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Plans Before Going On A Road Trip

Going on a road trip with a few close friends can be a really exciting way to spend your holidays. In the present discourse, you will find some valuable tips that have to be considered, for ensuring that your road trip remains completely hassle-free.

Road trip can be impromptu and spontaneous. However, road trips offer the maximum enjoyment, when adequate planning is done beforehand. Here are a few handy points that you should keep in mind while planning for a road trip:

Check your car – This is probably the most important task. Carry out a thorough inspection of your car to make sure that it is in proper working order. You can do this in three steps:

Starting from the tyres, to the tread depth and side walls, check each and every area carefully. Take the help of the car’s manual to understand the right levels of tyre-inflation and pressure.

If required, you can go for a change in the fuel system. Installing an oil filter is also a great idea. In addition to this, the brake fluid and the transmission fluid should also be at their correct levels.

The air conditioning system should be looked into, and, if required, the cabin air filter has to be changed. Make sure that there is no scraping sound when you are applying the brakes. It should be rusty either. There should not have any burning smell being emitted from the braking system.

Cleaning the car should be done after the vehicle is inspected thoroughly. Remove all unnecessary items from the car to create more space.

Paperwork – Many times, travellers forget to carry the necessary car documents and travel licenses, and thus fall into unforeseen and time-consuming problems. To avoid this, ensure that the registration and insurance cards, and other such important documents, are present with you.

Road map – A road trip cannot be a smooth affair without a road map. In case of any confusion, a road map can easily be referred to. This will help you in navigating easily and correctly.

Regular breakpoints – Continuous travel/drive will not only make you tired but also take away much of the fun element of the trip. Therefore, plan your stops in advance to get refreshed properly. Moreover, you can also explore interesting sights and tourist spots at the places where you halt.

Food and water arrangement – Keep enough provisions for food and water throughout the trip.

Music – This is what which will set the ambience for you to enjoy with your companions. A smooth drive with good music cannot fail to make the time really memorable. Thus, do bring along a collection of your favourite tunes/numbers.

Be awake – Dozing off while driving is a strict no-no, purely for safety reasons. If you happen to feel tired, ask your family member or friend to drive. Driving in turns is, in fact, the best idea.

Emergency kit – Since you are travelling on road, carry an emergency kit with you, containing basic medicines, money/credit cards, car repair guides, spare tyre(s), cell phone chargers and an emergency contact list. You should also carry candles, gloves, comfortable shoes and blankets on your journey.

Manali Trip A Great Retreat Just Before Winter!

Wishing for hill-side retreat this winter? Take a Manali tour and collect delightful memories unlimited. This beautiful Valley town offers a range of tourist attractions and draws backpackers in hordes. Have a look at what Manali has to offer you for a winter vacation.

On the northern end of Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh is Manali, a lovely hill resort offering a kind of flashy legerity that is hard to surpass over. Spot around Manali during those twilight weeks – right before the winter stretching its arms and cover the region with white layer of snow – and you’ll feel like sailing through a lush tropical heaven. Refreshing morning with pure pristine environment all around makes a way to the sunny afternoon and a tranquil colorful evening. Night comes with a delicate chill, where bewaring the tales sitting around bonfire outside your hotel gives you a lifetime experience. If you happen to be in Manali, it’s truly an enchanting time that you’ll love to cherish with forever.

Manali, which means ‘house of Manu’, has a long interesting history to back it. According to a local tale, a holy man found a fish in the water taking bath at home. The fish begged the man to spare its life, and in return, warned him about a cosmic flood that would spifflicate the entire world. Knowing everything in advance, the man crafted a ship, and when the destructor flood came, he sailed to a ship to a safe mountain top guided by that pardoned fish. The holy man was the world’s love survivor and repopulated the world. His name was Manu and the mountain-top where he survived safe during the flood is now known as Manali. To feel the story from close and know more about the city’s religious importance, make a move to the ancient Manu and Vashishtha temples. The famous 16the century old Hidimba temple is also a not-to-miss attraction in Manali, offering you a rich religious fervor and breathtaking views of surrounding peaks & forests from its four-tiered pagoda roof.

Coming to Manali, a loose itinerary with ample time to wander aimlessly is the best, because the most delightful thing to do here is doing nothing and soaking up the marvelous beauty at/around narrow winding roads, deep colorful valleys, brooding deodar forests, apple orchards and gushing Beas River. With this scintillating scenery juxtaposing with balmy weather, Manali has obtained an iconic figure amongst the honeymoon spots in India. Great shopping and dining options at the Mall Road add more delights to one’s Manali tour. A number of cafes, groceries and specialty stores offer everything from handicrafts to imported apparel and seasonal local dishes to intercontinental foods. Amanali has a range of options to choose from, when it comes to ‘where to stay’. The Jonson Cafe, Banon Resort, Manali Inn resort and Solang Valley Resorts are some much-preferred options.

Pack warm woolen clothes, if you take Manali tour during winters. Apart from that, some other common essentials for Manali trip are sunscreen, good walking shoes and sunglasses. Whether you take a Shimla tour or a holiday in Manali, professional help from a reliable travel agency can give you a pleasurable experience.