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A Guide to The Difference Between a Safari in The North or The South of Tanzania

Tanzania is one of Africa’s top safari destinations; however as there are so many different areas to visit within the country it can sometime be hard to decide whether to head North or South…

Should you safari in the North or the South of Tanzania, and how long should you spend on safari? This is the most important decision you need to make. Fortunately, the northern safari parks are very different to those in the South and there are advantages and disadvantages to each:

Tanzania’s Northern safari circuit is the most celebrated safari area in Africa. Home to the world famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, and the lesser known parks of Lake Manyara and Tarangire, the sheer concentration of Africa’s big game in this area is phenomenal.

Most itineraries to this region are designed around the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro with the Serengeti’s wildebeest Great Migration and immense predator concentrations as the main attraction. The area is also home to a huge number of different cultures including the Maasai and the Hadzabe, as well as being one of the most scenically striking and diverse parts of the continent. Much of Northern Tanzania is very busy, but with careful planning it is possible to escape the crowds.

In the South of Tanzania are two of Africa’s finest game parks – the Selous and Ruaha, where you are able to enjoy a true wild safari by open sided vehicle, on foot, from a boat as well as ‘fly-camping’. Both parks have huge amounts of game, especially elephant, buffalo and lion as well as being one of the last strong-holds for the African Wild Dog.

A safari to both the Selous and Ruaha is a great combination and the riverine landscape of Selous contrasts well with the burnt red earth and baobab studded countryside of Ruaha. With their sheer variety, expanse and remoteness, safaris to the South are often a less commercial safari experience than to the North. If you only have a few days for your safari then 3 or 4 nights in the Selous works very well, if you have longer then 3 to 4 nights in each is perfect. Both the Selous and Ruaha are ‘fly-in’ destinations meaning there are far fewer vehicles and tourists compared to the parks of the North of Tanzania.

The South of Tanzania offers a real range of safari activities such as boating safari, walking safari, fishing, fly camping and of course game driving in open sided vehicles. The parks generally are less strict to North so it’s also possible to drive off road which means you never miss an opportunity. In the North of Tanzania it is generally more restricted with rules and regulations with in some areas mandatory to drive in closed sided vehicles. The main attraction in the ‘great migration’ which is incredible but you often have to share this spectacle with many other vehicles. The game in the Ngorongoro Crater is some of the most dense in Africa but in peak season so is the number of vehicles!

So in summary, if you feel you want a real safari experience then the South of Tanzania offers remoteness and wilderness. Most of the lodges in the south are much smaller, independent, and more intimate than the slightly more commercial North Tanzania lodges. If you feel an urge to see the ‘great migration’ then you should head to the North but be prepared to spend more money if you want to have the same comforts as some of the Southern Lodges.

Honeymoon Cruises: – Romantic Vacation Guide For Honeymoon Resorts And Cruises

Honeymoon Cruises is the most unique and the best way to share beautiful and many magical moments with your partner all alone. Get yourself with your spouse in the mesmerizing lighting and romantic atmosphere in a Cruise. Taking a slow walk on ship deck with hands in hand gives you pleasure when the cool breeze fills you up with the romantic moment. Cruises are the very peaceful and romantic where you can look for a Honeymoon Cruises in India, and can feel the life in your hands. Enjoy the ride on the cruise with your partner and make you’re every moments filled with love and cosines.

Going on honeymoon is an only pleasurable event that makes a lifetime remark of fond memories. So make your honeymoon experience and its memories remarkable by choosing the right place of your dream and get yourself with some of the world’s most romantic honeymoon cruises in India where you can make your spouse feel heaven on the earth.

Wedding night ideas:-

It is always good to be hopeful and excited about your wedding night. But sometimes it may not just be as you have imagined it. Wedding nights tells you the value and the level of intimacy and attachment to the couple are about to share for rest of their lives. So the best idea for the first weeding night is to start it on a comfortable note and the mantra is to understand and accept the uniqueness of each other. Try to talk about the likes and dislikes of each others and share some laugh and happiness together. Figure out the exact mood of your couple and try to make him feel comfortable with you by cracking some romantic and funny jokes. Be friendly and nice to them and make an eye contact when they feel shy or hesitate to talk so that they can understand that you really want them to talk and feel happy.

Honeymoon ideas:-

A romantic honeymoon is the like dream of every young newly married couple. Holding hands, enjoying the sunset walk by the seaside is a heaven for two people deeply in love and the most romantic location. To add a charm to this wonderful and most romantic honeymoon there are the different destinations with many beautiful locations and ideas where you can make your heaven. Some love beaches and some love to make there honeymoon on mountains as the pleasant weather make them more in love and romantic. The honeymoon is the best time for the two couple where they can get to know each other better and it’s a time to understand each other and get intimate with each other.

Honeymoon vacations:-

Every honeymoon couple wants to have some time of relaxation after spending a whole night in marriage. Spending the time and days with the most special person in your life in a beautiful place is of primal importance in a honeymoon vacation. Honeymoon vacation should be planned on the places where there are no shouts and no crowds that is the place of peace and silence. There are few listed romantic honeymoon vacation places where you can go and find the place of your dreams:* Africa * Bali * Greece* Hawaii * Mauritius * California * Italy* Venice * Switzerland * Austria* Alaska* Scotland * Turkey * Canada

Guide to Planning an Affordable Road Trip

A road trip through the USA is one that best gives the traveler a sweeping but also detailed view of the many unique charms and diverse landscapes of each state, town or city. Travelling by car provides a deeper appreciation of the vastness of the land and geography and also the interesting mix of cultures and histories. The benefits one gets from a truly exploratory road trip far outweighs the investment in time and effort.

To make the trip more affordable is one way to make the trip cover more ground or more areas of interest and so should be done not only with careful and systematic planning but also with some dare thrown in.

Here are a few tips to serve as guide for the best affordable road trip for individuals or families:

1. Planning and Research

Like any daring explorer, one must not venture into uncharted territories without first reading through all the available information on the area. If the goal is to cover most of the States within one month of travel, then it is important to identify which areas of the USA one intends to focus on given the available time frame. Perhaps, a week can be devoted for each part and one can fly in and rent an RV or car to travel through that vicinity. From there gather all the background information one can find on the chosen city/town/state and explore the possibilities. If interested in nature then plan the trip to include as much as nature destinations as possible like parks and wildlife. If one is interested in culture then museums, historical landmarks and local markets and towns may be the highlight of the itinerary. Include a healthy mix into the travel plan to give a well-rounded view of the place.

2. Pack up and go!

Travelling light is most important when on a road trip. Easy to unpack and pack from one place to another makes the trip light and breezy. Bring only essentials and one week’s worth of clothing. Do the laundry in each place as most inns and hotels have coin-operated or self-service laundries. To maximize luggage space and lessen wrinkles fold clothes in three, roll up then stack up. Bring food that one can conveniently consume while on the road just in case the food in the destination is not to one’s liking or one finds no diner in sight or on the next stop. Stock them up in a nice cooler and also have a thermos handy for some hot drinks on the go. Save up also on gas by replenishing when outside the cities as prices are found to be lower there.

3. Take advantage of last minute hotel deals

One may find cheaper hotel rates while already on the place of destination and the rates are even more affordable than having them booked a month early. This could be risky but this is also convenient for those last minute decisions to take a different route from what was originally planned. It is good to study the hotel rates and availability in advance and whether one can book ahead with good rates. But it is also okay to change course at the last minute when one finds the place not to one’s liking or as expected. If one is headed for the nature parks, these destinations even offer more attractive accommodation rates with options to sleep under the stars and close to nature.

With careful thought and systematic planning one can accomplish a healthy, fun and fulfilling road trip that is easy on the budget but heavy on worthy experiences. The best thing is when in doubt one can seek help from the locals. They may even shed light on what is the best spot or activity to absorb more of the local flavor or more safe and fun routes to off-the-beaten tracks that are not available online or on the travel books.

Budget Travel Destinations Guide

Traveling can be an adventure despite your budget. You have a world of options to make your travel experience fantastic and memorable. Some of these options that are available won’t cost a dime. All it takes for the ones to do is planning your meals and mandatory stops before you leave.

If you have never taken a trip like this before don’t fret. Google will be your best friend. First you will want to Google map the directions and have them on hand so you do not waste gas on unnecessary detours. You will want to calculate the mileage hence come up with a general sum of what it will take you in gas to get there and back. Make sure you have a little extra out away for this, as well as an emergency fund for unexpected repairs if it is possible.

Sometimes you may not be taking a road trip, but you may choose to fly or take the train instead. This is fine as well. You can book in advance. Use sites online, and try to get the rooms in advance as well as the preferred travel method. You can even get your rental car through these user friendly sites like and the like. Google will tell you what you will need to expect for area attractions once you get there. It is still the same basic concept.

Traveling on a budget

When it comes down to traveling on a budget then knowledge and preparation are the keys. Knowing where you are going, how much it will take to get there and that you have all you will need to avoid unnecessary purchases will save you a bundle. For instance, a spare, a jack, jumper cables and a gas can are important items. If you have a cooler you can take some drinks and snacks. Many places offer a dollar menu for hot meals. Being sure you have all of the food and hygiene items that you need is another way to avoid unexpected costs along the way. Sometimes having alternate drivers or sleeping in well-lit public places with restrooms to freshen up is exceptional ways to save money.

When you save money on all of the little things it can really add up, so you have a lot more to work with along the way. You will skip the soda and grab the theme park on your half way mark. It is so worth it when you get the payoff. I mean, who wants to pass the huge roller coaster without giving it a try, right?

Budget travel destinations

Some of the most amazing travel locations have been voted the best in 2012 for budget travelers. One such example is Azores. It is a number of volcanic islands just waiting to be explored. This location is one that would need to be booked in advance and flight arrangements met through a discount travel site as mentioned above. It is off the cost of Lisbon.

There are also other locations such as Boston, New York and DC. The bus companies offer huge discounts to get you there, freeing up a lot more money to play with. There is a lot of tourist attractions at all of these locations, and they would be great for a single adult or the whole family. San Francisco is another option that many have raved about being a fantastic budget travel option. There is so much to do, and a lot of it id free!

Low budget travel

This is a method of travel that is trending among young adults and families today. It saves money while adding adventure to the overall experience. You go to amazing places, explore and see lands that you never thought you would, or you can remain in the US. From seashore to seashore there is something for the low budget traveler.

Low budget travel may not be for everyone at first, but once you have done it a few times you start to see the benefits of it all. It is all about sacrificing the small things to enjoy the bigger ones along the way. It all comes down to what your needs are, what you like to do and where you really want to go. No matter where life takes you there is often a bargain to be found if you want to find it.