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Things You Should Know About Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Most visitors still need to apply for a Vietnamese visa in advance to enter the country. Vietnam visa is inexpensive in comparision to any other countries’ visa fees ranging from US$45 – 85 if application is sent directly to the Embassy or US$25-55 if your visa has been pre-approved. A fairly convenient visa on arrival process has recently been introduced, but this requires a pre-arranged application to Hanoi Immigration Department and is generally helpful to nationals of countries without Vietnamese embassies.

Only citizens of certain countries can visit Vietnam without an entry visa (valid for visit within 30 days). Those countries include: most Asean countries, Korea, Japan & Scandinavians (2005). All other citizens are required to get an entry visa before departure (visa issued prior to departure by Vietnamese consulates or embassies) or a pre-approved entry visa (visa is issued on arrival at Vietnam’s International Airports) supplied before arrivalin Vietnam.


When entering Vietnam to implement diplomatic or Government’s official tasks without concerning about the time of stay. For those who entering Vietnam not for the diplomatic tasks but hold valid diplomatic or official passports can be exempted from entry visa and permitted to stay within 90 days.using an international or local mobile phone.

The cheapest way to make international phone calls is at any of the various Internet cafes around Vietnam, although the quality varies. Two options to save money when calling from a land line (for example, in your hotel) are to either dial 171 or 178 (and then 00) before the country code or to buy a prepaid 1719 phone cards from the post office (prices between 30,000 VND to 500,000 VND).

Overseas Vietnamese visa exemption begins next month

The certificate will be valid five years.

To obtain the certificates, overseas Vietnamese are required to submit one of the three following documents at an official representative office in their country of residence:

Husbands, wives and children of Vietnamese people living abroad will also need to submit documents that prove their relationship to the Vietnamese member of their immediate family.

Expecting a rush on representative offices abroad, the government’s Committee for Overseas Vietnamese has sent 200,000 visa exemption certificates to Vietnamese embassies overseas.

The move to exempt visas for overseas Vietnamese was announced by President Nguyen Minh Triet during his visit to the US in June.

According to the Committee for Overseas Vietnamese, there are currently close to three million overseas Vietnamese, most of whom have settled in the US, France, Australia and Canada. Around 500,000 overseas Vietnamese visit Vietnam each year.

Forget About Standing in Lines, Book Bus Tickets Online

Bus is one of the main stream ways to travel from one place to another. Common Indian people travel by Indian Railway or Bus. The Buses in India are either private or government based; a huge amount of people frequently uses this way of traveling through one city to another and through different states. The Bus services are most popular for the use of tourism, Tour & travel services provider and also uses Luxury Bus. To get the ticket of the bus service, we have to go to the bus services provider company and manually do the ticket booking. But in the present scenario as the technologies emerged, we have a comfortable way of communication.

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About Luxury Safaris

When people decide to take a luxury holiday, they will of course turn to a name that they are familiar with and one that is established in the field. The website is a recent launch considering that it has been up and running only since the year 2008. However, as a company, it has been functioning under the highly successful name of . There have been several luxury safaris and luxury holiday packages that have organized by this company that have earned it a good name and reputation in the line.

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What Is So Special About The Cottage Ooty Hotels?

Ooty is the summer destination where the people flock to with their families and friends for vacationing in the cool and natural surroundings. Just as the hill stations of north India located on the mighty Himalayas, Ooty is a hill station located in the Nilgiri mountains in southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Since it is one of the most preferred destinations for holidaying in summers, the hotels in Ooty see advance booking of their rooms. The more popular of Ooty hotels get booked earlier than the less popular ones and this makes it absolutely important to do hotel booking months in advance of travel date.

Ooty offers different types of staying experiences. For the travelers who are on budget travel, there are budget hotels in Ooty which provide the bare minimum basic amenities and are rather restricted in providing more services. However, these do care to maintain clean and hygienic surroundings and provide delicious food to the tourists. There might not be too many options on offer by them but these staying places do ensure that, in order to stay in business, the basic things are cared for.

Besides the budget hotels, there are cottages and resorts which make living here quite an interesting as well as comfortable experience. Resorts bear a more modern look than the cottages. These are situated at or near to the elements of nature such as the waterfalls or the hills or even the tea plantations of this city. The architecture of these places is modern but the overall look and feel of the place bears a relaxing ambiance.

Cottages are characterized by their distinctive look of village-like habitations. You would find these made with mud and thatched straw roofs. These would be using the bamboos and use of natural products in the construction of these cottages is quite prominent. Even exteriors are developed in such a way that provides typical village-like cottage staying experiences. However, bearing a village-like look does not mean that these would be devoid of the modern amenities. In fact, there are a range of facilities provided to the modern travelers. These include a wide variety of meals options. At the same time, there are opportunities to conduct the business and to hold events. Recreational activities are also provided so that the guests get to recreate themselves. Packages are also provided for sightseeing and doing activities such as trekking, rock climbing and biking.

What You Need To Know About Luxury Boat Charters

Out of the a number of choices of going for a vacation almost everywhere in the globe, the tip of a luxury boat yacht is the ideal. When going to rent out a luxury boat for your vacation, there are a number of variables that will certainly influence the quantity of loan you will certainly pay for the boat. The boat that has a complete staff including cooks as well as captain will certainly cost even more contrasted to a boat that you are intended to ride on your very own.

Out of the numerous alternatives of going for a vacation anywhere in the globe, the tip of a luxury boat yacht is the ideal. In this instance, it is really real that to appreciate a luxury boat charter, you require to have an excellent quantity of cash. When going to rent out a luxury boat for your vacation, there are a number of aspects that will certainly impact the quantity of cash you will certainly pay for the boat. The boat that has a complete team including cooks as well as captain will certainly cost even more contrasted to a boat that you are expected to ride on your very own. Prior to picking your luxury boat charter, you must initially of all ask if they have any type of vital components of a business vacation such as exclusive jets, accommodation plans as well as rented out hotel on islands, limos, exclusive celebrations.