Book Fights to Cairns to Gauge Your Daredevilry

The word adventure generates many images in our minds. For some it is all about putting life in danger whereas for others, adventure is a way to find one’s own self. If you fall in second category and have always hoped to visit a land that offers such challenges to you, then Cairns is the best destination for you. Listed below are the top activities that excite many adventure aficionados and entice them to look for airlines offering cheap air tickets to Cairns.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping has opened up a unique way for man to win over his fear. The bungee jumping experience from the AJ Hackett, a 50 meter tower set in the blossoming tropical rainforest tempts travellers of all age groups to book flights to Cairns. It is the top most viewing platform in Cairns that flaunts beautiful sights of rainforest and Coral Sea. The 16 different Bungee jumping experiences from the crown of the tower are worth exploring.

White-water rafting

White-water rafting is the most popular adventure activity in the region that makes many travellers book cheap flights to Cairns. Although white-water rafting looks dangerous, the instructors of the rafting camps ensure the safety of the travellers if taken proper safety measures. Rafting is a deep-rooted tourist activity in Cairns that can definitely give goose bumps to anyone. While rafting, the travellers may enjoy the spectacular views of some great immaculate rainforest running along the waters.

Hot-air ballooning

Travellers booking flights to Cairns never miss a chance to observe the entire Atherton Tableland with a bird’s eye view. The hot air ballooning community in Cairns has been established mainly on the Atherton Tableland, Kuranda Range and to the north around Port Douglas. A trip on the hot air balloon proffers remarkable romantic sights that inspire many to propose their beloveds for marriage! This is one top reason why cheap flights to Cairns sell like hot cakes.

Helicopter tours

Helicopter tours from the top of the Great Barrier Reef are highly popular among the travellers on Cairns holidays. The travellers love to travel via helicopters as they bestow a zoomed panoramic view of the beautiful attractions of the natural wonders of the reef, splendid rain forests and a far stretched coastline through scenic flights. It is always recommended to book these helicopter tours well in advance as they usually stay extremely popular with tourists all year long.


If you have ever imagined of falling free from the sky like a bird then do try out skydiving in Cairns. Due to the mounting tourism in the region, a number of skydiving companies have been set up in the region to provide training to the travellers for a tandem jump over the radiant coral sea and flourishing tropical rainforest. Skydiving is definitely not for the fainthearted and is the best way to test out your daredevilry.

Desert Safari Dubai Experience Every Tourist Love to Do

The desert safari Dubai is something that every tourist love to do it and it is no doubt that this is the best program, but you must select the right agency, which perform the program that exceeds your expectation.

I been for a perfect desert safari in Dubai, a few days ago, I felt it is worth for the money I paid, but with another agency I lost my one day- as we booked our program initially with hotel travel desk.

I would like to share my experience with all of you because it is very important that one must understand the destination and its tourism. I came to Dubai with friends for a short break, we have booked our hotel with an agent in UK, but we did not book any of the tours, because the tour prices were higher by 4 times with our agent in UK. We were staying in a leading 5 star hotel in Dubai, we approached hotel’s travel desk, and they booked for a safari tour with a price of AED 275.

In afternoon around 3.30 we were taken by a mini bus!!!, quite old and noisy but it was fine for purpose. We asked the driver where the 4×4, the driver said we would get it in the desert. We were a total of 18 guests from various hotels in the bus, taken to a place after driving around 25 minutes then stopped for more than 30 minutes waiting for the 4×4 to go for the safari. We noticed there were another group already waiting to be taken for safari/camp before us.

Finally the 4×4 came we were taken directly to the safari camp within 6 minutes, we reach the camp is very close to the road we can see vehicles were passing through the road close to the is funny we had different expectation, there was no safari. The camp was more like a camel basic. We got surprised as one among the participants of us already been to the safari.

It was not possible to accept what is being offered to us. We approached the manager in the camp, after having a long argument.. no result… finally we decided to call the Police, when the management realized that police is informed the matter, the camp management immediately taken us back to the hotel and asked to speak to the travel desk. We approached the travel desk they also refused to pay the money. Then the matter has gone to higher level management of the hotel, finally after a long fight… we got the full refund.

We spoke to the driver who took us back to the hotel; as per him the travel desk is not a part of the hotel they leased the area and run by a small agent – the driver said the agent got no camp no jeep, all their business outsourced for AED 50 to the safari companies. He also said in Dubai Tours there are 400 hotels out of which 50% of them they do the same thing. We noticed that the front office management fully involved with this looting, if someone approach them they give the contact of the company whom they get commission. Look at each of their profit made from innocent tourist….

Top Places to Trek in Himalayas

Have you ever thought what makes trekking in Himalayas a great experience?

High snowy mountain peaks, good weather, local delicacies and people around you make every moment you spend almost unforgettable. There should be a balance between adventure and safety during your trek in Himalayas.

Basically, northern part of India is formed by the Himalayan ranges; this provides multiple options to those looking forward to experiencing trekking over there. Places like Garhwal, Kumaon, Ladakh, Sikkim and Himachal are some of the best known places in this region.

In Ladakh, the Zanskar mountain range also known as “The Lost Valley” is one of the most challenging mountains for trekkers. Winter season stays for almost 9 months but it would be great if you make all your plans in advance. Best time to hit this place is between June and September. This is the time when most of the Buddhist monasteries hold their annual festivals and. Visiting the place during this time allows you to learn the local culture of the Ladakh better.

Apart from Kumaon region, the only trekking place known for its high difficulty level is the “Nanda Devi”. Located on the Indo-Tibetan border, it’s the highest peak to trek in Himalayas. You can start your journey from the small town called Munsiyariand head towards the stunning “Johar Valley”. Being an unexplored region, this place gives you the rewarding experience of your life.

Next comes the Garhwal Mountains which are very close to Delhi. Starting with the Roopkund Lake, situated at an altitude of 5029 m, it comes in the periphery of Nanda Devi Sanctuary. There is a place called the Bhyundar Valley, aka the Valley of Flowerin the Garhwal region which is known to be the most rewarding place to trek. Your access point for this place will go through a village called Gangharia. Getting through this village is an adventure in its own way and you can experience only by visiting this place. May-September is the best time to be here and enjoy the most beautiful season of this valley; a season when the valleys are covered with flowers.

Kinner Kailash mountain, located in the “Kinnaur Valley” of Himachal Pradesh comes among the top places to trek in Himalayas. This place is known to be the abode of Lord Shiva and trekking over here is quite challenging and rewarding, for beginners as well as experienced trekkers.

There are few things that you should know prior to trekking Himalayas. Collect brief information about the place either from the internet or from your travel agent. It’s always good to have some basic knowledge about a place where you visit it for the first time. Once you start trekking, weather condition can get really bad. Make sure you carry all the necessary things with you including sleeping bag, medical kit, light and warm clothes.

In case you don’t want to make your first trekking experience horrible, double check your backpack for all the necessary items that would be required during trek in Himalayas.

Plenty of Places to Gaze And Perform Adventure Activities in Bangalore

Tourists from all across the globe gather to Karnataka because it has every need of the adventure seeker contented. There are so many places around Bangalore, Karnataka to see, do and experience, and sometimes it takes more than just one trip to do all of that. You cannot even imagine the amount of eagerness and fun Karnataka gives to the adventure seekers, and hence this place has now climbed up the charts on everyone’s itinerary.

From stony topographies and rugged sceneries to the varied graceful rivers and enchanting blue waters, there are plenty of interesting outdoor activities for the adventure seeker to perform. You could be a substandard or a professional at adventures such as trekking in Karnataka, rappelling or kayaking; Karnataka has something for everyone around.

Places around Bangalore which are nearest to Bangalore and are adrenaline pumping destinations like Ramnagar, Savandurga, nandi hills, devarayanadurga, manchinbele, masingudi are the combination of temples, waterfalls, treks and for team building activities.

Ramnagar- For Team Outing in Bangalore, I would suggest heading towards Ramdevara Betta, and if you desire to go rock climbing here, be ready for your wishes to be fulfilled. 3060ft above the sea is the famous of all seven hills around, the Revanasiddeshwara Betta. This spot is an excellent place for those who would like to trek and rappel.

Savana Durga- It rises to a height of 4050ft above the sea. At this place you would find a composite of two gigantic hills, the Billigudda and the Karigudda hills. The two of them have a valley in between as a separation, Ramanagar, which is very popular among those who want to go Team outing in Bangalore. You could even participate in other adventure sport activities such as rappelling and rock climbing as well.

Bheemeshwari – It is on the banks of the famous Cauvery River. A place surrounded by coppices and impenetrable jungles which resonates the call of wild animals, birds and chirpy insects. The majestic peaks surrounding this natural hilly area is a perfect place to go trekking in Karnataka.

Anthargange-The experience of thrills and excitement at Kolar, which is sixty kilometers from Bangalore, begins when you trek at Anatargange. You don’t have to be a seasoned trekker to enjoy this spot, and if you want to do other fun and adventurous activities, rock climbing or overnight camping can be arranged.

Manchinbele Adventure:It is located just 50 kilometers from Bangalore on the banks of Manchin Bele Lake near to reserve forests of savanadurga. Manchanabele dam is nearby downstream it provides water to Magadi town. Kayaking, raft building, trekking and many more adventurous activities are conceded out here.

MakaliDurga Adventure: Perfect for those who love rock climbing and trekking through rugged terrains and best for those who love to bask in the serenity of lush green thickets. Makalidurga is surely a haven for adventure seekers. It just 60 kilometers away from Bangalore.

Coorg Adventure

The undulating landscape and the wooded slopes are perfect to keep the adventure seeker happy, and the warm friendly people of Coorg only goes to make hiking in this place an experience never to is roughly 200 kilometers from Bangalore.

Search For The Wonderland in Wuyi Mountains

Wuyi Mountains are a mountain range located on the northwestern border of Fujian Province with Jiangxi Province. The mountains take an area of 999.75 square kilometers. The whole area is divided into four protection zones. The core area is 63,575 hectares and core sub-area 36,400 hectares with an additional buffer zone of 27,888 hectares.

The western portion of Wuyi Mountains is the key biodiversity conservation zone which contains complete, typical and largest forest ecosystems by comparison with other places on the same latitude. Joining the water in the east, Wuyi Mountains enjoy high reputation for its clear water, grotesque peaks, dingles and numerous historical and culture spots.

Occupying an area of 70 square kilometers, Wuyi Mountains Tourist Resort exalted as the most beautiful mountains in southeast China is the national key scenery wellknown scenic spot. It entered into the list of the World Heritage Site in 1999, both natural and cultural. In the ancient time, the mountains was formed through intense crustal movement and subsequent water and weathering. Peaks in the western part of Wuyi Mountain are made up of volcanic and plutonic rocks, while hills and peaks in the eastern are comprised of red sandstone. Therefore Wuyi Mountains are typical Danxia landform.

In the following paragraphs, some famous scenic spots will be recommended.

Huanggang Mountain

Huanggang Mountain, the main peak of Wuyi Mountains, is the highest mountain with the length of 2,158 meters in the southeast China. Huanggang Mountain is the core zone of the Wuyi Nature Reserve so that it is not completely open to the public.

Nine-bend River (Jiu Qu Xi)

Nine-bend River, originating from the west region covered by the heavy forest, about 62.8 kilometers in length, winds through deep gorge among hills. There are 36 peaks and 99 rocks along the river. Taking a raft and appreciating the natural beauty along the river is truly enjoyable.

Song Street

Song Street at the foot of Dawang Hill is a song-style street and 300 meters long from south to north. There are many stores with the shape of old Chinese architecture, which are best place for souvenir hunters.


This village dates back to the North Song Dynasty, and boasts some Qing-dynasty architecture from heyday as a wealthy tea-trading centre. To reach Xiamei, hop on a mini-bus (4 yuan), from Wu Yi Shan City for 12km journey.