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Have Fun in United Kingdom Luxury Hotels

The United Kingdom or Britain is an imposing union of countries which are itself full of a unique attitude. England, Scotland and wales are some of the many countries which constitute the Great Britain. London being the capital of the United Kingdom is much of the cultural, traditional and economic centre for the region. Surrounded by the Atlantic, English channel and the Irish sea , United kingdom ensures your visit to the region is much remembered and cherished as the history, culture, sites and attractions of the city indulge you in a way which makes you feel very familiar to the region.

The attractions of the United Kingdom are not just buildings and pieces of some marvelous architecture but have something to display, explain and give a unique experience to its visitors. Some of the many landmark destination and world renowned attractions which are present in this very part of the world are the tower bridge, London eye, The Stone Heritage, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. The United Kingdom can be considered as a Bona Fide Travel Destination of the 21st century.

In this part of the world you are filled with options for your accommodation as the United kingdom boasts a large number of luxury hotels and boutique hotels ready to step up to your service. The average tariffs in luxury hotels can be anything between $200 to $350 whereas if you plan to stay in a boutique hotel you will have to shell out anything between $100 to $200. With the complacent services and amenities offered by these hotels one can get a perfect value for the money spent for your stay in these hotels. A number of hotels even offer you holiday packages which are inclusive of all the meals, sightseeing and traveling at very reasonable and discounted prices.

A Boutique hotel is what we call a hotel having a more personalized, theme based, relaxing and exclusive ambiance. The term’boutique hotels’ was first popularized in the United Kingdom in order to describe a hotel which is more peculiar and unconventional in its style and services. Furthermore known as “design hotels”, boutique hotels are bought up with a specific theme and decorum. Considerably smaller than luxurious hotel these specifically designed hotels consist of 10 to 100 guest rooms all catered with amenities for which these hotels are known. Boutique hotels are one of its kind and generally do not have a wide chain or presence in every country. It can be said that a luxurious hotel is almost everything from which a boutique hotel differentiates itself.

Explore the Rich Heritage of Pondy During a Stay at Hotels in Pondicherry

Located in the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry is one the most popular holiday destinations along the Coromandel Coast of southern India. This beautiful city, also known as Puducherry or Pondy, is a major urban agglomeration in its namesake union territory. It is frequented by many national and international tourists for its verdant environs, palm-fringed beaches, peaceful backwaters and heritage buildings. The wide selection of hotels in Pondicherry, ranging from reasonable accommodation choices and guest houses to splurge residencies and beach resorts, cater to the needs of all kinds of travellers.

Its Rich Heritage

The history of this city dates back to as early as the 2nd century when it was just a Roman trading marketplace. Thereafter, the region was acquired by a number of powerful leaders like the Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, Vijayanagara Empire and the Sultan of Bijapur. Several European colonies, such as Portuguese, Dutch, British and most significantly the French, have also ruled over the place. The architectural heritage of the region is indeed a rich one, which is well depicted by the villas, forts, colonial houses and churches that are dotted in the area. Some of the best heritage sites in the city are located around the famous Promenade Beach. These include French War Memorial, Governors Palace, Gandhi and Nehru statues, Bharathi Park, Children Park & Dupleix Statue, 19th century Lighthouse, Romain Rolland Library and Pondicherry Museum. A large number of cheap hotels in Pondicherry, which are lined along this beach, make a preferable choice for travellers interested in sightseeing. The magnificent churches, dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, are other major attractions that are certainly worth a visit.

Other Places of Interest

Besides, the city boasts of numerous other attractions that draw tourists from all over the world to this quaint little place. The most acclaimed of all is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, which is counted amongst the most affluent ashrams in the entire country. The Thirukameswar Temple, situated 10 km away from the city in the rural town of Villianur, is also a must-visit for religious travellers, particularly the Hindu pilgrims. Those who want to enjoy the picturesque surroundings can visit beautiful beaches like Paradise Beach, Auroville Beach and Serenity Beach for a quiet moment. The Pondicherry Botanical Gardens, situated to the south of the New Bus Stand, is a favourable location for people who want to explore the rich flora of the region. For a fulfilling experience, the city boasts of numerous shops that offer locally-made handicrafts and textiles for travellers to take back home as souvenirs. It is advisable for shopaholics to stay at budget hotels in Pondicherry so that they do not have to think twice before hitting the local marketplaces.

Lake Como Hotels – A Comfortable Stay in a Beautiful Destination

Every vacation has some memorable moments that remain as rich memories throughout and for creating memories, one need to plan the trip to a perfect place. From the hassles of daily life, it is important to take occasional breaks and visit a place that would provide complete peace of mind and Lake Como holiday is the perfect option. The beautiful landscapes, silent lake flowing between the rugged mountains and the brilliant weather makes this place, a great destination for a vacation. Lake Como is said to be one of the rare destinations in the world, which has an untouched beauty.

Every tourist looks for a perfect accommodation that would make their trip a better one and a holiday in Como Lake would make sure that you get one of the best accommodation services. Several hotels are offering luxury room to the visitors at an affordable cost. Apart from comfortable beds in the rooms, one can get a brilliant view of the wonderful place, right from the rooms. Numerous Lake Como hotels provide some great services to their guests such as wireless internet, free laundry services, delicious food, prepared by one of the best chefs and many more. Many hotels prepare the food according to the tastes of the type of guests.

There are many people, who like to stay in the midst of nature. For them several companies have come up with beautiful villas, located amidst the beautiful scenic beauties of the place. Numerous companies offer Lake Como Villa at a reasonable cost, which comes with many facilities as well. These villas are ideal for families as there are some companies that provide a ready kitchen in the villa itself, enabling the family to prepare their own type food and enjoy the homely atmosphere at the villas. The guests at these beautiful cottages get many other services like free transport to the airport, car service with a local driver 24*7.

Choosing the right destination for a holiday is vital and the type of place should be suitable for you and your dear ones accompanying you for the trip. One of the highlighted features of Lake Como holiday is that there are many luxury hotels located at some of the best locations here. These luxury accommodations are situated in such a location that enables the tourists to visit almost all the places of interest in Lake Como. This allows the visitors to save lot of time as well as money as most sightseeing points are quite close to the places of accommodation.

Have Amazing Experience at City Center Hotels in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a lovely and exotic holiday destination. The visitors find themselves in altogether a different world. This is an amazing place with beautiful gardens and many interesting historical places for tourists. It is an exclusive place with a blend of modern as well as traditional tourist places. It hosts skyscrapers, man made amusement parks along with Arabic traditional monuments. People from all over the world would love to explore this is a beautiful ride for all those who love to travel, explore and learn about different culture, places and people. City Center Hotels in Abu Dhabi is another big attracting factor of this place. These hotels are really classy and are designed in luxury.

For all those who want to relish a dip of luxury they can plan their stay at best hotels in Abu Dhabi to serve their appetite. These hotels are specially known for their luxurious treatment. These hotels are beautifully and lavishly built for an amazing experience. People from all over the world specially turn up to this place to relax and feel special. These hotels believe in total luxury. They make sure that their guests enjoy their stay to the fullest. They offer them international facilities. Also these hoteliers make sure that their guest have sip of Arabian culture. They serve lavish food giving their guest an exclusive Arabian taste. You can experience entire joy and relaxation during your stay in these hotels.

If you want to bathe in ultimate lavishness then you cannot afford to miss the City Center Hotels in Abu Dhabi, they prove to be best of just everything. These hotels will take you to a different world of relaxation. They take care of just everything while your stay. They offer hundreds of facilities and make it a point that their guests have the just greatest experience of their lives. They have luxurious pools, spas, activity rooms and game rooms and a lot more. These hotels are not just to stay back, but these hotels are real admirable pieces where tourists can literally feel at home. They can just get everything what they want.

So, if you are planning a holiday, then no place is better than Abu Dhabi. It is an amazing place with loads of stuff for tourists. This place has exciting tourist points and also it is a home to best hotels in Abu Dhabi. Not only one can enjoy in Abu Dhabi it can also serve as a relaxing place for the tourists. The lavish hotels spoil their guests in luxurious and sumptuousness ways. So, if you are looking for luxurious and adventurous holidays then just do not think book yourself a great trip to Abu Dhabi.

Book a Luxury Hotel in Delhi For a Comfortable Stay

As a major tourist hub in India, Delhi offers plenty of choices in terms of premium accommodation with the finest of hospitality services placed at the disposal of travelers. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, one can choose from a diversity of Party hall in Delhi, luxury hotels in South Delhi , North, East or Central Delhi to meet their personal requirements and preferences.

Hotel Picasso is one of the finest hotels in Delhi offering a variety of hospitality services for premium as well as budget travelers. Keeping in mind the competitive nature of this industry, every effort is made to provide the best in class services and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Hotel Picasso offers world-class amenities and is known for its aesthetically designed accommodations to create a soothing atmosphere for the guests to relax in. Apart from the appealing decor, look and feel of the accommodations, the experience of a stay here is complemented by a variety of recreational activities including swimming, indoor games, yoga & fitness classes. It is important to understand that international travelers can have very different needs from domestic travelers and that is why at Hotel Picasso, every care is taken to make them feel at home.

As a matter of convenience, most of the international travelers along with a large number of domestic travelers come looking to stay in one of the luxury hotels in Delhi near airport to avoid putting up with long hours of commuting from airport to their accommodation. Hotel Picasso is placed at just the right distance from Delhi airport to ensure convenience of transportation for travelers.

Free pick up from airport is offered for travelers who choose to book in advance. It goes without saying that online booking is the best way to ensure a comfortable stay in Delhi right from the time a traveler lands in Delhi to the time of their departure.

The hospitality industry in Delhi has witnessed rapid growth in recent years and business travelers can also take full advantage of the same. Hotel Picasso offers a competitive range of accommodation facilities and specially designed packages to meet the needs of business travelers. These days, a number of businesses prefer to book a conference hall in Delhi and Three star hotels in Delhi to hold an important business meet or throw a business lunch.

Businesses can book a conference hall with Hotel Picasso for a business meet and enjoy a business lunch featuring custom-menus to accommodate the specific needs of guests.

All said and done, Hotel Picasso offers an interesting variety of international and local cuisine to titillate the taste buds of our visitors. Couples on a romantic vacation can enjoy a wining and dining experience with a difference and make their stay that much more special. Hotel Picasso can serve as the perfect base for those looking to explore the sights and sounds of Delhi.