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Car Hire in Cork – Helping You Explore The Scenic Natural Attractions

Cork is Ireland’s third largest city and is a prominent tourist destination of the nation as well. Originally tucked away in the marshy bay of the Lee River and is gradually extending its border to the other side of the river. The Lee flows through the city in 2 main channels and has thus gifted this city with a copious scenic bridges. The region is replete with natural attractions along the uneven hilly terrains. This is an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seeking people. Rent a suitable vehicle from any popular car hire in Cork and kick start for a fun-filled trip to this city. Nature is quite close to this city and your soul is surely going to be enlivened by its aura and natural beauty. This spring get soaked up in the weathered charm of its jaw-dropping scenic landscapes.

This city is located on the South West Coast and is distinct in its own taste and flavor among all other Irish cities. The history-strewn city boasts a glorious past of 4,000 years, rich traditional heritage and stunning folklore. The region houses some of the best Irish vivid landscapes and forest lands, thereby having a lot of activities to do. There are numerous hiking trails and camp grounds. The Eagle Point Camping is one of the most popular tourist destinations, set-up in the heart of the Western region. This park features superb accommodation, 4 star caravan and bountiful activities to execute in a striking yet dramatic setting. This parkland is spread across 20 acres of land over an outright peninsula and is flanked by the Bantry Bay on one side and snow-capped mountains on other side. Contact any van hire agency and debunk the forest as well as its sheltered waterfront and hilly terrains.

The pristine beaches would keep you engaged in beachside activities day long, while you can even do boating from the nearby slipway. Camping is a popular activity seen here. In addition to, the park also features a sail training center, two golf courses, stately mansions, art galleries, horse riding zones, bike rentals and much more. Its facilities include gas mantels, snacks bar, ice pack freezing amenities, Pitch & Putt / Mini Golf, public telephone booth, Wi-Fi access, laundry services, tennis courts etc. RVs and Activity Holiday Vouchers are also accepted here.

The open countryside region is also worth-exploring. So with the availability of car, you can explore the offbeat places as well as per your convenience. Another popular tourist destination is the Blarney Caravan and Camping Park. It is a 4 star rated property, located at a distance of 3 km away from the Blarney village. This is one of the frequently visited parks of the city and is only 8 km away from the city center. The campsite offersstriking views of the world famous Blarney Castle and the neighboring countryside. Other nearby attractions includes Cobh Heritage & Titanic Centre, Cork City Gaol Kinsale, the Old Middleton Jameson Distillery, Fota Wildlife Park etc.

Explore Rajasthan with Comfortable Stays

It is well said ‘going out on a trip simply makes you rich.’ The word ‘holiday’ itself fills us with excitement, relaxation and enjoyment. It is important for everyone to visit a new destination once a year. It is a way that will take you away from the routine work and also it will give you the peace of mind. There are numerous destinations where you can visit and explore or learn something unique. India is one of the best places to find tranquility, bliss, romanticize nature, etc. In simple terms, if you have something in your mind that you want to do on a vacation trip then India will offer you all. The country shelters some of the finest tourist destinations. From Kashmir to Kerala, you will only find the beauty of Mother Nature and diverse yet unity of culture. Rajasthan, the state is located in the north-west of India. It is a dry land where rainfall in minimum but the flora and fauna that are found here are some of the most amazing species.

If you are planning to visit Rajasthan for a long weekend or for a proper family trip then the state is waiting for you with lots of exciting and fun filled activities. Traveling to Rajasthan can become lavish for you if you are traveling in ‘palace on wheels’. It is a train that has all the facilities of a luxurious five star hotel. Besides this, you can feel like a king living in a heritage hotel in Jaisalmer Packages. Rajasthan is the land of history and culture. Here numerous empires established their palaces. Most of these are now turned into commercial hotels where you get the treatment of an emperor. Heritage hotels in Jaisalmer are designed to offer exquisite comfort to tourists. They have all the facilities like spacious rooms, swimming pools, special restaurants that offer cultural food, etc.

On the other hand there are facilities to stay in Swiss tents in Rajasthan. These tents are very comfortable and spacious unlike those on hill stations. Most of the Swiss tents in Rajasthan are located near the sand dunes so that you can enjoy nature of this dry state. You can book a Swiss tent or heritage hotel when you take a Rajasthan tour package. The best part is that most of the tour operators are now offering tailor made packages which you can plan as per your own budget. So, think no more as Rajasthan is waiting for you!

Explore the City of Dublin with Car Hire Ireland

Ireland is an enchanting country that if you visit once, you will visit again and again. Travelers from all over the world come to see this magical country and to see for real, the beauty that Ireland is. The natural scenic views, the lush green forests and the gorgeous countryside are for sure an enviable site while you are in this country. Make memories for life with your eyes and cameras while you are in Ireland. The castles in Ireland, along with the little beer drinking villages of Dublin are some of the best sites in the world.

While in Ireland, visit the city of Dublin. This is a charming little city and a combination of a Victorian culture with the fast forwardness of the modern world of today. Where you will find a setup of brilliant Georgian houses, you will also find all modern buildings with the chicest infrastructure fit to suit the most cosmopolitan of the cities.

Shopping in Dublin is an incredible experience. Visit the famous Temple Bar and the cobbled streets to buy some of the most beautiful souvenirs only exclusive to Ireland. For some creative Georgian furniture, you can visit Francis Street Arts and their antique stores.Visit Dublin to enjoy the most eclectic nightlife and the most delightful of shopping experiences along with enjoying the festivities and culture that is part of the Irish experience. Especially during the end of the year, when Ireland is gearing up to welcome the New Year, there are plenty of music festivals and cultural events that will buzz you into welcoming the New Year.

New Year’s in Dublin is a beautiful festival that showcases special effects, performances by various Irish singers and pyrotechnics. This two-day festival is a major highlight of Dublin and leads to many Irish pouring in the city to enjoy these festivals. During these festivals, the seasonal markets are at a galore with the Wolfe Tone Square, Temple Bar and Barnardo Square being beautifully lit up.

Dublin is a beautiful place to drive around and so is the whole of Ireland. Where driving throughout Ireland will give your beautiful picturesque views, each place you will witness while driving around in the city of Dublin is like viewing a postcard image. Car hire Ireland is a majorly preferred option due to these reasons. Also, when you go for a car hire Ireland, you can visit the whole country and roam around at your own disposal. You will not feel any limitation that you will feel otherwise with public commutation. Travelling around in your own car is also much cheaper on your pocket and you have freedom to move around.

With car hire Dublin Airport, you can directly pick up your rental car straight from the airport. This will save you on the transfers that are otherwise an expensive option to reach the city. You are free to visit Ireland and Dublin, and with car hire Dublin Airport , you also have the option of dropping the car right there while you leave this magical land.

Explore the Rich Heritage of Pondy During a Stay at Hotels in Pondicherry

Located in the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry is one the most popular holiday destinations along the Coromandel Coast of southern India. This beautiful city, also known as Puducherry or Pondy, is a major urban agglomeration in its namesake union territory. It is frequented by many national and international tourists for its verdant environs, palm-fringed beaches, peaceful backwaters and heritage buildings. The wide selection of hotels in Pondicherry, ranging from reasonable accommodation choices and guest houses to splurge residencies and beach resorts, cater to the needs of all kinds of travellers.

Its Rich Heritage

The history of this city dates back to as early as the 2nd century when it was just a Roman trading marketplace. Thereafter, the region was acquired by a number of powerful leaders like the Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, Vijayanagara Empire and the Sultan of Bijapur. Several European colonies, such as Portuguese, Dutch, British and most significantly the French, have also ruled over the place. The architectural heritage of the region is indeed a rich one, which is well depicted by the villas, forts, colonial houses and churches that are dotted in the area. Some of the best heritage sites in the city are located around the famous Promenade Beach. These include French War Memorial, Governors Palace, Gandhi and Nehru statues, Bharathi Park, Children Park & Dupleix Statue, 19th century Lighthouse, Romain Rolland Library and Pondicherry Museum. A large number of cheap hotels in Pondicherry, which are lined along this beach, make a preferable choice for travellers interested in sightseeing. The magnificent churches, dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, are other major attractions that are certainly worth a visit.

Other Places of Interest

Besides, the city boasts of numerous other attractions that draw tourists from all over the world to this quaint little place. The most acclaimed of all is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, which is counted amongst the most affluent ashrams in the entire country. The Thirukameswar Temple, situated 10 km away from the city in the rural town of Villianur, is also a must-visit for religious travellers, particularly the Hindu pilgrims. Those who want to enjoy the picturesque surroundings can visit beautiful beaches like Paradise Beach, Auroville Beach and Serenity Beach for a quiet moment. The Pondicherry Botanical Gardens, situated to the south of the New Bus Stand, is a favourable location for people who want to explore the rich flora of the region. For a fulfilling experience, the city boasts of numerous shops that offer locally-made handicrafts and textiles for travellers to take back home as souvenirs. It is advisable for shopaholics to stay at budget hotels in Pondicherry so that they do not have to think twice before hitting the local marketplaces.

Car Hire France – Best Way to explore Paris

France is extremely beautiful and charming and is always on top of the list, when one thinks of exploring the European continent. It is outlandish by all means and is the largest of the Western Europe. It is safeguarded by the Alps and the rolling Atlantic on one side and is flanked by the English Channel and Pyrenees on the other part. Within this country besets a behemoth medley of whopping landscapes, proliferous meadows, vineyards, olive-growing gardens, lush green river canyons and an integrated margin extending up to 2,000 miles. The French cities feature some of the greatest treasures of the world. Book any car hire in France and debunk these treasures to witness the grandiosity of this country.

Paris is undoubtedly the most frequently visited cities of this country, not only because it’s the capital city, but also because it houses some of the most prized possessions of France in its grandest museums, galleries, monuments etc. Everything about this city is exquisite and there’s something for everyone in this metropolitan hub. Paris cannot be entirely explored in a single trip, so it’s better to plan out a detailed itinerary beforehand to ensure that you do not miss out the relevant sights. You should book your car hire in advance, to avoid any hassle after landing at the airport. While some tourists decide to visit the regular sight-seeing spots, there are visitors, who prefer to accustom themselves with this hub by visiting the neighborhoods regions as well. If you also wish for the same then instead of relying upon the public transport option, you should rather book a car and drive to your desired destinations. Considering the duration of your vacation and which style best suits you, you should plan accordingly what to visit and what not to visit. Just be prepared to cover long distances on foot, as some of the city’s museums and monuments are set-up on a grand scale. Before kick-starting your Paris excursion, visit the main tourist office at the Champs-Elysees and collect relevant information on tours and leaflets for ongoing events. You should purchase a Carte-Musee-Monument, which is a Museum & Monument Pass and renders you free access to over 70 museums and landmarks. Travelling becomes much easier with car hire.

A trip to Paris is indeed incomplete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower, the most iconic landmark of this city. It is every vagabond’s dream to climb up to this colossal tower. This is an 18th century monument, built by Gustave Eiffel. Soon after its completion, it became an instant hit. Either climb the stairs or take the lift to reach its top, from where you can enjoy the panorama of the entire Paris. This city is busiest of all other French cities and you might have to wait for couple of minutes and sometimes an hour or two to board your public transit, so it’s always better to go for car hire in France, which not only gives you freedom to travel at your own pace, but is comparatively cheaper than taxis and buses.