Are There Any Comfortable Guest Houses in Lajpat Nagar ?

There are very few cities in India which offer a perfect mix of modernity and natural splendors. While some destinations possess a strong command in natural beauty, they unfortunately lack behind in modern lifestyle. An entirely different scenario is portrayed by other destinations which are rich in modern elements but seem derived from nature’s grace. The modern tourist today desires of visiting such destinations which are perfect in all manner. Nowadays tourists prefer such destinations which not only are rich in natural possessions but also practice a modern lifestyle. The country has a few destinations which offer the best of both. The metropolitan cities in India perfectly fit with the expectations of the modern tourist.

The city of Delhi is often the preferred choice of tourists. Besides offering a string of amazing sites, the capital undoubtedly practices a modern lifestyle. The tourists coming down to the capital have a lot to look up to during their stay. The monuments and heritage sites of the city serve as a prime attraction for the tourists. In the past couple of years, various surveys have been carried out targeting only the tourists visiting the capital. These surveys have revealed that along with renowned heritage sites, the tourists also prefer to visit the high profile regions of the capital.

These high profile regions are no less than shopping paradise. The interior regions of the city such as Lajpat Nagar and many others are no less than a hotspot for shopping addicts. From high end designer outlets to cheap street vendors, Lajpat Nagar fulfills the shopping needs and demands of many. Along with an unforgettable shopping experience to offer, the region is also surrounded by praiseworthy tourist sites.

Being a popular and most visited region of the capital, the place has seen the establishment of various hotels and guest houses. The hotels in Lajpat Nagar Delhi give a huge significance to the comfort factor. In order to provide a complete comfortable stay to their guests, the hospitality entities here have framed new policies. The hotels in Lajpat Nagar Delhi offer an endless list of facilities which are both impressive and outstanding. There are also a few guest houses in Lajpat Nagar which offer accommodation at a very affordable price. With high hopes, tourists blindly prefer the best hotel in Lajpat Nagar Delhi. The unique ambiance offered by these entities is no less than an example for others to follow. The region of Lajpat Nagar is considered as the proud asset of the capital city.

European Holidays to Create Memorable Moments

European countries like France and Spain are some of the best locations to spend the vocations, especially the winter holidays. France has the famous Alps and Spain has Pyrenees and Cordilleras. These places provide you with some amazing experience of skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, hot tubing etc. The main activity is skiing which is provided by special centres that are popularly known as ski station.

There are state of the art facilities and services available for the visitors that include hotels, restaurants. Resorts, skiing tours which make the holidays more luxurious. The equipments are provided on rental basis and the ski lift facilities are also available.

The bed and breakfast France is provided in various quality hotels in France. Selection of bed and breakfast France can be done by many hotels and resorts offering special packages. These packages include almost everything from food and accommodation to transport services etc. They also promise to cover all the important locations with full enjoyment and adventure in very limited period of time. These services also include sledging, skating, indoor and outdoor hot tubing, games and local entertainment like pubs and nightclubs.

The bed and breakfast Spain also provides you with some amazing facilities and experience. You can choose your favourite area in Spain. There are small scale accommodations also available in Spain with clean and neat rooms. These services also offer attractive packages. To enjoy the tour in the best possible way, every tourist needs a roof that has luxuries under it. There are several resorts and hotels open for you in Spain to enjoy your holidays to the fullest. There are some amazing offers which are offered by the ski holiday hotel which you cannot reject.

These resorts have deals with various international brands to provide you with all the luxurious facilities. The hotels and resorts can be chosen by the various offers that they have according to your budget. You just need to fill an enquiry form, pick a date and chose a package. After that you just have to enjoy your vocations and marvel at all the beautiful locations full of hotels and resorts can be chosen by the various offers that they have according to your budget.

How to Make Your Holiday Cheaper

We all wish that we could spend our whole lives on holiday and for most of us the majority of our working days will be spent watching the calendar and making the countdown to the day that we fly. Working in an office for many people can be somewhat soul crushing, and the idea of flying off to far off lands where it’s always sunny and where there’s adventure and relaxation in equal measures is of course a lot more appealing.

Unfortunately very few of us have the luxury to ‘always be on holiday’ and even if we did it’s not really practical – we eventually grow to miss the cups of tea and our own beds. But while this is off the cards, what could be possible would be to go on holiday a bit more often – if only you had the money.

Or if only you could make going on holiday a bit cheaper in the first place. Which is actually very possible… Here we will look at some ways you can go on holiday for less and so go on holiday more…

Drive to the Airport

Driving to the airport is the cheapest way to get there by far. If you drive to the airport then this will mean that you can pay just once for everyone who’s going, and it means that you can go in your own time and not have to pay a driver. It’s the all-round better option, but make sure you also have cheap airport parking lined up.

Fly Cheap

There are many budget airline companies that can offer you cheap flights and these will save you an awful lot of money compared to going with one of the bigger airlines.

Go Off-Season

If you go on holiday in the summer holidays when the kids are off school then you’ll pay a boatload. Go in October though somewhere that’s still warm and you’ll save yourself huge amounts.

Go in Big Groups

If you go in a large group then you can split the costs of your petrol on the way to the airport and then pay for a villa at your destination which will cost a lot less than a hotel once you divide the cost. If you go with lots of couples you can double up in the rooms and save huge amounts.

Book Separately

While the package deals offered by Thomson and similar companies are often very tempting, they also will often be more expensive than they should be because you’re paying for all that organization and not getting the big discounts. If you book all the aspects of your holiday separately however then this frees you up to use sites like and thereby save yourself a lot of money.

Befriend a Pilot

This is my secret – I have a friend who happens to fly for FlyBe which means that I get flights for pittance anywhere I want. Of course not everyone will have that luxury, but if you happen to know of a pilot somehow connected to your friendship group, then it’s worth tracking them down and seeing if you can’t befriend them.

Getting Yourself Cheap Flights And Car Rentals

It’s understood that booking things in packages will work at getting cheaper fares. The same is the case of cheap flights and car rentals. Generally booking both at one go will ensure you good fares, especially if you are doing it through a single agency. If you are attempting to do it on your own, then here are some ways in which you can get good cheap flights

Look through an airline’s international website. There are several countries in which a website exists where the exchange rate is much lower when compared to your own. Paying by an internationally accepted card will help you get a much cheaper flight. The major dip in the value of the American dollar has helped several other countries in such respects.

If you are a student, senior citizen or part of the armed forces, make sure you are use the discount you are eligible. As a frequent flier you should enroll yourself in some programs that will reward you with redeemable points. You can use these points to upgrade your class of flying, get discounts on the tickets as well as get more luggage space on a flight.

Another smart idea is to join mailing lists of airlines that you prefer. This way you will be the first to know when offers on a particular airline come up. This can help you plan your holiday as well as get cheap flights.

Getting a good deal on your rental cars depends on the kind of vehicle you choose. If you have a big family, go in for a sedan or an SUV. Again, the models you choose in these matter. If you can make do with a smaller car, that would be a good option. Always try booking for slightly longer periods of time.

This gives you better leverage in trying to get a good deal. Book car rentals with companies that have branches in different cities, especially the ones you are traveling to. That way you can pick up a car in one city and drop it off in another.

Booking your flight tickets and your car rentals through the same agency will ensure that you get a good deal on your hands.

Vegas on a Budget

Las Vegas has some of the most unbelievable attractions in the world, with everything from resorts and casinos to spectacular shows right at your fingertips. Experiencing all that Sin City has to offer is something that everyone should do at some point in their life, but if you aren’t careful, you can rack up some major expenses in a short period of time. Thus it behooves you to attack the city with a game plan, and understanding some tricks of the trade can help you fully experience the Vegas lifestyle for a fraction of the price. The following are a couple tips to help you live the good life without breaking the bank.

First and foremost, you should try to take advantage of as many special offers and rewards deals as possible. There are many Las Vegas clubs and casino/resorts that will offer special deals for a particular length of stay or at certain times of the year. In addition, most venues will offer a rewards card in which the money you spend on hotels, food, and gambling can earn you points that can be cashed in on more of those activities. If you purchase one of these cards from one of the major chains, they can be used at a variety of locations all across the city. Before setting off on your trip, you should do some research on your particular area of interest, be it golfing, clubbing, gambling or relaxing, and then uncover the deals once you know what to look for. Most casual vacationers will not want to go through the trouble, but finding the discounts and keeping them in mind when planning your stay can save you some serious cash.

Another money saving tactic is to avoid using taxis. Instead, opt for public transportation. The Citizens Area Transit (CAT) is Las Vegas’ easy and accessible bus system that offers day passes for seven dollars and three day passes for twenty. They are ideal for coming from and going to the strip, and the double-decker bus known as “The Deuce” runs from the Strip to Freemont at all hours. If you have a smart phone, you can use it to determine the exact location of The Deuce at all times. The Las Vegas clubs and casinos are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest; unfortunately, that is going to require spending some money, so it makes sense to save on the things that are in your control. This leaves you to spend freely in the areas where it can’t be avoided.