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3 Popular Beach Resorts in Puri

Puri is a top pilgrimage in the coastal state of Odisha that is regarded as one of the four scared Dhams. It is also famous for its beautiful beaches that have many hotels and resorts nearby. Read on to know more about the city and also check out some good beach resorts in Puri.

The coastal city of Puri is located in the eastern coasts of Odisha and is a famous pilgrimage that attracts devotees from all around the world. It is famous for the magnificent temple of Lord Jagannath a form of Lord Vishnu. The temple is considered to be a part of the Char Dhams which are 4 sacred places in the four directions that a Hindu must visit in his/her lifetime. The deity is revered all around the world and is often considered to be quite mysterious for the innumerable fables surrounding His origin. Puri attracts thousands of pilgrims every year and the number touches millions during the annual Rath Yatra or Car Festival. Puri is also known for its beautiful and serene beaches that are a swimmers delight but the only downside is that they can be a bit crowded. Puri forms an integral part of Odisha tourism and along with Bhubaneswar and Konark forms the Golden Triangle of tourism. There are many other popular tourist attractions near Puri like Sun Temple at Konark and the huge Chilika Lake. Puri is a popular tourist destination and has many great quality beach resorts that offer many luxurious facilities. Below are 3 of the finest beach resorts in Puri that you should check out.

3 Popular Beach Hotels in Puri

Hotel Holiday Resort/Pushpak is among the popular 4 star Puri hotels that is located near the sea beach. It enjoys a customer recommendation of almost 85% which implies 9 out of 10 will stay here again. Previous guests have praised the hotel’s sea facing rooms, service and especially its co operative staff. Hotel facilities include a restaurant, swimming pool/ Jacuzzi and steam bath. The rooms are beautifully furnished and rates start from Rs.2000.

Hotel Naren Palace is another fine beach resort in Puri that is known for its service. It enjoys a customer recommendation of 73% which means 8 out of 10 would stay here again. The hotel has garnered a number of positive reviews from former guests for its service and its hospitable staff. The rooms are fully furnished and are fully equipped with major amenities. The rates start from Rs.1400.

Hotel Mayfair is among the finest luxury resort in Puri that is located near the beach. The hotels offers beautifully furnished rooms with facilities like mini bar, satellite TV to 24 hr room service. The hotel also has a multi cuisine restaurant, poolside bar, valet service, swimming pool, shopping arcade and spa. The room rates start from Rs.8000.

This Holiday Season Pack Your Bags For The Great African Safari

If someone has asked you where you would be heading with your family in this Holiday season then you might get tackled a bit and after a long deep breath would have told them confidently that you are heading to the great African safari. Yes indeed it is the word that not only excites the person who is going to taste of it, but it also mesmerizes the person who hasn’t been there till now. There are many interesting fact presents on the wild African safari; some of them are storylines while many of them are true. To know the reality of those facts one has to visit this fascinating land and enjoy the thrilling African safaris.

Perhaps, if you are thinking that the wild safari is only the attraction in Africa, then you need to think twice. Apart from the African safari there are plenty of things that you can do in Africa and spend memorable time with your family. You can roam around the fabulous beaches and sea shores of South Africa. You can glare the ultimate mountains of central Africa. You can enjoy the desert safari in the great Sahara desert and also you can enjoy forest life in the tropical forests of Kenya and Zambia. Africa offers a complete wild expedition package that has plenty of thrills, adventures, excitement, fun and action. There are plenty of options available that you can take for African safari tours.

You can go for a jeep safari ride and enjoy the African lands in the wild life reserves and you may also take an elephant ride in the deep and dense jungles of Africa and look in to the rare species closely. The biggest attraction of the African safari is of course the lion safari. The famous African lion is the endangered species that is found in Africa. They are left very few in the planet, but thanks to the Aid from the UNESCO and other social organizations and with the help of South African government the African lions are now preserved. Over the years, It has been noticed the reasonable increase in the population of the great African lions.

The best thing about the African wild safari is that not only you will have your fun vacations, but you will also get the liberty to see the fascinating wild life creatures that you have been seeing in the televisions till now. Some of the most popular wild species that are found in African national parks are Rhinos, African lions, African Elephants, jaguar, zebra, African buffalo and leopard. Apart from them you can have a glimpse of more than thousands of birds and mammals. So, start packing your bags now to have a once in a lifetime experience in Africa.

International Data Services For Smartphones

Today’s smartphones and iPhones can consume huge amount of data, especially when running applications ranging from online maps to internet radio. It might not be a big deal in home country, but using all these apps while travelling overseas can result in huge International Roaming charges. Further, data solutions providers in foreign countries charge excessive amount on data services for smartphones, tablets, etc. Therefore, if people are planning to use a lot of data services while travelling, they must check for any international dataplan with global service providers in India before starting their journey.

International 3Gdata services are the most recent discoveries of the telecommunication industry. These data plans are the most economical option for uninterrupted internet connection overseas. They are not only affordable but also offer better quality and service. With international data services, travellers can easily retain control over costs while keeping their smart phones and tablets operating. Similarly, the international 3G data plan enables travellers to save money spent over renting cyber cafe systems and other modes of internet connectivity in foreign countries.

These data services are now easily available in the Indian markets and can also be purchased over the internet. There are numerous companies in India that provide wireless services and BlackBerry services to people travelling to foreign countries. Global packages of these companies are quite inexpensive and can also be accessed over the website of the company. It provides specific solutions to meet the requirements of different groups of people including business class, leisure travellers, etc.

Most of the leading Indian telecom companies like Matrix, Telstra, GoSIM and others provide several options of data solutions to the global travellers. They offer international services for people travelling to multiple countries and country-specific services for people travelling to any particular country with several benefits.

For instance, A Matrix customer travelling overseas can avail several benefits such as obtaining their international mobile number before departure as well as paying their bill in Indian currency. Travellers can get unlimited access to emails, browsing, BBM, facebook, twitter at just 1/10th the cost of International Roaming charges by activating international data services on their smartphones before travelling to overseas. International Data-roaming on Indian number can cost as much as Rs. 750 per MB whereas a Matrix customer can get unlimited access to services on his or her smartphone for as low as Rs. 999. These cards enable travellers to stay connected with their family, friends and office back at home.

Our country-specific data services are tailored for business and leisure travellers looking for cost effective data services for smartphones. With these services, Matrix Cellular customers can now travel to these countries without worrying about the high cost of International Data-roaming charges,” according to Mr. Gagan Dugal, Managing Director, Matrix Cellular.

The Nitty-gritty of Organizing Events in Function Rooms Melbourne CBD

Holding a function in Melbourne city has become easier and professional. But before you hire function rooms Melbourne CBD here are a few questions you should be asking

The guest capacity of the room – For a formal corporate function you may have a set number of invitees; however there are numerous events we hold wherein we are quite uncertain how many guests may turn up. It would be prudent to check with the management the maximum capacity of the hired room and options available in room layout if the number of guests increase or decrease. Also check if the numbers vary hugely would they be ready to change rooms if necessary and what would be the extra cost involved. If you know there are restrictions you can limit the number of guests if need be.

Catering – Ask what catering packages is available, style of catering, variations possible and deadlines on the guest number. Make sure you visit the corporate meeting room Melbourne venue and see where the catering is going to be served, whether in the room and if so is the space adequate or will the catering be served at an alternative space. Confirm the break times; also make sure you leave instructions as to whether the leftover snacks, cookies and muffins should remain in the room or be removed.

You may also want to ask what would the cut-off date be to inform the final number of guests and if there is any variation would they be able to accommodate. Do they accommodate special dietary needs or unexpected dietary requirements on the event day?

If a function is an informal one you may also want to check on drink packages as well as service options. Does the venue provide bar service. Will there be cocktail service waiters carrying drinks around the room or the drinks will be lined up at the bar where guests can pick their like. For formal functions and corporate meetings plan if you want continuous service of coffee and tea and if so have it set up at a place that is easily accessible for the delegates, confirm when and how many times it will be replenished.

Room set up and changes if necessary – discuss with the venue’s event manager what type of equipment and furniture will be provided. If there is a stage you would be using will it be in a fixed location, does it suit your needs or does it need to be moved. If you are planning audio visual presentations and the hired rooms have windows, check if they are draped with heavy curtains so as to block out sunshine when needed.

Aloc Cars Has The Best Car Rental Service in Geneva

Transportation is a factor that matters the most in life and that is the only reason why there are many of us who do believe in the fact that hiring services from the best serviced provider in the market is a matter of pride ands honour always. There are certain factors that play a very important role in the life of every one of us and this is really very important. On the other hand it is also a fact that one needs to rent the best car out in town.

Renting a car needs a lot of dedication and will and one needs to be in contact with the best company in the field so that they are not cheated by the people. There is no doubt about the fact that the prices for the vehicles are actually different for the occasions and they are really very cost effective in nature. It is a also a factor that money along with quality serve makes the day for the best company in renting services in the internet. Renting services always need a special dedication and that is the only reason why the brains behind the success of the best company in the renting services have always been able to make out the best for the clients.

There are many who do consider the internet as a platform that has been able to change the lives of many and this is wonderful. Moreover it is also a fact that the services that are being offered are wonderful in nature and there are the best chauffeurs who know the tricks of handling all types of clients on demenagement Lausanne.

The clients cannot be the same all the time and they are from different backgrounds. One needs to know the ways of handling all types of people and this is simply an art. It needs to be learned in all the possible ways and this is very important. There are days and events on which special discounts are being provided to all the clients and it is also a fact that one needs to discover the new application that is being announced by the best company. All these factors are taken together makes the day for the people. One gets all types of information also by visiting at the website of the company on rent car Geneva.