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Phuket Big Buddha – Blessing the Skyline of Phuket

Shining white in the distance, caressing the pearly white clouds that pass by, sits an intricately carved Buddha statue. The Phuket skyline is sanctified by the presence of the statue which was sculptured into existence over a period of ten years consequent to an ambitious idea of a cluster of friends who happened to stumble upon a stupendous location, while on a perfectly inert ramble through the wooded parts of Nakkerd Hill.

After the initial suggestion was made, it took over a decade to complete constructing the statue of the leader of Buddhism seated on a lotus flower in full bloom. The location stood out from every other point of Nakkerd Hill, which stands at the centre of the island of Phuket as it is one spot that offers vistas of either end of the island. The Chalong Bay is visible on one side while Kata and the Andaman Sea are seen from the other. The founder friends wished to allow more of its fellow Thais to have access to these unparalleled views of the sunset and wanted to convert the jungle to a more accessible viewpoint. This thought process culminated in a decision taken to bless the island with a large Buddha statue that would overlook these fine views.

The statue stands on a quiet ground bordered by a forest, with the silence only broken by an occasional tinkle of the temple bell. The structure was made possible by private donations; Burmese marble has been used for the construction as it is a local representation of hope. There is a smaller brass Buddha statue within the same temple premises facing another angle of the famed view.

The holiday you have planned on Phuket Island Thailand would undoubtedly include a few quiet days withdrawn from civilization to spend some quality time engaging in religious and self indulgent activities. A luxury resort Phuket is able to live up to these expectations of solitude and privacy. A tour or hike up the hill to worship the statue can be arranged in conjunction with a 5 star hotel Phuket. If you are looking for a truly luxurious holiday experience then the coveted Regent Phuket Cape Panwa makes an ideal choice.


Bangkok Travel Tips for First-time Travellers

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a city filled with a mix of people hailing from different and diverse culture. Along with the motivating force of the Thai economy, Bangkok owns the large forest park between Yannawa and Samut Prakan, and with various other green lands. Thus, many foreigners get pick out some of the best Bangkok holiday Packages and enjoy a moment of lifetime over here.

Travelers folk to this amazing destination for both business and holiday which has made the city the world’s top tourist objective. Tourist can check with Thailand Tours & Travel about the things to do and not to do around the place. You can explore Bangkok by night as a hasty place to drink and enjoy a straight dinner with live jazz performance. The nightlife of Bangkok holds a high-class place for its fun and folly. But at the same time it’s relaxed, safe, delightful and great plesaure! Around Pattaya, there are massage parlous, go-go bars and karaoke places. And male tourists can find immense delight at places such as Pat pong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.

Perhaps Bangkok seems to be a leader in its street food, and you just can’t miss the fun in enjoying those streets. You move towards any lane or just meet up at the corner, and you would find delicious options. The aroma swaying from Street carts drives the hungry folks to try out freshly made pad thai, bags full of fresh pineapple, various meats on a stick, doner kabob, and any form of delicious Thai food.

Don’t miss to visit the Patravadi Theatre to watch a conventional dance, something that presents the Thai tradition. Spectator sport, especially Muay Thai (Thai boxing), is very famous Bangkok, around with plenty of parks, hi-tech gyms and public pools. You can attend sport activities such as Dance classes, aerobics, cycling, tennis and bowling!

Bangkok holiday packages is sure to sail you across a river journey in Bangkok to provide a very pleasant viewpoint of life in the city on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, an experience you can’t get from the usual Bangkok city tour. Shopping could be fun with reasonable stuff and multiple options especially in handicrafts, apparels & accessories. Thailand has a variety of shopping experiences, Chatuchak weekend market being one of the largest shopping spots.

An organized Thailand Tours & Travel clears all the hassles of sightseeing. No need to waste your time learning the city guide. No need to bother about how to get there, accommodation or security. Your Bangkok holiday packages will make sure you get an enjoyable and memorable. Bangkok has something for everyone, and is thriving with hustle and bustle. So while in Bangkok, you will always have something to do.

Goa Cavelossim Beach – Walk Forever, Literally!

Given the chance, nature has much to offer to sooth our mind, body and soul. Stretching from Majorda to Cavelossim in the south, the tranquil beaches that seem to continue in to infinity with the gentle lapping of the waves by its side is one of nature’s true gifts to mankind to enjoy and preserve in its original context. The blue green ocean, cloudless skies and bone white beaches dotted by a few black lava rocks to break the monotony, create a paradise of serene and tranquil beauty to sooth you’re soul and relax your mind while letting your body rest and be pampered by the warm rays of the sun.

The beach is absolutely massive and stretch on to the horizon and no matter how far you walk, it never seems to end. The sheer enormity of the area is enough on its own to keep you spellbound. It is almost like walking on your own private beach with only the foot prints of the sea gulls to accompany your own. It is the perfect place to take a slow stroll on the beach with your loved one wrapped up in your own perfect world. There are a number of shacks on the beach that offer delicious Goa cuisines as well as numerous sea food dishes and specialize in grilled vegetable dishes. The owners and staff are both engaging and very friendly. You will come across a few hawks but once you get acquainted, they are a lively chat.

Numerous luxury resorts line the beach but none of them are overly crowded and so retains the peaceful serenity of the beach. The River Sal runs into the sea at Cavelossim just behind the resorts and some of them offer various water sports on the river. Fishing trips in the sea, dolphin viewing and bird-watching are a favourite past times among tourists in this region. One can also watch as men collect mussels, oysters and clams on silts near the mouth of the river Sal during low tide and go carting on the seashore. Along with the multi-cuisine restaurants are a number of little shops to buy books, souvenirs and clothes to take back home.

Goa is a popular haunt among tourists for its beautiful white beaches and there are a number of Goa Luxury Hotels to choose from. The Leela Kempinski Goa is among the finest of the Luxury Resorts in Goa for its beautiful surroundings and comfortable atmosphere.

Plans Before Going On A Road Trip

Going on a road trip with a few close friends can be a really exciting way to spend your holidays. In the present discourse, you will find some valuable tips that have to be considered, for ensuring that your road trip remains completely hassle-free.

Road trip can be impromptu and spontaneous. However, road trips offer the maximum enjoyment, when adequate planning is done beforehand. Here are a few handy points that you should keep in mind while planning for a road trip:

Check your car – This is probably the most important task. Carry out a thorough inspection of your car to make sure that it is in proper working order. You can do this in three steps:

Starting from the tyres, to the tread depth and side walls, check each and every area carefully. Take the help of the car’s manual to understand the right levels of tyre-inflation and pressure.

If required, you can go for a change in the fuel system. Installing an oil filter is also a great idea. In addition to this, the brake fluid and the transmission fluid should also be at their correct levels.

The air conditioning system should be looked into, and, if required, the cabin air filter has to be changed. Make sure that there is no scraping sound when you are applying the brakes. It should be rusty either. There should not have any burning smell being emitted from the braking system.

Cleaning the car should be done after the vehicle is inspected thoroughly. Remove all unnecessary items from the car to create more space.

Paperwork – Many times, travellers forget to carry the necessary car documents and travel licenses, and thus fall into unforeseen and time-consuming problems. To avoid this, ensure that the registration and insurance cards, and other such important documents, are present with you.

Road map – A road trip cannot be a smooth affair without a road map. In case of any confusion, a road map can easily be referred to. This will help you in navigating easily and correctly.

Regular breakpoints – Continuous travel/drive will not only make you tired but also take away much of the fun element of the trip. Therefore, plan your stops in advance to get refreshed properly. Moreover, you can also explore interesting sights and tourist spots at the places where you halt.

Food and water arrangement – Keep enough provisions for food and water throughout the trip.

Music – This is what which will set the ambience for you to enjoy with your companions. A smooth drive with good music cannot fail to make the time really memorable. Thus, do bring along a collection of your favourite tunes/numbers.

Be awake – Dozing off while driving is a strict no-no, purely for safety reasons. If you happen to feel tired, ask your family member or friend to drive. Driving in turns is, in fact, the best idea.

Emergency kit – Since you are travelling on road, carry an emergency kit with you, containing basic medicines, money/credit cards, car repair guides, spare tyre(s), cell phone chargers and an emergency contact list. You should also carry candles, gloves, comfortable shoes and blankets on your journey.

Tips by Experienced Travelers

To make sure that your holiday plans are not crumbled because of all the hassles that only dream fall on his head inexperienced novice travelers, and not to waste a good mood even in the most boring razrulivanii organizational issues, recommend you to read this little road instruction. Take a note on all the tips to enjoy the only holiday.


To start, decide which will go and what you can spend . Then – start searching the perfect tour. It is better to search on the Internet: get cheaper, more convenient and faster. You can collect the journey in parts yourself or buy ready-made, and then all beat as they please. Tours – the most budget, but will not one day sit on the sites in anticipation of, and a little luck to be ready to take off over the hill tomorrow. Lots of great suggestions collected in LiveJournal community , where you can also find the perfect ask specifically for you. If you are willing to organize their own holidays, check out the , and .


First, decide how much money will be needed . And much depends not only between countries, but also on which hotel you stay, how you will eat, will lie on the beach all day or go to a surf school. For example, in Rome for lunch will have to pay about 20 euros, and in Odessa you can eat well for $ 100.

Second, decide what kind of cash are lucky. Somewhere there is a sense take rubles and change them already on his arrival, and somewhere only accept euros or dollars and do not want to hear anything about the local currency. You can also fly into a lot of money in the face of unfavorable exchange rate . And the provision of small denominations in the U.S., such as, many European banks and exchange offices do not accept $ 100 bills.

Where to live

Hotels and hostels, if accommodation is not included in the ticket, too reservation in advance . Sites such as , , , . Do not be lazy to carefully consider the information provided about the amenities, taxes, fees, penalties and discounts, as well as to compare prices at different websites. Determined, read the reviews of the selected accommodation for travelers forums, otherwise kupivshis the fabulous room photos, risk severely disappointed. By the way, if you are traveling with a company and plan to stay long in one place, it makes sense to think of camping or a rented apartment (you can find a good option for . At the site be sure to ask the length of stay, and remember: restaurants in hotels are usually less expensive and welcoming city cafe.


Scan all the important documents , tickets, booking, a notebook with the coordinates of parents and friends and send to your email. This information will help get back home, if, God forbid, some local trickster you part with all the originals. However, valuable crust generally is undesirable to carry. Hide them in the hotel safe or, in the absence thereof, to another safe place. Even if you stop the police, declare it boldly that the passport was in the room, and if you do not want to take risks, to explore the city print copy. Book tours and other important stuff that will buy abroad, just shoot, then if you try to cheat and get to pay all again – can prove their case.

To-do list

Plan your day each. And it is not sketchy, but as you can. Conceiving visit four museums and five clubs in three cities in two days, consider the travel time, the queue for tickets and possible troubles such as flat tire. Do not attempt to cover all possibilities, otherwise really did not have time. And be sure to learn the intricacies of all planned locations: for example, the Louvre suit yourself off on Tuesday, the summer two days a week opens the door at night, and on Friday night to see the Mona Lisa is available for free if you are under 25.


Even during the most fabulous trips, especially long-standing, often appears a strong desire to see my mother rushed to hug the boy and settle down to sleep in their home crib. Cure for this form of distress will not help, so adjust the phone Skype , WiFi khalyavnyy catch and find out all about the local telephone rates – sometimes it makes sense to buy a foreign SIM card .

On the road

At the airport come before . And I certainly do not try to be late, if miss the transport, the most that can count – a partial refund of the ticket. On landing, on the contrary, it is better to go for 15-20 minutes before departure. Still have to wait, and do it, as you know, much nicer sitting in a cafe than jostling with things on hand.

Going to a distant part of the world, and promises to be a long flight? Try to get some sleep. If you’re lucky, the end of the cabin has a free series of three or four seats, you can lie down comfortably. Immediately ask the flight attendant blanket and pillow – then they will not. And do not forget to download the player more of your favorite music – in case the motor will be too much noise, and neighbors – too loud to talk.

The train station is served by over half an hour, and the work with the planting are much easier than at the airport. But the travel and tickets there are some nuances. Importantly, try not to fall in the worst places: the toilet compartment and near the conductors. If you bought a ticket on the bottom shelf, then the neighbor has the right to the top of a seat for you until 23:00. Then you can easily ask them to leave. And be sure to check the schedule, especially when sanitary zones.

In case you do not hit suddenly and permanently stuck in some airports, remember the site : it helps you navigate and find the most comfortable place to wait.

Public transport

Of a taxi from the airport to the hotel runs a lot of snide stories. You do not want to become the hero of one of them and throw away a lot of money? Then pumped into the phone cards more and more homes start remotely acquainted with public transportation chosen country. By the way, understand local customs is much more interesting that way – sitting in the tram and watching passengers. A hiking download free navigator, is full of them on the Internet – specifically for each country, complete with Wikipedia, and even an audio version.

Collect the suitcase

You should not go on about his laziness and defer taxes on the evening before departure. You do not want to forget anything important? By the way, a good idea to choose a suitcase poprochnee. So you should know: when loading it will unceremoniously hurled to the floor, pull the handle and even pour water from puddles.

Ideally, it is desirable to leave a place for shopping , or later, or you do not zastegnete lightning, or it gets going in the middle of the airport. In any case, do not forget to take a couple of rag string bags and zip-package – for example, for edible souvenirs.

How to collect the suitcase , you should already know: the most lightweight and small – to the top. Clothes take up less space when wring every thing in a roll. True, the risk to get more pounds than allowed, and rates for overweight at airports rather cruel. All of the “explosive”, ie, shampoo, sunscreen and toothpaste, sealed pack and do not rely on supplies of soap hotels – the portions there are microscopic, but some hotels are completely absent.

Important stuff

Unfortunately, such a thing as separation from their luggage, sometimes. Therefore, first, to shift all the vital things (camera, swimsuit and motion sickness pills) in your hand luggage, and second, take a picture of a suitcase (open and closed) – so, in which case, it is easy to describe the loss of airport employees . And in any case, do not throw away your boarding pass – it will need for tear-off portion of the route.