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Indulge in a Luxury Vacation at Dubai Desert Safari

Are you planning for a vacation with your friends or family? If your answer is an avowal, then best place to visit on the map is Dubai. The enticing ethnic eateries, wildest landscapes, variety of restaurants and shops – the city has it all! Thousands of people from all across the globe flock to this place not only during the Dubai festival, but all through the year. Apart from the busy streets and a friendly atmosphere, the Desert Safari in Dubai is a must see for visitors. The safari is a perfect mix of ancient Arabian culture blended with modern traditions. Here, you could lounge under a blanket of stars with beautifully painted henna on your palms and watch the God made creation at its best. The Dubai Desert safari has much more to offer.

The sun set, camel drive, the sand dunes – the Arabian sands has much to offer to its visitors. You can go in for a Dubai Desert Safari package if you are a first timer to this wonderful place. The drivers are well versed with desert driving and the vehicles are well equipped with modern amenities. At the camps, you can expect mouthwatering BBQ dinner, appetizers, full course meals, and sweets. The Arabian music will be a treat for your city ears. Wear light dresses while travelling in the desert and put on you sun glasses and sunscreen as well.

If you have a passion for photography, then you could click some of your favorite pictures in this land. This place is replete with sceneries worth a click. However, know that photography of the Arabian women, historical buildings and government offices is strictly prohibited. So it is advised to take prior permission before you play with your camera. You may also want to try the motley packages of morning, evening and overnight desert safari as well.

Do not miss to enjoy the seedless dates, Shisha, Arabic coffee and dune bashing from this land of oasis. There are many online portals that will allow you to book your travel for Dubai Desert Safari packages. Compare the rates of various websites and seal the best deal that encapsulates all your needs. You could be lucky if you get an experienced travel guide to navigate through the various places in this ‘city of gold.’ Hatta Mountain safari is apt for those who are fancy trekking and sightseeing on the run. The complete trip is on a four wheeler with occasional brief stops on the way. Traversing through the red sand dunes at Lahbab and Hajjar mountains is too good to be missed.

Another entertaining option is cruising on the boats and yachts charters. What better way to enjoy an evening in Dubai, than to have a candle light dinner on the decks of the yachts. Now you can cruise around the famous Palm Island, World Island and the world’s most popular Burj Al Arab Hotel. Enjoy the unforgettable memories you share with the open clear skies and the deep blue seas. Indulge in vibrant activities as a part of the Dubai desert safari trips and take home some beautiful moments to cherish.

Let Your Heart Race With a Sail Boat Tour in Dubai

Traditional dhow sailing and racing have been an integral part of Dubai’s heritage for centuries. This grand sport was introduced to the waters of Dubai in 1996 for the empowerment of local seamen and to draw attention to the kingdoms cultural link to the sea. In Dubai, dhow racing is a familial affair for the sailors as team’s compromise of Fathers and their sons. Grand children, cousins and other young male family members can also be found on the same team.

Initially used by pearl divers, fishermen and traders these dhow sail boats are an essential part of Emirati culture. Traditional dhows were used to compete in the early races and although technology today has improved, the original design of the vessel has been maintained. The boats now used for these races are made either from wood or metal but the spar that supports the sail is always made from aluminum or carbon fiber. Unlike the earlier days where the sails were made from cotton, polyester cloth is now the preferred material.

Dhow racing is not for the faint of heart as these small boats are quite unsteady due to their light weight. The modest amount of balance that is achieved is scavenged from sandbags carried onboard and by the crew shifting their weight in an effort to maintain equilibrium. Manned by the sheer brute force of 12 member crews, these 18 meter long dhows reach speeds of up to of 20 km per hour and are twice as fast as other sailing vessels.

The starting lines are positioned depending on the direction of the wind just before the race commences but seasoned sailors are accustomed to the constant change in wind direction and speed. These fickle conditions may make racing dhows a bit tricky for armatures but experienced seamen are able use it to their advantage. Since these dhows cannot turn easily from the wind like modern yachts, every single maneuver involves swinging the mainsail over the other side of the mast. This requires the mainsail spar to be lowered and freed from the mast. Simultaneously, the front end of the spar must be dipped and swung around the base of the mast while the sliding rope collar is moved to the other side. This seeming complex series of events is just another day in the life of dhow racers and is concluded within an astounding 5-10 minutes.

Since there is no modern equipment such as GPS, speed logs, wind gauges and depth sounders, experience and ability to read the waters for faint changes in wind direction is what determines victory. Tourists in Dubai now have the opportunity to view this adrenalin packed event thanks to the sail boat tours in Dubai.

Enjoy The Calm And Peaceful Environment of The Desert by Opting For Dubai Desert Safari

Situated on the coastal strip surrounded entirely by desert, is the very contemporary and rapidly accelerating independent city of Dubai. It has developed at an astonishing pace in the travel and tourism sector attracting hundreds of tourists from all over the world. Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the most recommended excursions for the visitors to Dubai along with Dubai City Tour and Dinner Cruise Dubai. City Tours for the other 6 Emirates can also be booked by the same tour operator if you wish. Dinner Cruise Dubai is another great option to tour around Dubai on a traditional wooden dhow with international veg. and non veg. buffet dinner with friends and family. It is not only popular among the tourists but also enjoyed by the residents of Dubai from time to time. Children and adults both enjoy this fun-filled ride up and down the red sand dunes of Dubai.

Desert Safari in Dubai starts with picking you up from your hotel or place of residence in the afternoon. Make sure you carry lots of sun block, sunglasses, cap, and something warm for the night as it might get a bit cold. The driver would then head towards the desert which is a short ride away from your hotel. Once at the meeting point, the driver would deflate the tyres of the 4×4 and then take you into the desert on an exciting dune bashing ride. The 4×4 will then stop on a high dune for you to view the very beautiful Dubai sunset in the desert. Do not forget to capture these moments onto your camera to share it with family and friends once back home. The dune bashing is sure to make you tired, so you are taken to the Bedouin style Desert Safari in Dubai campsite which is designed keeping in mind the heritage of Dubai. You are warmly welcomed at the camp in the traditional Arabic way with gahwa (Arabic coffee) and fresh dates. Once at the camp you have a list of activities to engage yourself with like camel riding, quad biking, henna painting, sheesha smoking and much more. At the Desert Safari in Dubai camp you can enjoy the buffet with variety of veg. and non-veg. cuisine along with BBQ. This also includes unlimited mineral water, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Along with your dinner you can enjoy, an awe-inspiring belly dance and tanoura dance by the professional dancers at the Desert Safari in Dubai camp.

Make sure to book you Desert Safari in Dubai tour with a government recognized company in order to avoid any sort of complications during your tour later. The same company would also help you arrange your Dubai City Tour and Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise. Also, options for corporate events, birthday parties and all other kinds of special group bookings are also given by the Desert Safari in Dubai tour companies. Make sure to enjoy the maximum possible once you are in Dubai and do not forget to capture them onto your camera.

Luxury Yacht Dubai

With over hundred methods to delight in the beautiful coast of Dubai, we offer your experience for your fulfillment. Exactly how fantastic would certainly it be to be in the middle of deep sea and also invest kicked back time angling with your household and also pals?

With over hundred means to appreciate the beautiful shoreline of Dubai, we offer your experience for your complete satisfaction. Just how outstanding would certainly it be to be in the middle of deep sea and also invest kicked back time angling with your household and also buddies?

Lucrative Hotel Offers For Holidaying in Dubai!

The hotels additionally use a vast variety of land and also water based activities to make your holiday a best experience such as banana boat flights, catamaran sailing, angling journeys, sea swimming with equines, air jockey, archery, physical fitness facility, volley ball, wakeboarding, clay capturing, squash, tennis, golf, medspa, fitness center, sauna and so on extra costs could be appropriate for these activities. These hotels provide weekly task timetable for the visitor over the age of 14 years as well as over. Some of the Hotel Offers in Dubai is associated to event events like a delightful variety of cheery dinning bundles and also New Year’s Eve parties.

The hotels likewise use a large array of land as well as water based activities to make your holiday an ideal experience such as banana boat flights, catamaran sailing, angling journeys, sea swimming with steeds, air jockey, archery, health and fitness facility, volley ball, wakeboarding, clay capturing, squash, tennis, golf, medical spa, health club, sauna and so on extra fees might be suitable for these activities. These hotels provide weekly task timetable for the visitor over the age of 14 years and also over. Some of the Hotel Offers in Dubai is connected to event events like a delightful range of cheery dinning plans as well as New Year’s Eve parties.