Excitement Unlimited Follow Footsteps of The Great Indian Tiger

The king of Indian wildlife and perhaps the largest member in cat family, the Royal Bengal Tiger (scientifically known as Pantheratigristigris) is a tiger species native to India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. The symbol of unbridled power and magnetism, the roar of the Royal Bengal Tiger is audible up to 3 km of the distance.

India being home to 80 national parks including 23 tiger reserves and more than 440 sanctuaries, Indian tiger is perhaps the most royal of all tiger species. The looks and appearance of the Royal Bengal Tiger is completely majestic and fascinating to leave any audience at awe of such a beautiful blend of powerful looks and an equally commanding physique. Found mainly in wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves, the Royal Bengal Tiger can be spotted gazing at Indian national parks.

The wildlife safari expedition organized by Pioneer Journeys offers unmatched thrill and excitement to wildlife enthusiasts across an array of carefully selected tiger trial national parks and tourist destinations. The lodgings chosen by the Pioneer Journeys for you during sojourn are well equipped with world-class facilities &ammenities to caress your senses. You’ll be accompanied by knowledgeable & English-speaking naturalists to guide you through for an incredible tiger trial experience.

The 14 days long wildlife India travel includes royal expedition across the majestic land of Kanha National Park, and Bandhavgarh National Park, noted world over for their high density of the tiger’s population. The tour is specifically planned to offer wildlife enthusiast an all inclusive Indian wildlife experience at stunning natural wildlife habitats. India’s national parks are enchanting and one of the most rewarding destinations for wildlife enthusiasts to enthrall at.

Home to the stunning white tigers, Bandhavgarh is nested in the Vindhyan Mountain Range of Madhya Pradesh. Along with the astounding flora and fauna, Bandhavgarh resides 35 sandstone caves bearing the ancient Brahmi inscriptions hailing back to 1st century BC. You can visit the archeological remains of the fort that are believed to be around 2000 years old.

Famous for the most esteemed wildlife sanctuaries in Indian, KanhaNaitonal Park has always been synonymous for remarkable flora and fauna. You’ll visit the erotic temple Khajuraho – Land of the Moon God. Hailing back to 9th to 12th century, the Kajuraho temples are a live evidence of architectural marvel and imaginative geniuses depicting lives & times of Chandelas. Pioneer Journeys ensures the most adventurous and fun-filled wildlife India travels in the lush green, dense forests.

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