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Christmas in Phnom Penh – A Merry City

Phnom Penh in Cambodia is definitely a great place to visit for a holiday. This city is filled with many places of attractions and you would notice a huge number of visitors travelling around the town and suburbs. A visit to Phnom Penh would be ideal during Christmas when everyone gets busy and the whole country turns out to be filled with festivity. There are so many ways to make your Christmas vacation an exciting and an unforgettable one if you are in Phnom Penh. Even though majority of the population are Buddhists, and don’t celebrate the holiday the restaurants and bars will be opened for all those who wish to enjoy. The whole town is decorated with lights and the holiday spirit.

The kids dress up in Santa Claus costumes and walk around the streets hanging around the lighted up Christmas trees put up all the way on the street. Also you would find the Khmers wishing you Merry Christmas throughout the season. You can always make your Christmas holiday very grand while you are in Phnom Penh. A Christmas dinner in a traditional hotel in Phnom Penh is sure to delight you and it would be the best Christmas of your life. Around the town you would come across many places to have dinner according to your budget or a movie outing with your friends. For a cheaper way of spending your festival night you can go to 54 Langeach Sros for a beer garden barbeque.

At Raffles Hotel Le Royal you can go and watch little children singing Christmas carols and also and evening tea to suit the ambiance would make your day pleasant. Or you can have a romantic time in one of the river cruises at dinnertime or during sunset that would give such cherishing memories with your loved one. For those visitors coming in during Christmas can reserve a Phnom Penh Hotel beforehand so that you would have to go through any trouble. Sometimes hotel Phnom Penh has in store can be full during the Christmas season with many tourists visiting the country and therefore it is advisable to reserve your hotel in advance. You would certainly have an exciting Christmas vacation in Phnom Penh.

International Data Services For Smartphones

Today’s smartphones and iPhones can consume huge amount of data, especially when running applications ranging from online maps to internet radio. It might not be a big deal in home country, but using all these apps while travelling overseas can result in huge International Roaming charges. Further, data solutions providers in foreign countries charge excessive amount on data services for smartphones, tablets, etc. Therefore, if people are planning to use a lot of data services while travelling, they must check for any international dataplan with global service providers in India before starting their journey.

International 3Gdata services are the most recent discoveries of the telecommunication industry. These data plans are the most economical option for uninterrupted internet connection overseas. They are not only affordable but also offer better quality and service. With international data services, travellers can easily retain control over costs while keeping their smart phones and tablets operating. Similarly, the international 3G data plan enables travellers to save money spent over renting cyber cafe systems and other modes of internet connectivity in foreign countries.

These data services are now easily available in the Indian markets and can also be purchased over the internet. There are numerous companies in India that provide wireless services and BlackBerry services to people travelling to foreign countries. Global packages of these companies are quite inexpensive and can also be accessed over the website of the company. It provides specific solutions to meet the requirements of different groups of people including business class, leisure travellers, etc.

Most of the leading Indian telecom companies like Matrix, Telstra, GoSIM and others provide several options of data solutions to the global travellers. They offer international services for people travelling to multiple countries and country-specific services for people travelling to any particular country with several benefits.

For instance, A Matrix customer travelling overseas can avail several benefits such as obtaining their international mobile number before departure as well as paying their bill in Indian currency. Travellers can get unlimited access to emails, browsing, BBM, facebook, twitter at just 1/10th the cost of International Roaming charges by activating international data services on their smartphones before travelling to overseas. International Data-roaming on Indian number can cost as much as Rs. 750 per MB whereas a Matrix customer can get unlimited access to services on his or her smartphone for as low as Rs. 999. These cards enable travellers to stay connected with their family, friends and office back at home.

Our country-specific data services are tailored for business and leisure travellers looking for cost effective data services for smartphones. With these services, Matrix Cellular customers can now travel to these countries without worrying about the high cost of International Data-roaming charges,” according to Mr. Gagan Dugal, Managing Director, Matrix Cellular.

How to Save Money While Travelling to Belgium

Belgium is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe. Belgium has many attractions ranging from beautiful architecture, romantic cruises and delicious food. The geographical position of Belgium is crossed with European countries, particularly with the UK.

As a result of globalisation and liberalisation, a large number of Indians travel to Belgium for business or leisure purposes. High international roaming charges are a major concern for Indian travellers when planning for an international travel.

A Country Specific SIM card, combined with an international mobile phone; is the most simple and economical solution for making and receiving calls while in Belgium. These SIM cards offer you the benefits of using your own phone at local rates.

In India, there are numerous international telecom service providers which provide cellphone services for Belgium. Simply replace your SIM card with a Belgium SIM card and you will be set to make and receive all phone calls and send quick messages across the world, without paying excessively high roaming costs.

How to activate these services

Belgium SIM card will provide you with a Belgium mobile phone number that is printed on the back side of your Belgium SIM cardpackaging. One should follow the following steps to activate their services:

How to make & receive international calls

To make an international call from your Belgium mobile phone dial 00 (or +), followed by the country code (for e.g. 91 for India), area code and phone number.

Similarly, your family and friends need to dial the international prefix, followed by the country code 32 and your mobile phone number. For e.g., when calling from India, callers need to dial 00 32 and then your mobile number.

Top service provider in India

Matrix Cellular is the leading telecom solution provider for Indian travelers moving to Belgium. The company offers reliable solutions in a cost-effective manner. They provide services all around the world and have its offices across India. The Company has also launched a new online store where consumers can buy Country Specific SIM card online at .

“Matrix is continuing its revolution by offering customers, inexpensive and best option while traveling abroad,” as per Arun Batra, CEO, Matrix Cellular.

Some other ways to save money while travelling Belgium

Mount Abu Travel A Healing Retreat For Lovers of Nature

Nestled amidst lush forested hills, Mount Abu is a pleasing retreat for travelers. Abundanace of greenery, interesting cultures & cuisines and various exciting activities give travelers a sense of sheer pleasure. Read on for more on Mount Abu tourism.

It looks like a green paradise in deserted state Rajasthan -is one of the most fascinating hill stations famous for its marvelous natural beauty and glorious Jain temples. Situated at an elevation of 1,219m above sea level, the is surrounded by lush green hills, scintillating lakes and captivating waterfalls. Climate here is very cool and soothing, while rich flora & fauna leave nature-lovers and wildlife enthusiasts stunned. It’s in fact a favorite haunt of honeymooners and nature-lovers. With a range of tourist facilities being offered by travel companies, planning a tour to this scenic heaven has got easier.

When you’re at Mount Abu tour, you have a range of tourist attractions to explore. From mesmeric Jain temples to Lovely Nakki Lake and seductive Sunset point to rich wildlife, the region abounds various points of tourist interest. Dilwara Jain temple, famous for its extra-ordinary architecture and stunning marvel stone craving, is truly an unforgettable treat for your eyes. This architectural wonder was built between 11th and 13th century ad, and gives the visitors a very pleasant feeling.

Apart from that, the mythological Nakki Lake is a must-visit attraction of trip. As per Hindu myths, this lake was dug by Gods using their nails, and that’s why it has been considered as a place of worship by locals. The lake also enjoys a reputation to be the only artificial lake situated at a height of above 1000m.Surrounded by many hotels, restaurants and various travel related facilities, this lake is a great place for picnic and family getaways. If you’re there for relax and rejuvenation, don’t miss to visit the Sunset Point amidst lush green Aravali Hills. About 5 kilometers from the main town of is the Travor’s Tank where one can see the breeding of one the most dangerous creatures on this earth – crocodile. Picturesque scenery and soothing serenity at this place is also a treat for visitors.

Feeling wildlife enthusiast? The tour wouldn’t disappoint you. The beautiful wildlife sanctuary here offers fantastic natural vistas and an amazing range of flora & fauna to discover. About 300m wide and 7km long, the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is home to various enchanting species of birds, animals and plants.

The region is well known for its lovely weather year-round. Even in winter, when the rest of Rajasthan is burning under scorching sun, remains pleasant with maximum temperature ranging between 31- C to 34- C. Winters here are chilly, especially during nights and feature temperature below 0- C. The best time visit here is monsoon, when nature shows its best in the region. hotels range from four-star luxurious to the economical ones, and offer stay for every lifestyle and budget. When planning a trip to this marvelous hill town, it’s advised to book your required facilities well in advance. Online booking is possible for Mount Abu hotels as well as complete tour packages.

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Umrah Ritual Process- Travel of Blessings

Imam Baqir (A.S.) says Someone who prostrates in Makkah is like the person who sheds his blood in the way of God. So both Umrah and Hajj are vital in Islam. While it is also said in the different times that performing Umrah in the holy month of Ramazan is equivalent to the Hajj in merit and Excellence. So it is necessary for us to understand the complete process or procedure for the offering of the Hajj and Umrah. While in the initial step , there is the description and the process of Umrah ritual.

For the purpose of performing the Umrah, there are some of the important steps for the offering of Umrah while performing this basic ritual of one of the main pillars of Islam, there are some prohibitions during and before this practice like the visitor should keep in mind he/she should trim the hair and moustache while the nails also before the wearing of Ihram and niyah of Ihram.

After keeping the main accessories with you then the visitor as the medicines, towels, money handbags and other accessories. The visitors should take Gusul (bath) and ablution (Wadhu) after all of this enter intro the Ihram obligations. After wearing the Ihram , you become ready for niyah for Umrah and recite the verses for niyah. After putting of Ihram and niyah, the visitor should offer two rocket novel for the intention of Umrah. Then enter into the Masjad-e-Harram and kiss the black stone in it then while kissing of the black stone here is not easy so gesture like to kiss the stone in the front of the stone and Allah Akbar.

Then after this make the Tawaf in the counter clockwise manner for showing the love and devotion to the creator of the Universe Allah. Then pray two rakat nafal near to the Maqam -e- Ibrahim near to the zawal time while the sajda is not necessary. After this, drink the Zam Zam water in front of Khana Kabah. Whereas Sa’iy was performed after drinking in the Zam Zam water as the climbing from Safa towards Marva and recite the special verses at that time. Then after this the other important thing becomes the cutting of hair and removing of Ihram.

Cheap Umrah Packages offers at the time that you feel it is the best time for Umrah while basic divergence of Hajj and Umrah package is that the visa can be opted by any of the travel agencies while provide the complete knowledge about the rituals of Umrah and also offers the training sessions necessary for Umrah visitors.