How to Make Your Holiday Cheaper

We all wish that we could spend our whole lives on holiday and for most of us the majority of our working days will be spent watching the calendar and making the countdown to the day that we fly. Working in an office for many people can be somewhat soul crushing, and the idea of flying off to far off lands where it’s always sunny and where there’s adventure and relaxation in equal measures is of course a lot more appealing.

Unfortunately very few of us have the luxury to ‘always be on holiday’ and even if we did it’s not really practical – we eventually grow to miss the cups of tea and our own beds. But while this is off the cards, what could be possible would be to go on holiday a bit more often – if only you had the money.

Or if only you could make going on holiday a bit cheaper in the first place. Which is actually very possible… Here we will look at some ways you can go on holiday for less and so go on holiday more…

Drive to the Airport

Driving to the airport is the cheapest way to get there by far. If you drive to the airport then this will mean that you can pay just once for everyone who’s going, and it means that you can go in your own time and not have to pay a driver. It’s the all-round better option, but make sure you also have cheap airport parking lined up.

Fly Cheap

There are many budget airline companies that can offer you cheap flights and these will save you an awful lot of money compared to going with one of the bigger airlines.

Go Off-Season

If you go on holiday in the summer holidays when the kids are off school then you’ll pay a boatload. Go in October though somewhere that’s still warm and you’ll save yourself huge amounts.

Go in Big Groups

If you go in a large group then you can split the costs of your petrol on the way to the airport and then pay for a villa at your destination which will cost a lot less than a hotel once you divide the cost. If you go with lots of couples you can double up in the rooms and save huge amounts.

Book Separately

While the package deals offered by Thomson and similar companies are often very tempting, they also will often be more expensive than they should be because you’re paying for all that organization and not getting the big discounts. If you book all the aspects of your holiday separately however then this frees you up to use sites like and thereby save yourself a lot of money.

Befriend a Pilot

This is my secret – I have a friend who happens to fly for FlyBe which means that I get flights for pittance anywhere I want. Of course not everyone will have that luxury, but if you happen to know of a pilot somehow connected to your friendship group, then it’s worth tracking them down and seeing if you can’t befriend them.

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