Koggala Lake – Discovering The Natural Heritage of Sri Lanka

Being the perfect nature lover’s paradise, Koggala is also a popular holiday destination amongst locals and foreigners who wish to explore the natural ecosystem of the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The beaches here are not crowded and there is small town catering towards the needs of the travellers. The small eateries dotted along the main road and the beach front, are ideal for those wanting to experiment with the local cuisine. The Koggala beach is also famous as one of the best surfing spots in Sri Lanka.

The Koggala Lake is the main attraction amongst nature lovers. Located a couple of miles from the little town, it is an interesting place to explore. The lake itself, which is adorned with little rocky islands, and mangroves, as well as the surrounding area, features wonderful animal life. Birds, snakes and lizards make up most of the inhabitants, with an abundance of prawns in the water.

The little islands are great for exploration. A catamaran ride or a boat ride will take you there. One features a small cinnamon plantation and another, a small spice garden. One of the bigger islands features a tranquil little Buddhist temple which generally attracts a bigger crowd on full moon days. There is also a small Buddhist hermitage which can be visited with prior permission.

Exploring the little islands of the Koggala Lake is optional. Most just prefer to experience the lovely natural setting of the waters and the surroundings. A relaxing catamaran ride will take you to the quiet corners of the lake which are excellent for bird watching. If you are up to it, even fishing is allowed here. The surrounding areas of the lake can be explored on foot or on bicycle, which can be easily hired from the village.

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