Sardinia on a Shoestring

One of the things Sardinia is known for is its billionaire nightclub owned by Flavio Briatore, the man who collects football clubs in a similar way to children collecting football as the Island is home to one of the most glamorous clubs in Europe, this may not sound like the cheapest holiday destination in the world.

Sardinia has long since been a refuge to the rich and famous, open a tabloid a newspaper and don’t be too surprised to see Christiano Ronaldo in a pair of tiny shorts, or Geri Halliwell in a bikini with her new beau.

Yet out of season you can get some great deals on flights, and live like the rich and famous without having to be famous or rich. Also if you want to shed the cost of an expensive, luxury hotel, you can save money without slumming it, by renting one of the Sardinia villas, which offer a nice getaway home without all the expenses.

Booking in the off season can save you up to half the amount you may pay during the peak summer. Accommodation is slashed, and many places are competing for your tourist ahead for cheap car rental, booking as you arrive will invariably cost you full price all year round, yet if you are savvy you can secure some deals online, avoiding the pinch when you get there.

Luckily the villas here do not disappoint, many come with beautiful facilities and there is the added luxury of your own pool and sometime hot tub, all for a fraction of what you may pay for such things in an expensive hotel.

There is much to be enjoyed here for free in Sardinia, and the beautiful beaches are great settings to spend a relaxed day, gazing over a kaleidoscopic blue sea whilst lounging on a white sand beach as you soak in some rays of sunshine.

In the off season the water may not be as warm as it is in the summer, but there is the added bonus of having the whole beach to yourself, free of screaming children and wayward Frisbees.

The ability to self cater is also a great way to save money, the Sardinian supermarkets tend to cater to all wallets, and you can pick up a great deal of delicious meats and cheeses, with fine wines to wash them down with, all without breaking the budget.

Yet if at some point you should be itching to go out for a meal then there are good ways of scoring a cheap deal. Rather than splashing out for a big evening meal, you can save by having a big lunch, with many places offering cheap deals and lunchtime offers, including starters, main course and dessert all at a fixed rate.

In the off season Sardinia retains much of its warmth and offers the potential to stroll down the streets of the little towns, and while you may need a footballer’s salary to buy the Gucci loafers and hand bags in the windows of the boutiques, you do not need to bust the bank to enjoy Sardinia.

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