Guided Bear Hunts in The State of Maine

One of the states in United States that offers some of the best guided bear hunts in the country is Maine. In fact, guided hunts for bear or such other animals make the experience of the hunter unique and memorable.

Main is Unique

Great wilderness in the state of Maine offers huge opportunities for the prospective hunters in bagging the prize black bear. Besides, it also offers many opportunities for guided hunting. Some of the features of such guided hunting are as follows.

– Numerous camps providing guided hunts for the hunter across the state

– While some of them are rustic camps taking the hunter back to the medieval times when hunters had to find out their requirements on their own, others offer high levels of modern amenities

– Thus the choice is of the hunters and dependent on his or her requirements and budget and

– Best period for bear hunts is August through the month of October.


Besides legal restrictions there are some age old customs that all the hunters are supposed to follow. For instance; hunters are very strongly discouraged from hunting mother bears with child in the womb or moving with young cubs. Since most of the hunts are guided, hunters those are new to the area, won’t suffer from any inconvenience of breaking the customs or law of the land.

Camp Examples

Numerous camps offering hunting facilities to the prospective hunter are there in the state. Some features of these camps are as follows.

– Some of the camps offer tree stands where hunters can lodge themselves with rifles or other weapons such as the bows irrespective of the fact that they are right or left hander.

– Hunts usually take place for a period of six days from inception and the hunter is supposed to pay for guides, food, and transportation cost besides the lodging costs. However, in a package these are more affordable.

– Some camps also host limited numbers of hunters per year and provide them wilderness covering over 250 miles in Northern Maine.

– In addition; some of the camps also offer group bear hunts for the prospective hunters arranging all the requirements for the same.

Guided hunts are good especially for new entrants since they offer camp, guide, transportation, baits, bear stands as well as preparation. Moreover, quality guiding camps also offer opportunities of enjoying fishing in nearby ponds in course of the bear hunting package.

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