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Plenty of Places to Gaze And Perform Adventure Activities in Bangalore

Tourists from all across the globe gather to Karnataka because it has every need of the adventure seeker contented. There are so many places around Bangalore, Karnataka to see, do and experience, and sometimes it takes more than just one trip to do all of that. You cannot even imagine the amount of eagerness and fun Karnataka gives to the adventure seekers, and hence this place has now climbed up the charts on everyone’s itinerary.

From stony topographies and rugged sceneries to the varied graceful rivers and enchanting blue waters, there are plenty of interesting outdoor activities for the adventure seeker to perform. You could be a substandard or a professional at adventures such as trekking in Karnataka, rappelling or kayaking; Karnataka has something for everyone around.

Places around Bangalore which are nearest to Bangalore and are adrenaline pumping destinations like Ramnagar, Savandurga, nandi hills, devarayanadurga, manchinbele, masingudi are the combination of temples, waterfalls, treks and for team building activities.

Ramnagar- For Team Outing in Bangalore, I would suggest heading towards Ramdevara Betta, and if you desire to go rock climbing here, be ready for your wishes to be fulfilled. 3060ft above the sea is the famous of all seven hills around, the Revanasiddeshwara Betta. This spot is an excellent place for those who would like to trek and rappel.

Savana Durga- It rises to a height of 4050ft above the sea. At this place you would find a composite of two gigantic hills, the Billigudda and the Karigudda hills. The two of them have a valley in between as a separation, Ramanagar, which is very popular among those who want to go Team outing in Bangalore. You could even participate in other adventure sport activities such as rappelling and rock climbing as well.

Bheemeshwari – It is on the banks of the famous Cauvery River. A place surrounded by coppices and impenetrable jungles which resonates the call of wild animals, birds and chirpy insects. The majestic peaks surrounding this natural hilly area is a perfect place to go trekking in Karnataka.

Anthargange-The experience of thrills and excitement at Kolar, which is sixty kilometers from Bangalore, begins when you trek at Anatargange. You don’t have to be a seasoned trekker to enjoy this spot, and if you want to do other fun and adventurous activities, rock climbing or overnight camping can be arranged.

Manchinbele Adventure:It is located just 50 kilometers from Bangalore on the banks of Manchin Bele Lake near to reserve forests of savanadurga. Manchanabele dam is nearby downstream it provides water to Magadi town. Kayaking, raft building, trekking and many more adventurous activities are conceded out here.

MakaliDurga Adventure: Perfect for those who love rock climbing and trekking through rugged terrains and best for those who love to bask in the serenity of lush green thickets. Makalidurga is surely a haven for adventure seekers. It just 60 kilometers away from Bangalore.

Coorg Adventure

The undulating landscape and the wooded slopes are perfect to keep the adventure seeker happy, and the warm friendly people of Coorg only goes to make hiking in this place an experience never to is roughly 200 kilometers from Bangalore.

Beaches Around Bangalore

Karnataka is blessed with more than 300 kilometers of exciting coastline, which gives you the perfect excuse to experience the sun, sand and sea of the region. If you are looking for a de-stressor for your team of employees, beaches around Bangalore could act as the perfect day retreat, helping them unwind and relax from their daily routines. Here are some of the most scintillating beaches around Bangalore to choose from:

Bhatkal Beach

Located around 350 km from Bangalore, it takes around 2-3 hours to reach Bhatkal Beach. The beach is blessed with tranquil waters nestled amongst towering hills which makes for a picture-perfect setting. The beach is also well known for its temples. While it can get really hot during summer months, the time from August to March offers pleasant weather and a contemplative environment.


Karwar beach is located about 400 km from Bangalore. With peaceful alleys, waves crashing against the rocks and palm trees in abundance, it does offer a very relaxing experience. There are some sightseeing attractions too here such as the Venkatramana Temple, which is more than 3 centuries old; Sadashivagad Hill Fort and Durga temple. Karwar scuba diving and snorkelling are famous water sports in Karnataka.

Murudeshwar Beach

Located about 3-4 hours drive from Bangalore, the Murudeshwar Beach has clear blue waters and magnificent hills in the background to feast your eyes on. Apart from a revitalizing atmosphere, the place is well known for the fort of Tipu Sultan as well as the Murudeshwar temple, which attracts a lot of devotees every year.


If you would rather have your adrenaline pumping than a sedative beach experience, Kurumgad is for you. It is an island located about 500 km from Bangalore, famous for adventure activities such as snorkeling, dolphin spotting, trekking etc. It is also famous for the Narsimha temple which is situated on a hilltop offering expansive views of the deep blue sea.


For a pristine beach experience around Bangalore, Malpe is the place to be. You would find it hard to hold yourself back from putting up your feet here and soaking in the sun. The blue skies, sun playing hide and seek with the palm trees and the ripple of the sea all day long would put you at ease with yourself.

And Gokarna has some more

Gokarna, located about 475 km from Bangalore, has several beaches to explore. The most famous of those is the Om Beach, which is the shape of the Hindu symbol of “Om.” Other beaches that are worth exploring here are the Kudle Beach, the Half Moon beach and the Paradise Beach.

You could choose to just lay around and soak in the sun, sand and the sea; or you could organize a treasure hunt here to give your corporate team some fun in the sand.

Kashmir Tour Packages From Bangalore

Significant with unique beautiful freshwater lakes, fruit orchards, and also streaming streams, eco-friendly fields and also rich woodlands, the Kashmir valley is really identified to all-natural excellence. HOW TO REACH: One could get to Kashmir easily by air. By Road: Kashmir is well-connected by a huge network of roadways to essential cities like Delhi, Amritsar, Ambala, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Pathankot, Shimla as well as Manali.

Significant with unique beautiful freshwater lakes, fruit orchards, as well as streaming streams, eco-friendly fields as well as rich woodlands, the Kashmir valley is in fact identified to all-natural excellence. HOW TO REACH: One could get to Kashmir easily by air. By Road: Kashmir is well-connected by a huge network of roadways to essential cities like Delhi, Amritsar, Ambala, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Pathankot, Shimla and also Manali. Crimson Holidays LLP is a travel & leisure firm established up by a team of young experts, which would certainly make your unique travel desire come real.