Enjoy The Beauty of Wildlife in Ranthambore

To spot the wild tigers in the Heritage City of Rajasthan, Ranthambore National Park is the only place. It is located in the district of Sawai Madhopur. Ranthambore National Parks breaks the age old belief that Rajasthan is popular for the heritage sites and desert only. It is the pride of the city and Indian wildlife. A vast array of flora and fauna can be seen in the area covered by the park. This place was previously used as hunting ground by the Royals. It is now rich in wildlife and delivers an impressive topography of the region.

Proved to be one of the popular wildlife tourist destinations, Ranthambore provides an array of wild animals. Tigers being the most important reason for its popularity. Hordes of tourist visit the National Park from different parts of the world to enjoy the beauty of wildlife in this part of the region. It has pulled many wildlife photographers and naturalist who want to study the lives of the animals in details. It is one of the places where you can watch the majestic predators in the jungle.

Ranthambore is situated around 11kms from the Sawai Madhopur railway station. Luxury travel on the wheels to this part of wilds is an added flavor. It is spread over 1300 sq km and got the title of National park in the year 1980. Tigers can be spotted during the day enjoying with its little ones or doing the things which they are acquainted of. Though the endangered species of Tigers are most talked about, it is rich with other animals including the avian ones. The population of tiger has been declining in Ranthambore during the past few years for many reasons. But the enjoyment in exploring the National Park remains the same.

The safari ride is the most exciting part of visiting the place. You can enjoy the safari during early morning or in the afternoon. In order to get a better understanding of the animals and the place, an expert naturalist gives you company. These eco-tourism trips create a whole new economy and it helps people of nearby villages to earn money. It gives the local people an economic incentive to keep the wildlife, especially the tigers in large numbers. The time you spend in the greenery, watching the Royal Bengal tigers and gamut of other birds and animals are worth an experience for lifetime.

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