Go With Car Rental Mauritius On A Holiday

Mauritius, this beautiful island found in the Indian Ocean has grown to be a main tourist attraction. The beautiful beaches and warm climate all year round is a very pleasant place to be.

Many people from around the world come to visit every year. The main question for many visitors remains “What is the best way to get around?”-use a Taxi or the public transport, sign up for a tour, or go with a car hire.

Well here is why renting a car through is your best option:

– With renting a car through you have time for more discoveries as you do not have to be limited by the attractions listed on a brochure or only the places along a certain route. Instead, you can go wherever you want and even to attractions that are hard to get to or considered out of the way. Aside from sightseeing, you can also experience countless recreational, sports activities as well as experiencing the local culture since you have all the time to do so.

– Renting a car through also means that your schedule is entirely in your hands. You can stay as long as you want in the places you like and can even revisit your favourite areas of interest.

– This option also provides you with a more personal journey when you are travelling with your family or as a couple as opposed to travelling on public transport or on a coach with a group of strangers.

– Having your own rental vehicle also provides you with more comfort than buses for example. With car rentals offering many different vehicles, you can choose the one you think will be the most comfortable, especially if you’re planning on long road trips.

In order to experience all the benefits of renting a car during your stay in Mauritius, our company Bern-oto Ltd can provide you with the car to make your visit a pleasant one. Our company founded in the early 80’s to provide car rental service at reasonable prices on the island of Mauritius. The company has grown to become a great success locally and with the launch of its website aims for international success.

With over 25 years experience in the car rental business and being one of Mauritius’ leading independent car hire companies, at Bern-oto we believe in providing quality rental cars and services at the most- desirable prices. We have a wide variety of vehicles which through regular maintenance guarantee their good running condition.

The success of our business stems from our philosophy and spirit: Good business attracts goodcustomers and good customers make good business. Our repeat-customers are the hallmark of ourlongevity. Whether you are on vacation, travelling or your car is being serviced; we want your carrental experience with us to be a pleasant one.

On our website you will find a range of vehicle sizes to suit a variety of budgets and space. To better help you decide about the car that is the most suitable to you, our website described the size, door count, gearbox type (manual/automatic) and whether the car is air-conditioned, amongst other specifications. Some examples of vehicles provided for rental are Hyundai Accents, Nissan Sunny. For more information you canvisit our carrentalmauritius.netwebsite.

In addition to our vehicles, on the carrentalmauritius.netwebsite you will also have the option to rent a satellite navigator for a minor daily fee. Our vehicles also can be delivered at the place where it is most convenient to you, whether it is at the airport or at the place where you will be residing.

However, car rentals are subject to some conditions. We would expect from our customers that the vehicles be returned in a good condition. We also have a minimum time limit for which the driver must have held a driver’s license, which is as high as 2 years. A valid, current driver’s license is required in order to rent a vehicle.

The rental payment can be made by cash or credit card, upon delivery of the vehicle. Even though no initial deposit is required, any additional costs which may arise from the rental such as speeding fines, excess on insurance as a result of an accident, will have to be paid upon request.

All our vehicles are insured on a comprehensive basis. However, in the case where the renter is involved in an at fault accident, he will have to pay for an excess on insurance fee.

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