How To Buy A Mega Yacht The Right Way

Are you in the market for something extravagant that will leave your friends with their jaws dropped to the ground when you show off your purchase? Then consider buying a mega yacht, it’s one of those purchases that you will never regret and enjoy for the rest of your life.

What is a mega yacht?

There is no definitive answer to the question of – “what is a mega yacht?” However, it has to be big (around 400 feet) and contain a multitude of luxurious features such as; a movie theater, comfortable accommodation, jacuzzi, sauna and so on. What you choose your mega yacht to contain is only limited by your imagination.

In fact you can get a yacht designer to draw customized plans in order to have a mega yacht built for you that matches your exact expectations.

Considerations when choosing your mega yacht

A mega yacht for sale might be tempting, but don’t buy just because of the good price. You need something that is reliable and comfortable. Additionally, you may have specific needs from the mega yacht such as having a good kitchen or practical fishing area.

There are two main types of yachts, sailing ones that provide a very natural feel, but be warned you will need some skill to handle one. And motorized ones, which are more suitable for people looking to relax.

When you buy a mega yacht it is a good idea to seek out the services of a yacht broker. Such a professional can really make a difference, because with so many brands and models to choose from it can be really difficult to pinpoint exactly what you are after. Additionally, a broker will aid in price negotiations and paperwork matters. It’s kind of like having a lawyer when you need to go to court.

A crew may be needed

Depending on the size of the mega yacht you are looking to buy, a crew may be required for a whole range of tasks such as cleaning, cooking and driving. There are many companies out there that offer the specific service of hiring out yacht crews. A professional crew allows you to do a variety of things such as; host events, throw parties and go on long holidays. Crews are usually required because mega yachts are too big to maintain for a single person or family.

Keep in mind that you will be stuck at sea with these random strangers so make sure you do your due diligence on the company you are hiring from. Crew members need to be professional and respectful of privacy boundaries. Being strict about such issues from day 1 is the best way to go. In fact you may want to personally interview each crew member to break the ice and convey your overall requirements.

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