Delhi – A City that Reflects a Magical Touch from Every Corner

You must have decided about a vacation by now where to head to. So, what’s your pick? How about we recommend you a destination? It is one of the most admired destinations that will leave you speechless as and when you step onto the ground. Delhi! How’s it sound? Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? What can we say about Delhi? Delhi is one of the most sought after destinations that tempt many vacationers to boom cheap flights to Delhi from Heathrow. Regarded as the capital of India, Delhi is so vibrant and energetic that it pours a magical touch on you that may prove to be too hard to resist.

Welcome to Delhi!

By either way, we were wondering why you have not taken a trip by now to a city that epitomizes splendour and leaks an appeal from every corner wherever you make your way. This city has come a long way since those times when it was under the influence of Mughals and the British. If we talk about the Mughals who conquered the city for a considerable period of time, they had a vast share of their dominion. During their time, Delhi has witnessed varied evolutions and extinctions that transformed the fate of the country. The British ruled over the country for 200 years consecutively. During the Days of the Raj, various types of atrocities were borne upon the rebellions by soldiers of the British regiment for various reasons. Then, the day arrived when India attained independence.

You can figure out by now that Delhi has gone through a lot of ups and down for several years but it did not cause malice to its fellow countrymen.

It has been a noteworthy city for numerous reasons. It has rather been bifurcated into two parts: Old Delhi and New Delhi. If we talk about Old Delhi, it was established by the Mughals where you would get to catch a glimpse of historical forts and monuments. New Delhi, on the other hand, is a posh region that is choked with upscale bars, markets, hotels, restaurants and many more.

So many tourists take flights to Delhi from Manchester in order to a unique blend of old and new. There is something in the air that would try to strike a conversation with you telling you to loose yourself in the vibrancy of the city that is simply irresistible.

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