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How to Save Money While Travelling to Belgium

Belgium is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe. Belgium has many attractions ranging from beautiful architecture, romantic cruises and delicious food. The geographical position of Belgium is crossed with European countries, particularly with the UK.

As a result of globalisation and liberalisation, a large number of Indians travel to Belgium for business or leisure purposes. High international roaming charges are a major concern for Indian travellers when planning for an international travel.

A Country Specific SIM card, combined with an international mobile phone; is the most simple and economical solution for making and receiving calls while in Belgium. These SIM cards offer you the benefits of using your own phone at local rates.

In India, there are numerous international telecom service providers which provide cellphone services for Belgium. Simply replace your SIM card with a Belgium SIM card and you will be set to make and receive all phone calls and send quick messages across the world, without paying excessively high roaming costs.

How to activate these services

Belgium SIM card will provide you with a Belgium mobile phone number that is printed on the back side of your Belgium SIM cardpackaging. One should follow the following steps to activate their services:

How to make & receive international calls

To make an international call from your Belgium mobile phone dial 00 (or +), followed by the country code (for e.g. 91 for India), area code and phone number.

Similarly, your family and friends need to dial the international prefix, followed by the country code 32 and your mobile phone number. For e.g., when calling from India, callers need to dial 00 32 and then your mobile number.

Top service provider in India

Matrix Cellular is the leading telecom solution provider for Indian travelers moving to Belgium. The company offers reliable solutions in a cost-effective manner. They provide services all around the world and have its offices across India. The Company has also launched a new online store where consumers can buy Country Specific SIM card online at .

“Matrix is continuing its revolution by offering customers, inexpensive and best option while traveling abroad,” as per Arun Batra, CEO, Matrix Cellular.

Some other ways to save money while travelling Belgium