Tagging the Whale Shark In Kenya

Kenya is one of the most popular nations that offer whale shark tagging annually. Two days into this year’s expedition and the first acoustic tag has already been deployed. While two whale sharks were spotted, one was tagged. Devices that are meant for detecting small sounds help researchers in detecting and tracking the giant fish and this research is a means of learning more about its behavior and migration paths, survival means including observing prey and predatory trends.

Another segment in this research is to find out if the whale sharks are regular inhabitants of the Kenyan waters or if they migrate from one location to another based on their behavioral patterns. Although the process is extremely slow, researchers argue that studying whale sharks which happen to be the largest fish in the world will throw new light and perspective into their life sciences and several other factors.

These tags are used to carry and transmit a sound signal which relays information about the tagged whale to the hydrophone receiver. The researchers then calculate the 3D position of the whale by evaluating the time of sound’s arrival at each hydrophone. Acoustic fish tags can detect signals that are ten times deeper unlike radio tags which only detect signals within the first 10 meters of the surface. These tags are highly sophisticated and are manufactured solely for research purposes and cannot be sold to anyone without proper documentation or license.

Whale sharks can weigh as much as 13.6 tonnes and grow up to 12.2 meters in length which is approximately forty feet. Its origin goes back to 60 million years and the shark which can live upto seventy years is typically found in the tropical oceans. Ask any tourist that visits Kenya and the first thing he would talk about is catching a glimpse of the cute dolphins and the mammoth whale sharks.

Diani beach in Kenya hosts the annual expedition for whale shark tagging. In the current year, Golf Resort and Leisure Lodge Beach are offering reasonable rates for people willing to engage themselves in the expedition process. Reach South Coast and get to meet the world’s leading marine scientists and videographers. It would be an ideal situation for tourists to visit Kenya a month in advance, visit different beaches and resorts to have some fun before joining the expedition team. Contact the local travel agents to find about this adventurous expedition and be a part of it.

Breckenridge Snowmobiling Tours – The Aspen Canyon Difference

Tired of the busy schedules of corporate life? Feel stuck in a traffic jam? Need a break? Then you have hit on the right place! Plan a vacation! Give your inner spirit a boost and set your soul free, surrounding yourself with nature’s beauty in the spectacular Rocky Mountains: trees, wildlife and nature await you. Aspen Canyon Ranch offers you a unique vacation experience. Break away from crowded ski resorts and long lift lines and rent a snowmobile and see real Colorado. Aspen Canyon Ranch offers great services for summit county snowmobiling and snowmobile rentals. Ride where elk, deer, and mountain goats play. Our guided snowmobile tours near Ute Pass in north of Silverthorne in Summit County provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Many summit county snowmobiling companies use Georgia pass and Vail pass for their operations. So you get to go from busy ski resorts to busy snowmobile trails. Aspen Canyon’s snowmobile rentals take you onto private land; land that only Aspen Canyon has access to – you are truly “away from it all” with Aspen Canyon.

A place close to woodland and mountain terrain with adventure around every corner to be explored and experienced, make Aspen Canyon the perfect spot for a vacation. Get away from the stresses and strains of the rat race.

Besides all these worthwhile, life enriching experiences you can also take in the enthralling expedition of Breckenridge snowmobiling tours during a winter trip. The greatest part of all is that you can book your tickets right away.

All these amazing experiences are just a few clicks away on the Web at the company’s website (). Check us out and see why people come back year after year to Aspen Canyon Ranch. It’s the best place to have fun with your family and friends. Start by going on one of our guided snowmobiling tours from Breckenridge! Tired of the busy schedules of corporate life? Feel stuck in a traffic jam? Need a break? Then you have hit on the right place! Plan a vacation! Give your inner spirit a boost and set your soul free, surrounding yourself with nature’s beauty in the spectacular Rocky Mountains: trees, wildlife and nature await you. Aspen Canyon Ranch offers you a unique vacation experience.

Oh yeah! Aspen Canyon has stuff to do in the summer too, including horseback riding, fishing, rafting and hunting in the fall.

Primary Factors Related To Adventure Tours In India

Similar to treasure hunt activities, tours offer lots of natural aspects to be uncovered at every step. It is a fact that adventure and fun are two aims of touring those cannot be sidelined. India is a land which helps in serving the goals of adventuring as there are lots of sight-seeing locations to be explored. When it comes to organize tours in India, you should be prepared to overcome all the challenges in a precise manner. You might be wondering how these challenges could hinder the success of your trip, then, it is worth addressing the very issue correctly. To start with, climatic conditions need to be taken into account prior to planning the trip as the hill stations tend to freeze when mercury starts dipping.

It further indicates that cooler temperature in winters may not be right time to visit touring locations. Hence, you should check out with friends or relatives about the same, in case, clouds of uncertainty are building up in your mind. Moving on to next factor, it can be maintained that purpose of entire trip must be determined in advance. In easy to comprehend terms, while packing your luggage and carrying all the necessary gears for tour, it is vital to identify major intent of going out during vacations. After drawing conclusion, you can make the most out of adventure tours in India because your focus will be transparent and being well-equipped will offer you convenience greatly. Alternatively, beginners or people who have traveled rarely to these hilly regions are recommended to involve professional assistance.

It in turn implicates that professional assistance of trip advisors and planners can significantly contribute to ultimate touring experience. The experts who are hired by these tour planning agencies understand the varied requirements of customers and thereby, come up with appropriate package for them. Apart from this, adventure sports and other activities may not always witness favorable time to proceed with. Practically speaking, if you want to continue with your trekking, skiing or other similar actions in a chilled atmosphere, then, there might be many risks. Therefore, to overcome this hurdle, it is ideal to either postpone your trip or seek advice regarding the viability of buying one of the best adventure trips of India.

Based on the climatic and other circumstances, the specialists of travel agencies chalk out apt advice for your reference. At this point of time, discussing some of the gears to be taken along with you while starting for adventure tours in India, is crucial. Prime reason behind reflecting upon this thought is to analyze whether you are carrying sufficient amount of woolen garments to stay protected. Most of the times, youngsters may think that trekking, hiking or climbing will generate heat, consequently, they do not carry sufficient amount of sweaters or jackets. This is exactly where, these individuals expose themselves to harsh weather conditions which might prove to be very risky for them. Last, but not the least, in such a scenario, they should think pragmatically rather than relying on estimations.

Set Your Pulse Racing With Adventure Tours

If you are fascinated by the call of the wild or if your idea of a perfect holiday is white water rafting or if the jungles of the Kumaon and Garhwal beckon you, you know you are an adventure freak at heart. Back in school, most of us had read stories which had themes of forest expeditions or hunting, and were fascinated by the screech of the jungle owl or the bright eye of the tiger lighting up the forest with its ember eyes. But if your wish is granted and you are given an opportunity to go on an adventure tour, your heart would definitely fill with the excitement you experienced as a child.

Nature can be benevolent or malevolent, depending on where you are. In the deep forests of Kumaon, Uttarakhand or Garhwal, nature can take on both the avatars. Adventure tourism packages of most travel agencies include other activities like white water rafting, kayaking, wildlife safaris, trekking, camping, rock climbing, hot air balloon trips and skiing. If you are into these adrenaline rushing sports and your idea of a well spent holiday includes such activities, then these packages are the ones for you. Apart from these active sports, these tours give you the opportunity to feel and experience the rugged beauty of India. The harsh terrain, the white waves, the lofty mountains, the thick foliage all speak of the primal beauty of nature.

The regal land of the people

India is a country of manifold natural wonders. When it comes to the natural beauty of India, you can experience the lush green valleys, the gigantic mountains, the steep slopes, the ice-capped peaks, the golden desert, the turquoise waters, the dotting islands, temples, caves, forests, rivers, man-made dams, cities on the banks of these rivers and much more. To experience the rich, luxurious, enchanting and exotic land also called India, you should opt for luxury tours of India organised by the travel agent of your liking. Not only is India culturally diverse, but also physically. The physical regions of India can satisfy any soul, no matter how unyielding it is.

The tranquil beauty

When we are talking about the unparalleled physical beauty of India, we should especially take into notice the tranquil beauty of Sikkim. The natural beauty of Sikkim is like a dish which is served with all the flavours, sometimes the warm taste of the towering mountains teases your taste buds and sometimes the soothing taste of the caves and pilgrimage sites calm your palette. All the flavours are to be enjoyed if you want to taste the dish called Sikkim. Missing out any one flavour would leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Sikkim is not for the faint hearted

Most travel companies would offer you Sikkim tour packages, but, the ones, which do complete justice to this plethora of natural bounties, are the ones which do not miss out on the beauty of the two rivers, Teesta and Rangeet, the captivating waterfalls and lakes, the meandering passes like Nathu-la etc. So when opting for a tour package, always ensure that you do not miss out on the lesser known travel attractions too. After all, these delights are like dessert, which complete the meal. After all it is the end that matters, like its said, all’s well that ends well.

How To Buy Busch Garden Ticket For Disney World

Summer is definitely the right time for you to allot your time with kids and make them happy. Of course definitely planning for vacation is the good gift that you can give for the summer. However in summer not all the places will be lovely. Only the Busch gardens will be best for the summer visit. Hence is the reason the demand for the tickets will also be high. You need not have to surprise in case if the ticket counts high on your total expenses. Hence finding cheap Busch gardens tickets is the first important thing that should be clear on your check list.

Of course finding the tickets at low price would definitely save you lot of money. How to get low price? This is where you should be smart in being ahead of time and thus save nearly 60% of the price. What are the places to get these cheap Busch Gardens tickets? It would be good start to initiate with the surrounding areas locally like the restaurants or the grocery stores etc who will be ready to offer such discount tickets for all the fun loving places. Again not all the grocery stores would be the right place, better select those that will be just few miles from the park so that you are at the safe edge. Busch garden is one of the most visited theme parks of florida.people come for travel in disney worlds and take a lot of fun,enjoyment and other attraction of disney you planned disney travel with family then it is the best option for you.

Also you can try with the outside dealers who will have all sorts of tickets. The types of tickets would range from concert based to the theme parks out of which we can make our selection at ease. When we say dealers it does not necessarily mean to do direct contact with the person. Many times they can be bought from online. The next best option is to try the package deals that will have the package booked for the travel, stay and then the cheap Busch gardens tickets so that you can enjoy the best time without having the worry to book the travel tickets and so on. But purchasing them in online might need some additional effort of searching for the best dealer who can really give the discount price on the tickets.