Destination Tips

Reasons to Visit Canada

There are many reasons to visit Canada, as any proud native would be willing to tell you. There are sights to see, activities to do, and friendly people to meet. For many foreigners, Canada is also a place to be reunited with family members who have long since become permanent residents in the country. Canada has a very rich and diverse culture thanks to the number and diversity of foreigners that flock to the country each year. The chance to visit relatives living in Canada provides a major motivation for many foreigners to obtain a Canadian visa, even if this means meeting visa requirements such as obtaining invitations to visit the country and buying Super Visa insurance.

However, for tourists who do not have family in the country, there are still plenty of reasons to plan at least a short vacation.

Progressive Urban Cities

The largest cities in Canada are highly progressive. Their residents enjoy the comforts and luxuries that can be expected from a modern and urbanized country. Commercial establishments are open to the public, and government offices and public services are available to people in need of police or medical assistance. Transportation is not a problem since there are many different modes of land, air, and water travel available. While the major routes cover the main urban hubs, regional transportation is also available, even in remote locations such as the Northern Territories. Of course, the more remote locations may have limited access to public transportation, but they are nevertheless still accessible (especially remote locations that are popular among tourists).

The people in these cities are also interesting themselves. Canada is a melting pot of cultures, a country that is frequented by people from all over the globe. Many foreigners choose to live permanently here, adding to the rich diversity of the country’s culture.

A Country with a Big Backyard

One of the best things about Canada is that it has managed to preserve its natural environment despite the ongoing progress of its cities and towns. There are still many forests, mountains, open spaces and bodies of water that are untouched by urbanization. It is not uncommon to find vast forested parks close to or even within the major cities. When you go to the outskirts of the main cities and drive along the national highways, you will find plenty of breathtaking views, hiking trails to explore and campgrounds where you can rest.

Outdoor and Indoor Sports

The natural climate and terrain of Canada makes it ideal for various outdoor sports. Since the country experiences all four seasons, summer and winter sports are very popular all over the country. Outdoor adventure sports like hiking, trekking, scuba diving, ATV driving, cycling, and swimming are very popular, not only among the locals but among tourists as well. Field and indoor sports like lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, and ice hockey are also widely played. Various tournaments occur for these sports each year. In some areas along the coasts of British Colombia, Quebec, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia, surfing is a popular sport that people enjoy even during the winter season. Speaking of winter, skiing, sledding, and tobogganing are the main winter sports that locals and tourists alike look forward to during the cold, snowy months.

Each foreign tourist will have their own personal expectations about Canada and reasons for visiting. They can be certain that even if those expectations are not met, they will still find something worthwhile and worth remembering during their stay in Canada.

What to Pack for A Summer Vacation? Some Valuable Tips!

The weather is turning warmer, with the red-hot ball in sky approximating the earth. You people in India, especially the ones in North and middle plains, tend to scurry away and hide from the scorching heat at this time. Tons of you may have been planning for a vacation to beat the heat, particularly to the hilly regions. So if you too have been seeking for the same, here is my guide for the essentials you need to bring for a gratifying summer holiday, no matter it is domestically or to somewhere abroad.

General Tips:

Check out the Weather at The Place You’re Heading to: Google the destination you’re going to and collect as much as possible info about it. Check the temperature, high, low and average, at that particular time of the month you’ll be there. Since it is summer in India, temperature at the hill stations in Himalaya or other mountains would probably be neither too hot nor too cool. So pack the summer cloths including a few shorts and half-sleeved t-shirts.

Cognize the Airline Luggage Policy: Before packing your travel bags, it also makes sense to acknowledge the luggage limits of the airline you’re travelling with. It would be like a nightmare if you get to know at the airport that your luggage is too heavy to be checked. So inquire it in advance and pack accordingly.

Pack Your Clothes In Two Bags: I hope you’ve heard of ‘Luggage Lost’. This can happen to anyone! So be smart enough to deal with such sort of situation. If you’ve some clothes in another bag, the situation wouldn’t be worst.

Moreover, keep some extra space in your luggage for the things you may buy during your vacation. However, buying an extra bag over there can serve the purpose.


Clothing: Well, ‘how much to carry’ depends upon the time you’ll spend there, members in your group and type of vacation, but for ‘what-to-pack’, you must know the weather and cultural norms at your travel destination. For a hilly getaway, I would suggest you to carry the light cotton clothes. Don’t keep extra burden of heavy jeans: two or three are enough for a week long holiday. Loose track paints with half sleeved t-shirts would be easy to carry and comfy to wear. Shorts are always handy for a summer vacation, especially if you have hiking or trailing in mind. They don’t take too much space in your bag either.

Footwear: Undoubtedly, the sport shoes which are comfortable to wear. Expert travelers recommend carrying used shoes, instead of the newly brought ones. A pair of comfortable sandals would be useful at time of wandering around markets or sightseeing place.

Cosmetic: Don’t go with your heavy make-up kit; instead keep some useful products only! Carrying shampoo and oil in pouches would be a great idea. It would be easy, lighter and less spacious to pack them. A pair of sunglasses, sunscreen and mosquito repellent should be there in your kit. Avoid packing expensive jewelry in any case.

I hope that you wouldn’t forget your camera with extra memory card, phone and your favorite book (if you happen to be a book-geek like me) at home.

Are There Any Nice Guest Houses in Munnar?

There are various places in India which have something or the other different from the rest of its peers. These different attributes actually define the existence of that place. These distinct features recite the tale of the culture and history of the concerned location. Similarly the state of Kerala has various exclusive features which makes it quite unique from the rest. Kerala comprise of exceptional remarkable beauty which is the major eye turner here. The coconut plantation in Kerala is one thing that defines its complete graceful existence. The state showcases scores of exceptional features which ultimately gets distributed among interior regions. The town of Munnar and its natural beauty has really helped in soaring the popularity of its state.

The beaches and green vegetation of the town has contributed immensely in increasing the tourist presence here. Just like the state, Munnar too is stuffed with noticeable sites which promise to make their visitors stunned. Along with unmatched natural beauty, the town also has certain other factors which serve as favorable for the tourism segment of the city. The tourists visiting Munnar get specially attracted by the serene ambiance of this place. Munnar has still preserved its natural beauty and maintains to attract the attention of it admires.

The hospitality industry in the town has been doing extremely well in the past recent years. The guest houses in Munnar fairly represent the excellence of the hospitality segment. Since Munnar does not have any scarcity in terms of natural belongings, most of the guest houses in Munnar cover a decent area of lush green vegetation. The Munnar guest houses are extremely nice and welcoming. In order to make the guests feel welcomed, the guest houses in Munnar provide some exceptional services to their guests which one cannot witness anywhere else. The services offered by these accommodation entities are very friendly and convenient.

The ambiance offered by these hospitality entities is outstanding which promises to give the guests a home like experience. The hotels in Munnar also have a decent tourists followers. The rooms and interiors offered by the hotels are exquisite and beg to differ from the rest of its competitors. The restaurants in the hotels are the major advantage to their stature. These in-house restaurants serve some of the finest dishes to their guests. These dishes range from delicious regional cuisines to international food items. The most admirable thing about these entities is that most of there policies are carved as per the needs of the visiting guests.

Reclining Buddha – A Splendid Buddhist Tribute

Bangkok is a splendid hub of culture, history and entertainment but its most iconic feature may be the magnificent array of Buddhist temples or “Wats” dotting the cityscape. Its impressive 31,000 temples each carry a unique aspect to venerate the Buddhist faith and one of the most notable temples is the Wat Pho, which houses the majestic stature of the Reclining Buddha, Thailand’s largest Buddha image at a height of 15 metres and a length of 43 metres. The statue depicts the Buddha in his final resting pose, with his right arm supporting his head and his eyes dreamily gazing into the eternity free of suffering that is his final majestic statue is entirely gold-plated, with the soles of the feet and the eyelids inlaid with glistening pieces of mother-of-pearl. The soles are divided into 108 intricate panels that depict the various auspicious symbols, by which the Buddha can be recognised, such as flowers, elephants, white tigers, dancers and altar accessories. The statue’s head rests on two golden box pillows encrusted with glass mosaics. Poised over the statue is a seven-tiered umbrella that represents the authority of Thailand. In the hallway adjacent to the statue are 108 bowls, all presenting the Buddha’s various characters and visitors drop coins into them for good luck, which also helps the presiding monks preserve the Wat.

The Reclining Buddha is one of more than a thousand Buddha images installed at the Wat Pho temple, which is also the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok. The temple complex comprises two walled complex bisected by the Soi Chetuphon river that runs east to west. The Northern compound holds the Reclining Buddha and Thailand’s oldest massage institution, while the Southern building, known as “Tukgawee”, houses an operational Buddhist monastery and a school. The grounds of the complex boast an amazing 91 stupas, 4 magnificent halls and a central shrine. 71 smaller stupas have the ashes of the Thai royal family and 21 larger stupas contain the ashes of the Buddha. The temple complex is enclosed by 16 gates around the perimeter, protected by rock-carved Chinese giants. The main temple sits on a raised marble platform, adorned by mythological lions carved on the gateways. The outer cloister has 400 Buddha images of various styles and postures that have been mounted on matching gilded pedestals. The outer balustrade features 150 portrayals of the epic Ramakien, which points the way to transcendence into the spiritual realms from the secular. Visitors to this regal Buddhist temple will be awed at its spectacular array of Buddhist tributes.

After a day of sightseeing, relax and unwind at any number of quality Bangkok serviced apartments boasting a central location and luxury amenities. The Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok is a stellar example of Sukhumvit accommodation situated close to the world-class dining, entertainment and culture of the Sukhumvit area, the ideal location for both business and leisure travellers.


Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney – Discovering a Rich Natural Heritage

One of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, Sydney offers a perfect getaway for the entire family. Located by the coast, this multicultural city is a great place to soak up the sun while having fun in the sand and surf, while the many museums, parks and shopping and entertainment venues offer countless hours of excitement. Though the city boasts modern development, it is also home to areas that let you experience the country’s rich natural heritage such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

Located near the iconic Opera House, these famous gardens were inaugurated in 1816 and look out across Sydney Harbour. Covering an area of around 30 hectares, it is the country’s oldest botanic garden and is bordered by a scenic area known as the Domain. Home to an extensive array of plants, with special focus on species from Australia and the South Pacific region, the gardens offer an idyllic getaway.

Entry into the Royal Botanic Gardens is free and visitors have various sections that they can choose to explore. The Rainforest Walk gives you the chance to see how native plants form the balance of a rainforest ecosystem, while those heading to the Herb Garden can view herbs from different parts of the world which are used for everything from medicine to cooking. Those who love the beauty of flowering plants can visit the Begonia Garden and the Palace Rose Garden which features close to 2,000 colourful roses.

Not to be missed is a visit to the award-winning, ‘Cadi Jam Ora: First Encounters’ where you can learn about the Aboriginal heritage which is very much interlinked with nature. This section is where you can see native vegetation along with a display of the First Farm, which showcases initial farming practices used by Europeans.

The Rare and Threatened Plants Garden, Old Mill Garden & Greenway Terrace, Pioneer Garden and the Australian Native Rockery are among the other sections worth visiting. The Royal Botanic Gardens is also where you will find the glass pyramid shaped, Sydney Tropical Centre, where visitors can get up close with exotic plant life from the tropics.

Those looking for a luxury hotel in Sydney that makes an ideal base from which to explore the city and such sites of interest as the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and the Royal Botanic Gardens can choose The Langham Sydney. Located in the Rocks area, this 5 star hotel Sydney is ideal for families, couples and business travellers.