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New Zealand Adventure Tours Choose an Award Winning Company

If you want your holiday to run smoothly and be a guaranteed success, it is important to choose a trusted and award winning tour company to ensure that every detail of your holiday is just perfect. Leading New Zealand tour company’s have won awards in tourism innovation, being recognised as leading tour operator in New Zealand for 2011. Their tour packages allow you to upgrade your accommodation and get discounts on various extra activities along the journey of your tour. A New Zealand Adventure Tour is a fantastic way to see the sights of New Zealand, whilst enjoying the benefits of travelling with a company that has every aspect of your holiday covered.

On a New Zealand Adventure Tour, you will cover all of the best spots in New Zealand with tour guides who really know their stuff. One guest on a recent New Zealand adventure tour said, “there didn’t seem to be anything that he (their guide) didn’t know about his country, and this knowledge made such a difference to first time visitors like ourselves”. This shows that the tour guides really do know their stuff on this great country. If you have any questions or special requirements, they are more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

With tours between 7 days and 24 days, there is a tour to suit your time frame and budget. There is the option of adding additional days to your tour, and smaller tour group sizes means that there is a lot more flexibility in the planning of day-to-day activities. Because you will be touring with likeminded people, there is a higher chance you will get along well with the rest of the people you are touring with. Many of our tours result in people building long lasting friendships and some people continue traveling together after they leave the tour group.

An adventure holiday is a great way to explore all that New Zealand has to offer, and to meet some great people along the way. You will spend less time planning your trip and more time experiencing the many great attractions. There is no doubt you will remember your experience here in New Zealand for a long time to come.

Pleasure And Adventure During The Holidays

If you are want to experience pleasure, learning, adventure, and relaxation during your dog friendly holidays then you are in for many surprises in the southwest of England. The stunning coastline, historical landmarks, family-friendly establishments, and the diverse landscape setting would keep you busy and enthral you earnestly during your dog friendly holidays.

Stay at the upscale holiday cottages for easy access to all the major tourist destinations. After unpacking your bags, rest for a little while and then embark for an exciting journey of a lifetime. You can commune with nature while strolling around parks and gardens. Have a wet and wild experience at the beach or water parks. Engage in retail therapy at high-end shopping complexes, quaint boutiques near the harbour, or at the local farm and market. Go on a cruise or explore castles and villages. Savour the rich dishes at fine dining establishments and charming pubs and bars. You can have a gastronomic delight as you treat your palates to classic English dishes, local delicacies, and International cuisines.

If you have kids in tow during your dog friendly holidays, you have to find ways to keep them entertained all the time. Check out these highly recommended places for the whole family.

Flambards Village Amusement Park

Flambards Village Amusement Park is the place to be during your dog friendly holidays if you are big fan of romantic strolls, nature tripping, or just some solitary meditation. This lovely park is not only home to fun rides and great entertainment options for both young and old but also to diverse flora and fauna. Visit early in the morning and enjoy the cool breeze as you jog around with your canine friend. One famous attraction here is the display of ancient aircrafts. Different models and make represent different eras. Take plenty of snapshots so you can show off to relatives and friends back home. You can tread along the picturesque trails or you can watch live shows such as the Simpsons and Peter Pan. Many activities here will make you enjoy your dog friendly holidays to the fullest.

Crealy Theme Park

The Crealy Theme Park is a place of adventure, excitement, and gaiety. If you cannot contain the energy and curiosity of your children during your dog friendly holidays, organize a day trip here and just immerse yourself with the vibrancy of the place. Try horse riding with your children. Explore the fascinating Silver Mine and lakeside region through a Safari train. Take a walk down the serene lake and be inspired by the views. Feed the ducks and just laugh your hearts out. These ordinary activities can take away your stress and anxieties but also give you the opportunity to strengthen your ties as a family. It would come as no surprise if you organize another visit here during your dog friendly holidays.

Primary Factors Related To Adventure Tours In India

Similar to treasure hunt activities, tours offer lots of natural aspects to be uncovered at every step. It is a fact that adventure and fun are two aims of touring those cannot be sidelined. India is a land which helps in serving the goals of adventuring as there are lots of sight-seeing locations to be explored. When it comes to organize tours in India, you should be prepared to overcome all the challenges in a precise manner. You might be wondering how these challenges could hinder the success of your trip, then, it is worth addressing the very issue correctly. To start with, climatic conditions need to be taken into account prior to planning the trip as the hill stations tend to freeze when mercury starts dipping.

It further indicates that cooler temperature in winters may not be right time to visit touring locations. Hence, you should check out with friends or relatives about the same, in case, clouds of uncertainty are building up in your mind. Moving on to next factor, it can be maintained that purpose of entire trip must be determined in advance. In easy to comprehend terms, while packing your luggage and carrying all the necessary gears for tour, it is vital to identify major intent of going out during vacations. After drawing conclusion, you can make the most out of adventure tours in India because your focus will be transparent and being well-equipped will offer you convenience greatly. Alternatively, beginners or people who have traveled rarely to these hilly regions are recommended to involve professional assistance.

It in turn implicates that professional assistance of trip advisors and planners can significantly contribute to ultimate touring experience. The experts who are hired by these tour planning agencies understand the varied requirements of customers and thereby, come up with appropriate package for them. Apart from this, adventure sports and other activities may not always witness favorable time to proceed with. Practically speaking, if you want to continue with your trekking, skiing or other similar actions in a chilled atmosphere, then, there might be many risks. Therefore, to overcome this hurdle, it is ideal to either postpone your trip or seek advice regarding the viability of buying one of the best adventure trips of India.

Based on the climatic and other circumstances, the specialists of travel agencies chalk out apt advice for your reference. At this point of time, discussing some of the gears to be taken along with you while starting for adventure tours in India, is crucial. Prime reason behind reflecting upon this thought is to analyze whether you are carrying sufficient amount of woolen garments to stay protected. Most of the times, youngsters may think that trekking, hiking or climbing will generate heat, consequently, they do not carry sufficient amount of sweaters or jackets. This is exactly where, these individuals expose themselves to harsh weather conditions which might prove to be very risky for them. Last, but not the least, in such a scenario, they should think pragmatically rather than relying on estimations.

Set Your Pulse Racing With Adventure Tours

If you are fascinated by the call of the wild or if your idea of a perfect holiday is white water rafting or if the jungles of the Kumaon and Garhwal beckon you, you know you are an adventure freak at heart. Back in school, most of us had read stories which had themes of forest expeditions or hunting, and were fascinated by the screech of the jungle owl or the bright eye of the tiger lighting up the forest with its ember eyes. But if your wish is granted and you are given an opportunity to go on an adventure tour, your heart would definitely fill with the excitement you experienced as a child.

Nature can be benevolent or malevolent, depending on where you are. In the deep forests of Kumaon, Uttarakhand or Garhwal, nature can take on both the avatars. Adventure tourism packages of most travel agencies include other activities like white water rafting, kayaking, wildlife safaris, trekking, camping, rock climbing, hot air balloon trips and skiing. If you are into these adrenaline rushing sports and your idea of a well spent holiday includes such activities, then these packages are the ones for you. Apart from these active sports, these tours give you the opportunity to feel and experience the rugged beauty of India. The harsh terrain, the white waves, the lofty mountains, the thick foliage all speak of the primal beauty of nature.

The regal land of the people

India is a country of manifold natural wonders. When it comes to the natural beauty of India, you can experience the lush green valleys, the gigantic mountains, the steep slopes, the ice-capped peaks, the golden desert, the turquoise waters, the dotting islands, temples, caves, forests, rivers, man-made dams, cities on the banks of these rivers and much more. To experience the rich, luxurious, enchanting and exotic land also called India, you should opt for luxury tours of India organised by the travel agent of your liking. Not only is India culturally diverse, but also physically. The physical regions of India can satisfy any soul, no matter how unyielding it is.

The tranquil beauty

When we are talking about the unparalleled physical beauty of India, we should especially take into notice the tranquil beauty of Sikkim. The natural beauty of Sikkim is like a dish which is served with all the flavours, sometimes the warm taste of the towering mountains teases your taste buds and sometimes the soothing taste of the caves and pilgrimage sites calm your palette. All the flavours are to be enjoyed if you want to taste the dish called Sikkim. Missing out any one flavour would leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Sikkim is not for the faint hearted

Most travel companies would offer you Sikkim tour packages, but, the ones, which do complete justice to this plethora of natural bounties, are the ones which do not miss out on the beauty of the two rivers, Teesta and Rangeet, the captivating waterfalls and lakes, the meandering passes like Nathu-la etc. So when opting for a tour package, always ensure that you do not miss out on the lesser known travel attractions too. After all, these delights are like dessert, which complete the meal. After all it is the end that matters, like its said, all’s well that ends well.

Top Adventure Activities Cape Town

The Western Cape is a diverse landscape with wild oceans, magnificent mountain ranges, blue skies and raging rivers. If you are adventurous at heart, there is a wide range of adventure activities that will get your blood pumping. From the extreme adrenaline rush of the worlds’ highest bungee jump to more casual strolling in the beautiful mountains, the Western Cape has many options to choose from.

1) Shark Cage Diving: Ever dreamt of coming face to face with the oceans apex predator, from the comfort of a cage of course! Cape Town offers various options for shark viewing and you can experience natural predation, breaching sharks, cage diving or surface viewing.

2) Skydiving: Cape Town has several sky diving clubs and whether you choose a standard jump or a tandem jump, the Western Cape has one of the most scenic Drop Zones. You will get to see Table Mountain, Robben Island and the whole Cape Peninsula from altitude. If you can handle the thrill, then there is no doubt that skydiving is a must for you.

3) Bungee Jumping: Bloukrans Bridge in the Western Cape is the highest commercial bungee jump in the world at a staggering 216 metres. If you can handle plunging head first in a free fall and rebounding into the sky over the beautiful Garden Route then the highest jump in the world should definitely be added to your bucket list.

4) River Rafting: The Orange, the Doring and the Breede rivers are the most popular in the Western Cape for commercial river rafting, each offering their own experience and grading. The Doring is fast-flowing and demands a reasonable level of fitness, others including the Orange River is calm and offers tranquility with occasional spills. Great scenery, chilled evenings and a touch of adrenalin is guaranteed to make your trip memorable.

5) Rock Climbing: The Western Cape is a rock climbers paradise, you will find hundreds of top quality sport routes and classic trad routes all within a stone’s throw of the city. From the famous Table Mountain to the beautiful expanse of the Cederberg there are endless routes to suit all levels of experience and ability. The crags are not overcrowded as they are in the Europe or North America, yet the quality of some of the climbs surpasses those found elsewhere in the world.

6) Hiking: Cape Town is world renowned for its majestic mountain ranges, indigenous fynbos and diverse fauna and flora. There are an abundance of hiking trails to suit various levels of fitness and ability. Table Mountain alone has a network of over 550 walks and there are also endless trails at Cape Point, the West Coast, Cedarberg and the Garden Route ranging from 20 minutes strolls to grueling multiple day adventure hikes.

7) Kite Surfing: Kite Surfing in the Western Cape has boomed over the last few years and when the wind is right you will see adrenalin junkies taking to the waves all over Cape Town. The “Cape Doctor” winds can be uncomfortable to some but is a favourite companion to those addicted to the heart-racing sport of Kite Surfing. Blaauwberg and Langebaan are amongst the favourites with locals. There are various outfitters offering lessons, rentals and advice if you would like to ride the “Cape Doctor”.

There are many other adventure activities in the Western Cape to choose from include abseiling, paragliding, horse riding, surfing, fishing, diving and kayaking and many operators who can provide you with assistance. The beauty about Cape Town is that it is so diverse that should you be bringing your family along there is something for everyone, even if they prefer sun tanning on the beach or shopping up a storm.