New Zealand Adventure Tours Choose an Award Winning Company

If you want your holiday to run smoothly and be a guaranteed success, it is important to choose a trusted and award winning tour company to ensure that every detail of your holiday is just perfect. Leading New Zealand tour company’s have won awards in tourism innovation, being recognised as leading tour operator in New Zealand for 2011. Their tour packages allow you to upgrade your accommodation and get discounts on various extra activities along the journey of your tour. A New Zealand Adventure Tour is a fantastic way to see the sights of New Zealand, whilst enjoying the benefits of travelling with a company that has every aspect of your holiday covered.

On a New Zealand Adventure Tour, you will cover all of the best spots in New Zealand with tour guides who really know their stuff. One guest on a recent New Zealand adventure tour said, “there didn’t seem to be anything that he (their guide) didn’t know about his country, and this knowledge made such a difference to first time visitors like ourselves”. This shows that the tour guides really do know their stuff on this great country. If you have any questions or special requirements, they are more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

With tours between 7 days and 24 days, there is a tour to suit your time frame and budget. There is the option of adding additional days to your tour, and smaller tour group sizes means that there is a lot more flexibility in the planning of day-to-day activities. Because you will be touring with likeminded people, there is a higher chance you will get along well with the rest of the people you are touring with. Many of our tours result in people building long lasting friendships and some people continue traveling together after they leave the tour group.

An adventure holiday is a great way to explore all that New Zealand has to offer, and to meet some great people along the way. You will spend less time planning your trip and more time experiencing the many great attractions. There is no doubt you will remember your experience here in New Zealand for a long time to come.

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