Penang State Museum & Art Gallery – A ‘Must Visit’ When in Penang

Penang is a state in Malaysia. The state includes an area on the north western part of the Malay Peninsula and Penang Island. Although Penang contains a few beaches, they are hardly the best beaches in the country. Instead people visit Penang more for the cultural experience. The island also has a few excellent shopping malls and a terrific nightlife. One ‘must visit’ when in Penang is the State Museum & Art Gallery.

This State Museum & Art Gallery is located in the Georgetown area of Penang. Although it currently houses many national and state treasures, the museum had quite humble beginnings. The museum was established in 1941 as part of the St Xavier’s Institution and became grander over time. The art gallery was only added on about two decades later.

In addition to a series of revolving temporary exhibitions, the museum and gallery houses a permanent collection. The museum’s permanent exhibit includes a large collection of jewellery, antique furniture and other historical artefacts. The gallery’s permanent exhibit features paintings by many local (Chong Hip Seng, and Loo Foh Sang) and international artists (Angela Smith).

The art gallery is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm and is only closed during public holidays. The museum has the same operating hours but is closed on Fridays. Admission is free in both cases. All tourists holidaying in Penang should try and visit this place. Not only will visitors gain fascinating insights into Malay history and culture, but they will also have fun doing so.

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