhpur and is the first heritage property of India, which is now famous among international tourists. It has more than 50 guest rooms with 6 suites and 10 luxury tents.

Raj Palace: This heritage hotel of Jaipur is famous for its top class facilities and for retaining its old glory and charm. The building of Raj Palace is decorated with traditional arts. The restaurants and bars serve mouth- watering cuisines and different flavors of cocktails. Running Hot and Cold Water, Centrally Air-Conditioned and Non Smoking Rooms are some of the best facilities in Raj Palace. Plan your Jaipur tours and spend holidays in this amazing Heritage Hotel of Jaipur.

Shiv Niwas Palace: Another marvelous hotel of Rajasthan and is located on the southern bank of Lake Pichola in Udaipur. The Shiv Niwas is a prominent heritage Palace that has won three times national awards. It has 35 beautifully designed rooms and each of the rooms is providing modern facilities and comforts to its guests.

There are many heritage hotels in Rajasthan, and the hospitality and generosity you will get here will leave you speechless.

Koggala Lake – Discovering The Natural Heritage of Sri Lanka

Being the perfect nature lover’s paradise, Koggala is also a popular holiday destination amongst locals and foreigners who wish to explore the natural ecosystem of the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The beaches here are not crowded and there is small town catering towards the needs of the travellers. The small eateries dotted along the main road and the beach front, are ideal for those wanting to experiment with the local cuisine. The Koggala beach is also famous as one of the best surfing spots in Sri Lanka.

The Koggala Lake is the main attraction amongst nature lovers. Located a couple of miles from the little town, it is an interesting place to explore. The lake itself, which is adorned with little rocky islands, and mangroves, as well as the surrounding area, features wonderful animal life. Birds, snakes and lizards make up most of the inhabitants, with an abundance of prawns in the water.

The little islands are great for exploration. A catamaran ride or a boat ride will take you there. One features a small cinnamon plantation and another, a small spice garden. One of the bigger islands features a tranquil little Buddhist temple which generally attracts a bigger crowd on full moon days. There is also a small Buddhist hermitage which can be visited with prior permission.

Exploring the little islands of the Koggala Lake is optional. Most just prefer to experience the lovely natural setting of the waters and the surroundings. A relaxing catamaran ride will take you to the quiet corners of the lake which are excellent for bird watching. If you are up to it, even fishing is allowed here. The surrounding areas of the lake can be explored on foot or on bicycle, which can be easily hired from the village.

For those visiting Koggala some of the best lodging options are afforded by the historic city of Galle. For those wanting to stay in Galle luxury accommodation as well as budget hotels are available. Hotels and villas in Galle can easily be found through online lodging option providers. For an unforgettable luxury experience stay at Mosvold Villa.


Explore the Rich Heritage of Pondy During a Stay at Hotels in Pondicherry

Located in the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry is one the most popular holiday destinations along the Coromandel Coast of southern India. This beautiful city, also known as Puducherry or Pondy, is a major urban agglomeration in its namesake union territory. It is frequented by many national and international tourists for its verdant environs, palm-fringed beaches, peaceful backwaters and heritage buildings. The wide selection of hotels in Pondicherry, ranging from reasonable accommodation choices and guest houses to splurge residencies and beach resorts, cater to the needs of all kinds of travellers.

Its Rich Heritage

The history of this city dates back to as early as the 2nd century when it was just a Roman trading marketplace. Thereafter, the region was acquired by a number of powerful leaders like the Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, Vijayanagara Empire and the Sultan of Bijapur. Several European colonies, such as Portuguese, Dutch, British and most significantly the French, have also ruled over the place. The architectural heritage of the region is indeed a rich one, which is well depicted by the villas, forts, colonial houses and churches that are dotted in the area. Some of the best heritage sites in the city are located around the famous Promenade Beach. These include French War Memorial, Governors Palace, Gandhi and Nehru statues, Bharathi Park, Children Park & Dupleix Statue, 19th century Lighthouse, Romain Rolland Library and Pondicherry Museum. A large number of cheap hotels in Pondicherry, which are lined along this beach, make a preferable choice for travellers interested in sightseeing. The magnificent churches, dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, are other major attractions that are certainly worth a visit.

Other Places of Interest

Besides, the city boasts of numerous other attractions that draw tourists from all over the world to this quaint little place. The most acclaimed of all is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, which is counted amongst the most affluent ashrams in the entire country. The Thirukameswar Temple, situated 10 km away from the city in the rural town of Villianur, is also a must-visit for religious travellers, particularly the Hindu pilgrims. Those who want to enjoy the picturesque surroundings can visit beautiful beaches like Paradise Beach, Auroville Beach and Serenity Beach for a quiet moment. The Pondicherry Botanical Gardens, situated to the south of the New Bus Stand, is a favourable location for people who want to explore the rich flora of the region. For a fulfilling experience, the city boasts of numerous shops that offer locally-made handicrafts and textiles for travellers to take back home as souvenirs. It is advisable for shopaholics to stay at budget hotels in Pondicherry so that they do not have to think twice before hitting the local marketplaces.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney – Discovering a Rich Natural Heritage

One of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, Sydney offers a perfect getaway for the entire family. Located by the coast, this multicultural city is a great place to soak up the sun while having fun in the sand and surf, while the many museums, parks and shopping and entertainment venues offer countless hours of excitement. Though the city boasts modern development, it is also home to areas that let you experience the country’s rich natural heritage such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

Located near the iconic Opera House, these famous gardens were inaugurated in 1816 and look out across Sydney Harbour. Covering an area of around 30 hectares, it is the country’s oldest botanic garden and is bordered by a scenic area known as the Domain. Home to an extensive array of plants, with special focus on species from Australia and the South Pacific region, the gardens offer an idyllic getaway.

Entry into the Royal Botanic Gardens is free and visitors have various sections that they can choose to explore. The Rainforest Walk gives you the chance to see how native plants form the balance of a rainforest ecosystem, while those heading to the Herb Garden can view herbs from different parts of the world which are used for everything from medicine to cooking. Those who love the beauty of flowering plants can visit the Begonia Garden and the Palace Rose Garden which features close to 2,000 colourful roses.

Not to be missed is a visit to the award-winning, ‘Cadi Jam Ora: First Encounters’ where you can learn about the Aboriginal heritage which is very much interlinked with nature. This section is where you can see native vegetation along with a display of the First Farm, which showcases initial farming practices used by Europeans.

The Rare and Threatened Plants Garden, Old Mill Garden & Greenway Terrace, Pioneer Garden and the Australian Native Rockery are among the other sections worth visiting. The Royal Botanic Gardens is also where you will find the glass pyramid shaped, Sydney Tropical Centre, where visitors can get up close with exotic plant life from the tropics.

Those looking for a luxury hotel in Sydney that makes an ideal base from which to explore the city and such sites of interest as the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and the Royal Botanic Gardens can choose The Langham Sydney. Located in the Rocks area, this 5 star hotel Sydney is ideal for families, couples and business travellers.