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Experience Magic With Golden Triangle Tour India

Planning for a holiday? Looking for a destination that offers a blend of luxury, history, adventure, and tranquility at the same time? Well, if these are what you are looking for then just search for suitable vacation packages in India. The country is not only a land of cultural diversity, but it is also a land full of historic places, architectural edifices, magnificent beaches, and peaceful hill stations. However, if you are planning only a short trip and does not want to miss out some of the best places to see in the country, then you should choose a golden triangle tour India.

Visit significant places in a single trip

A golden triangle tour India includes a trip to Delhi, Agra, and then Jaipur. These places are together form a circuit, which is known as the golden triangle. In fact, golden triangle tour India is becoming one of the most popular tour packages for majority of the tourists. The three cities encompassed in the golden triangle tour India, are very popular tourist destinations of the country and it is a trip of almost 1000 km if you travel by road. Now, you can easily find vacation packages in India, which covers a visit to all these three places, including a visit to the famous Taj Mahal.

Great destinations to check out

Usually you can come across a number of destinations with vacation packages in India. Places like Goa, Kerala and Rajasthan are also on the top of the list of major places to see in here. If you are planning a visit to the country for only a few days, then golden triangle tour India can be the best option, as you can visit Jaipur, the pink city, famous for its heritage hotels and stunning monuments and forts, check out the capital city, Delhi, and experience the magic of Taj Mahal, which you would surely not like to miss out on such a trip.

A huge variety of vacation packages offering customization option too

When browsing through vacation packages in India, you can find tailored golden triangle tour India deals, that can be customized according to your duration of stay, budget, and the places you prefer to visit. These trips normally include a stay of five to six days, starting with a stay in Delhi, then a visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra, a trip to Jaipur, and finally back to Delhi. This kind of trip allows you to experience the metropolitan life in Delhi with its rich historical background. You can also enjoy its shopping arcades, and behold the richness of historic monuments like Qutub Minar, India Gate, Lotus Temple, Red Fort, and Jama Masjid. Not to forget a visit to the Mughal city Agra, and a stay in Jaipur. The best thing about the vacation packages in India is the availability of wide array of options along with affordability. Even if you are on a business trip you can choose vacation packages in India like these and make the most of the time that get to spend in this splendid country. A trip like this will surely leave your flabbergasted.

Exciting And Favorable Services Being Provided by Best Banquet Halls in Punjab

Punjab is well known for the most desirable and excellent hospitality services and for the luscious food made with all natural products. Many best restaurants in Punjab are known for their food only being made by their well professional and experienced chefs from different parts of the world.

These places offer catering services as well those are extremely renowned for its exquisite food, spectacular presentation, and first-class service. Whether a ballroom, boardroom, or an intimate garden setting, these places make your event the talk of the town.

Hotels of Punjab offer extremely elegant party halls with exclusive furnishings giving it the supreme ambience for big social gatherings like marriages and corporate conferences too. The efficient service along with additional, customer-friendly provisions for activities and entertainment is another reason why it is a hot spot for every event.

There is the highest level of professional service has made it ideal for many a celebrations and events, elegant, beauty, and refined decor, well maintained, courteous service, convenient, ample car parking, hospitality, warmth, vibrant, and classy at the same time, traditional dining experience, choose one that is easily accessible to you, pamper guests, reputation, quality service, affordable luxury and value for money, personalized attention, food will add extra spice to your endeavors.

Several banquet halls and huge lawns that are being provided by the best hotels in Punjab offer most valuable services and features to their guests. These can be used for:

-Casual get-togethers.

-Birthday Bashes.




-Naming Ceremonies.

-House Warming.

-Farewell Parties.

-Corporate Events.

-Training Programs.

These special occasions like weddings, pre-weddings/ post weddings functions and special affairs with families, friends, or colleagues always require special attention and exclusive venues so these places are highly appreciated and recommended. Services of these places are to offer the best venue for the events for their guests. One of the three or a combination of three may be booked depending on the size of invites.

Several carefully landscaped lawns and banquet halls in Punjab can accommodate and entertain up to 1500 to 2000 guests. These hotels even arrange for Live Musical performances, food stalls, decorative lights and flowers to bring alive the ambience and even bon-fires in winter.

Event planning ‘extraordinaire’ is the best way to describe the Banquet services by the well mannered staff members.

No matter what kind of meeting you are planning, be it a wedding or a press meet, Punjab hotels, restaurants, banquet halls have all the added touches to make the event stylish and unique. To ensure your event is a success, they provide you with state-of-the-art Communication Systems and presentation facilities.

They will provide you the best services ever and to the guests from all over the world. guests come from all over the world for vacations, or to know about the Punjab’s culture and civilization, or for business purposes they choose out the best hotel and for sure they will get the best that will make their stay exciting and favorable one.

A Festival In Sydney Worth Each Single Penny

Australia’s largest and most famous city Sydney is a home to historic landmarks, beautiful beaches, fashionable boutiques, award winning restaurants and iconic buildings that makes it one of the top cities in the world. Whether you are looking for power packed holiday’s full of adventure or thrill, or planning your honeymoon or simply searching a relaxing getaway where you can spend quality time with your family and friends then, there is no perfect destination as Sydney. If you are in a mood to explore all this and much more than just pack your bags and catch flights to Sydney that is ready to entertain you.

Sydney is buzzing throughout the year with myriad events and activities. If performing arts, exhibitions, shows and theatre are your first love then you must visit Opera House and The State Theatre to enjoy some lifetime performances by the artists. Summers in Sydney wouldn’t be complete without Festival. International artists, indigenous performances and family programs are major attractions of this festival. In winters theatres buzz with shows and events as it is the time to enjoy Sydney Writer’s Festivals and film Festival that attract keen followers from across the world.

The city has abundance of public and private art galleries from where you can draw inspiration from city’s art scene with a moveable feast that features vibrant new talent and old favorites. Learn more about history of Sydney through its most iconic landmarks, streets and cultural icons. Some of the best heritage attractions are located along Macquarie Street which is a significant example of Australia’s colonial architecture. Parliament House, the Mint, Hyde Park Barracks, Queen Victoria Building represents the architectural masterpieces of city. So book cheap flights to Sydney from London and get absorbed in city’s rich cultural heritage.

If you are bit adventurous then an easy ferry ride or train trip from circular Quay to Olympic Park is must for you. Bicentennial Park is one of Sydney’s most popular recreational areas and picnic spot where guests can enjoy their evenings. Relax or rest after a day of shopping or sightseeing at one of city’s spas or wellbeing centers where you can enjoy some tranquil time out to escape the hustle or bustle of the city. Shopping is fun in Sydney and you have plenty of options for it. When money is not an issue head to the strand and Queen Victoria building and if you are looking for great bargains then visit Market city where several factory outlets are located.

So pack your bags and get low flight tickets to Sydney from London whether you are opting luxurious holidays, celebrating honeymoon or spending quality time with your family or friends, Sydney can cater to your wellbeing needs.

Few High Altitude Sickness Prevention Tips

During the trip to high altitude places or mountain ranges like Breckenridge Colorado, many worry about the high altitude sickness. But experts say that few travellers really get affected by it although many fear it. If you are travelling Colorado, for example, during your one-two days stay in Breckenridge, you can get accustomed to the climate.

Please stay relaxed as that is the most important thing. Then follow these nice handy tips to avoid the much dreaded high altitude sickness.

1. Avoid catching cold before entering Breckenridge. Colorado as a state is itself cold and people tend to catch cold here. If already carrying a fever, health can deteriorate rapidly once there.

2. Sleep well on the night before entering there. It removes fatigue and recharges the cells. In Breckenridge condos, oxygen percentage is less and you need fresh cells to cope up with it.

3. Take it easy and slow and gradually get engaged in the activities. Give yourself time to get adjusted to the new climate.

4. You need more fluid to sustain in high altitudes so walk slowly and drink more. Walking fast means a faster metabolism which can lead to dehydration.

5. Please avoid consuming cigarettes or alcohol. Cigarette and alcohol creates breathing problems at high altitudes and makes people gasp for air.

6. Take carbohydrate rich food. Easy to digest foods keeps you healthy.

7. Due to less amount of oxygen, climb slowly and don’t tire your lungs.

8. Avoid sleeping pills or painkillers. Although these things can provide temporary relief, but at high altitude the side effects are strong, including vomiting and headache.

9. Keep some emergency medicines, as per the doctor’s prescription, in your handbag. It’s always better to prevent and prepare than to repent and repair.

Most of the time, the traveller is provided with an oxygen canister or bag. Furthermore, the tour guides and drivers are generally local guides who know where to go if things get awry and they are also trained well and experienced in handling emergency situations.

People with breathing and lungs related diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis, tracheitis, serious heart problem or continuous fever are advised not to travelling there as in such cold; the symptoms of these diseases amplify rapidly. You should actually take the suggestion of your doctor before deciding about the trip.

If kids are to travel with you then you must be extra careful and consult your doctor about the safety during the trip. However, it has been noticed that some kids adapt to high altitudes faster than the adults.

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Bambarakanda Waterfall – Sri Lanka’s Highest Waterfall

Sri Lanka is a tropical island paradise found beneath the southern tip of India. It is renowned for producing high quality tea and for its amazing natural beauty. Not only does the island have some truly excellent beaches, a large portion of the country is covered in forest making it a terrific vacation spot for nature lovers and for those looking for a change in scenery. The island has many natural attractions worth visiting; this includes Piduruthalagala Mountain (the tallest mountain in the country), Yala National Park and the Bambarakanda Waterfall.

With a height of around 263 metres, the Bambarakanda Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in the little island nation. Overall, it is the world’s 299th highest falls. Bambarakanda Waterfall is also sometimes referred to as the Bambarakele Falls and is situated in the island’s Badulla District. Fed by the Kuda Oya, a tributary of the Walawe River, the waterfall is just a thin trickle during the dry season, although it does get wider during the rainy season. Even though it is not a mighty, gushing waterfall, the Bambarakanda Falls is surrounded by lush forests which make it a highly picturesque spot.

It can be a little challenging to reach this waterfall. There most common route to the falls is by using the A4, which connects Balangoda and Badulla. One can use this road to get to Kalupahana Town. From there, it is only a short distance to the falls. A little sign board that can be hard to catch unless one keeps an eye out for it marks the path towards the site. The road is quite rugged and is best traversed using a four wheel drive. Although the drive towards the area is a bit long, it is quite scenic and highly enjoyable.

The Bandarawela Hotel is one of the best hotels Sri Lanka that one could stay at when visiting the region. It is the perfect accommodation choice for travellers looking for a comfortable, cosy hotel Sri Lanka that also enjoys a convenient location. Not only does the hotel have excellent facilities, it also has a warm and friendly staff that will make one’s stay here a truly memorable one.