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Few High Altitude Sickness Prevention Tips

During the trip to high altitude places or mountain ranges like Breckenridge Colorado, many worry about the high altitude sickness. But experts say that few travellers really get affected by it although many fear it. If you are travelling Colorado, for example, during your one-two days stay in Breckenridge, you can get accustomed to the climate.

Please stay relaxed as that is the most important thing. Then follow these nice handy tips to avoid the much dreaded high altitude sickness.

1. Avoid catching cold before entering Breckenridge. Colorado as a state is itself cold and people tend to catch cold here. If already carrying a fever, health can deteriorate rapidly once there.

2. Sleep well on the night before entering there. It removes fatigue and recharges the cells. In Breckenridge condos, oxygen percentage is less and you need fresh cells to cope up with it.

3. Take it easy and slow and gradually get engaged in the activities. Give yourself time to get adjusted to the new climate.

4. You need more fluid to sustain in high altitudes so walk slowly and drink more. Walking fast means a faster metabolism which can lead to dehydration.

5. Please avoid consuming cigarettes or alcohol. Cigarette and alcohol creates breathing problems at high altitudes and makes people gasp for air.

6. Take carbohydrate rich food. Easy to digest foods keeps you healthy.

7. Due to less amount of oxygen, climb slowly and don’t tire your lungs.

8. Avoid sleeping pills or painkillers. Although these things can provide temporary relief, but at high altitude the side effects are strong, including vomiting and headache.

9. Keep some emergency medicines, as per the doctor’s prescription, in your handbag. It’s always better to prevent and prepare than to repent and repair.

Most of the time, the traveller is provided with an oxygen canister or bag. Furthermore, the tour guides and drivers are generally local guides who know where to go if things get awry and they are also trained well and experienced in handling emergency situations.

People with breathing and lungs related diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis, tracheitis, serious heart problem or continuous fever are advised not to travelling there as in such cold; the symptoms of these diseases amplify rapidly. You should actually take the suggestion of your doctor before deciding about the trip.

If kids are to travel with you then you must be extra careful and consult your doctor about the safety during the trip. However, it has been noticed that some kids adapt to high altitudes faster than the adults.

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Bambarakanda Waterfall – Sri Lanka’s Highest Waterfall

Sri Lanka is a tropical island paradise found beneath the southern tip of India. It is renowned for producing high quality tea and for its amazing natural beauty. Not only does the island have some truly excellent beaches, a large portion of the country is covered in forest making it a terrific vacation spot for nature lovers and for those looking for a change in scenery. The island has many natural attractions worth visiting; this includes Piduruthalagala Mountain (the tallest mountain in the country), Yala National Park and the Bambarakanda Waterfall.

With a height of around 263 metres, the Bambarakanda Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in the little island nation. Overall, it is the world’s 299th highest falls. Bambarakanda Waterfall is also sometimes referred to as the Bambarakele Falls and is situated in the island’s Badulla District. Fed by the Kuda Oya, a tributary of the Walawe River, the waterfall is just a thin trickle during the dry season, although it does get wider during the rainy season. Even though it is not a mighty, gushing waterfall, the Bambarakanda Falls is surrounded by lush forests which make it a highly picturesque spot.

It can be a little challenging to reach this waterfall. There most common route to the falls is by using the A4, which connects Balangoda and Badulla. One can use this road to get to Kalupahana Town. From there, it is only a short distance to the falls. A little sign board that can be hard to catch unless one keeps an eye out for it marks the path towards the site. The road is quite rugged and is best traversed using a four wheel drive. Although the drive towards the area is a bit long, it is quite scenic and highly enjoyable.

The Bandarawela Hotel is one of the best hotels Sri Lanka that one could stay at when visiting the region. It is the perfect accommodation choice for travellers looking for a comfortable, cosy hotel Sri Lanka that also enjoys a convenient location. Not only does the hotel have excellent facilities, it also has a warm and friendly staff that will make one’s stay here a truly memorable one.

Summer Palace – A Beijing Landmark

The Summer Palace is a palace located some fifteen kilometres outside of central Beijing in China. Spanning an area of nearly three square kilometres the palace grounds constitute the biggest and best preserved royal park in the country. With its traditional Chinese landscaping and spectacular views, the park is considered the ‘Museum of Royal Gardens’. The artificial palaces, pavilions, temples, bridges and halls within the grounds have been designed to complement the natural landscape.

The Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill form the defining features of the Summer Palace. The lake spans an area of 2.2 square kilometres and is manmade. The soil dug up was used to create Longevity Hill. The hill is around two hundred metres tall and supports several buildings. Longevity Hill was previously known as Gold Mountain and Jug Hill. Its current name was given by Emperor Qianlong in 1749 when he commissioned extensive landscaping on the hill. The Summer Palace was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 and it is currently a highly popular tourist spot in Beijing. Tourists visiting the Chinese capital should definitely try and visit if time permits.

Opening hours are between 7 am and 5 pm from November to March and between 6.30 am and 6 pm from April to October. A fee additional to the entrance fee is charged for entry into certain parts such as the Dehe Garden, Wenchang Hall, Tower of Buddhist Incense and Suzhou Street and Danning Hall. There are plenty of buses that go past the Summer Palace and the nearest subway stations are the Xiyuan Station and the Beigongmen Station.

Beijing is not simply the capital of China but is also at the heart of commerce, politics, science and tourism in the country. The city is home to many of China’s iconic attractions such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square. Tourists looking for a good Beijing hotel close to the city’s renowned landmarks can try the Raffles Beijing Hotel. Considered one of the finest 5 Star hotels in Beijing it is within easy reach of Beijing’s best restaurants and shopping centres and is a terrific place to stay.

Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai- For a Memorable Family Day Out!

Dubai, with its Arabic opulence, great cuisine, shopping options, and modern as well as historic attractions, makes a wonderful holiday destination. Due to these reasons it is also a much sought after holiday destination, especially in the Middle East.

One of its biggest family attractions is the Wild Wadi Water Park. It is considered one of the top ten attractions in this city and it’s the ideal place for the whole family to have fun all day long. It is also located in Jumeirah affording easy access.

The Wild Wadi is a theme park with various options for having fun. It features an artificial surfing machine, several complicated and daring water slides, and of course as with most water theme parks a wave pool. But how the Wild Wadi Water Park sets the highest standards in theme parks is through its extraordinary slides and rides. It features one of the largest water slides in the Middle Eastern region. Water slides at this park can take you downhill as well as uphill. Each ride it unique offering extreme excitement: the Tunnel of Doom, the Falcon Fury, the Tumble Falls, the Thunder Rapids, and the Rushing Rapids. But the most popular is the Family Ride which has two parts, one taking you on an upward ride and the other a sheer drop. First exciting half is the Summit Surge where the riders are taken uphill, then comes the Rushdown Ravine which is the complimenting second half entailing a 560 foot downhill sheer drop slide.

Visitors to the park are also afforded a range of relaxation facilities for its visitors. There a two gift shops selling all sorts of souvenirs. The three restaurants offer visitors a choice when it comes to food, each serving sumptuous meals. Several eateries and snack bars offer convenient and fast on the go food for those who are busy rushing from one ride to another.

As for accommodation at this popular destination, a Dubai hotel or apartment can easily be booked through the Internet. There is a range to choose from and most consider convenience in location when it comes to booking a hotel Dubai has on offer. For luxury living combined with convenience try the Raffles Dubai, UAE.


In The Snowy Mountains of Magical Kashmir

Verdant natural beauty, exotic mountainous retreats and rich cultural heritage make Kashmir one of the most sought after tourist spots in India. Read this article to know what this magical land, in the lap of snowy Himalaya, has to offer you.

If you want a mountainous retreat away from frantic city life, Kashmir is where your search ends. The ‘Heaven on Earth’, ‘Jahangir’s Valley of Paradise’ and ‘Alps of India’ – these are the quotes which Kashmir is fondly dubbed as and bespoke how beautiful this north Indian state is. Kashmir has been the wildest and most controversial tourist spot in India. Incidents of terrorism and some religious riots kept the region under isolation for long, but now the region is regaining the same status and attracting backpackers from far and wide. Legendry Himalayan peaks, famous Shikara ride in Srinagar, skiing and trekking in Gulmarg and the highest and most rugged landscapes in Ladakh are some of the region an increasing number of travelers visit to Kashmir.

Undoubtedly, Kashmir is magically beautiful and has always been in wish list of nature-lovers. However, many of travelers change their idea, simply because the region is said to be unsafe to wander around. But reality is different. Most of tourist places in Kashmir are safe and untouched by regional riots. Go to Ladakh, and you find nothing terrifying for travelers: this is the remotest but the safest region of Kashmir. And the same goes with Jammu, Srinagar and Pahalgam regions.

Amidst snowy mountains of Kashmir, this is a lot in store for backpackers. From exciting adventures of Zanskar Valley to religious retreat in Leh and Amarnath and serene lakes of Srinagar to fun-filled skiing in Pahalgam and Gulmarg, there is something exotic for everyone. Considering top tourist destinations in Kashmir, you find most of them are gifted by Mother Nature. To begin with, Srinagar boasts a magical beauty of nature dotted with picturesque gardens, tranquil lakes and lush green plantations. Snowy Himalayan peaks in background are a soothing retreat for eyes and senses. Paying respect to age-old mosques and a fun-filled Shikara ride are the parts of any itinerary of Srinagar tour.

Leh, in the lap of mighty Himalaya at a breathless altitude of 3505m, is another not-to-miss attraction of Kashmir tour package. Rugged terrains, freezing streams & glaciers, breathtaking landscapes and exotic flora & fauna nearby this gleaming jewel of Ladakh tourism leave visitors enchanted. However, iconic stupas and monasteries of Buddhist religion are what the tourist find most intriguing in Leh. The city is a great place to learn and savor Buddhism. Gulmarg is one of the hot favorite destinations for skiers, golfers and the ones looking for tranquil retreat in India. Lush green valleys and enticing hill-side retreat here also keep domestic tourists pouring into Gulmarg – literally “Meadow of Flower”.

Pahalgam is a beautiful hill resort in Kashmir and is perfect place for honeymooners and peace-seekers. Also, the region boasts a range of adventures like trekking, rafting and camping, which attract adrenaline junkies from various parts of the country.