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Baan Sillapin Hua Hin – A Cosy Nook of Art And Craft in Hua Hin

An amazing venue devoted to the liberty of art in Thailand is the Hua Hin Artist Village, a tourist attraction that continues to thrive and get famous on the favourable impression it makes on the average traveller as well as the art lovers. It is definitely a place where an ordinary traveller would experience much respect and love for the arts while a dedicated art fan would find much to absorb and learn as well.

One finds this picturesque village dedicated to the artists and their craft just to the west of central Hua Hin on the road to Pa la uh Waterfall. First opened to the public in 2004, it is a venue for galleries that include those for art, antiques and artists’ studios as well as classrooms for painting lessons for children and is known for hosting events of similar capacity along with performances and exhibitions. Many travellers who have visited the village, describe it as one of the most authentic experiences in Thailand and recommend it to anyone, especially those with children who will be thrilled at the prospect of getting their hand covered in paint and trying something with the teachings of some renowned artists.

The village is a quiet little nook, not promising much from the outside though it is nice and shady and tree lined and yet holding within it the simplicity and charming nature of art in its many free forms. These include the inspirational view of modern artists at work, a priceless collection of authentic Thai drawings and antiques, a generous array of such souvenirs for sale, as well as some articles of jewellery, clothing and sculptures. The other attractive prospect is the coffee shop where you can snuggle up for some refreshment.

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