Luxury Business Hotels a Part of Hospitality Industry

The hospitality and tourism industry always walk hand in hand, co-existing with each other. The survival and growth of these two industries are dependent upon one another and are a great source of revenue to our nation’s economy. Although the hospitality industry was mostly associated with tourism, it is a thing of past now. Globalization of industries and the growing businesses have given a great boost to this industry. Businesses getting established across the globe have increased the movement of people between places. Thus, hospitality industry provides professionals a home away from home while they travel to different places for work.

On a broader classification, hospitality industry comes within the service industry. This includes event planning, theme parks, lodging, restaurants, transportation and so on. It covers a wide range of organizations which offer food services and accommodation. Other sectors of this industry are meeting and gaming, entertainment and recreation along with visitor information.

Pune is one of the cities which has a rich cultural heritage and was very well known during the rule of Marathas. With a metropolitan atmosphere, it is the second largest city after Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. Presence of a large number of outstanding educational institutions which provide superior quality education has a large influx of students from across the country which has changed the dynamics of the industry. Well known for its educational institutions which groom excellent professionals, Pune is known as the educational hub and is also referred to as Oxford of the East.

The latest additions and changes to this city are the establishment of various organizations of the IT industry. Exemplary growth in this sector has full fledged business established in this city and has become home to many such organizations. The growth in the field of IT industry has earned the tag of IT hub. With organizations from across the world establishing their businesses in Pune, the movement of people for professional reasons has increased drastically.

The multicultural society of Pune tries to provide excellent accommodation to all its guests. Increased business opportunities have provided a great boost to the hospitality industry with establishment of Luxury Business Hotels which serve travelers who are on both social visit and professional visit. These star hotels of Pune do not limit themselves to provide well decorated spacious rooms. They provide facilities and amenities which makes your stay comfortable.

Adapting to the new methods and requirements of business, these hotels provide Wi-Fi and other internet facilities giving them an opportunity to work from anywhere. Electronic equipments and gadgets like projector, flip chart boards and other devices are provided in the conference rooms to perform the business operations like conducting seminars, press conference, meetings and others. They also provide catering and other services for outdoor corporate programs. Along with the best facilities, the luxury business hotels also provide amenities like gymnasiums and other sports facilities which helps business travelers to stay fit and in better health during their stay. All in all, these hotels with outstanding lodging and multi- cuisine restaurant facilities are home away from home for visitors coming to Pune.

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