Cong Ethnic Group

Lables: Cong ethnic group, Ethnic Groups, Tibeto-Burman Group

Proper names: Xam Khoong, Phuy A.

Population: 1,261 people (1999 census).

Language: Cong language, as well as languages spoken by the Lahu, Phula and Sila, belong to the Tibeto-Burmese group (of the Sino-Tibetan language family), and is close to Burmese language. Thai language is also used in daily conversation.

History: The Cong traveled directly to Vietnam from Laos.

Production activities: The Cong mainly cultivate widen fields by hand, preparing their fields using slash-and- burn method. Recently, however, they have started to use oxen or a buffalo to draw ploughs, though in the past hand-held hoes were used to work the land. Gathering still plays a major role in Cong life. The Cong do not weave cloth, but they do grow cotton which they trade for textiles made by other groups. They are skilled in making rattan mats, ornamented with red dyes, and bamboo-woven containers such as gui (back carriers), baskets, cases, etc. Because the Cong settled down along the Da River, they have grown accustomed to using boats to travel along the river.

Diet: The Cong eat sticky and ordinary rice.

Clothing: Cong attire is similar to that of the Thai people. Some Cong families still keep their traditional costumes made with fabrics imported from Laos.

Housing: The Cong live in houses built on stilts. Each house comprises three or four bays with only one entrance and one window in the central bay. A defining characteristic of the Cong house is a kind of “flap seat” that no longer serves a particular function by is located along the interior wall on the facade side of the house.

Transportation: The Cong use boats to travel along the Da river. They use back baskets supported by a head strap to transport goods and produce and when they go to work in the fields.

Social organization: The Cong tend to live in medium- and large-sized villages. A high sense of communality exists among them. Women hold a prominent position in the family. There have not been signs of the gap between the rich and the poor among the Cong. In former times, the Cong were governed by Thai village officials. Although the Cong have a small population, they have 13 different family lineages. The majority of these bear Thai names such as Lo, Quang and Kha, etc. Traces of totemism are obvious in Cong taboos and rituals that worship animals and birds. Each Cong lineage has a leader, who is in charge of hosting spiritual activities.

Marriage: Monogamy is strictly observed. Polygamy and divorce are not allowed in a traditional family, a practice observed since ancient times.

Matrilocal residence is very strictly observed, lasting in the past from 8 to 12 years. In Cong tradition, the marriage offerings are made when the ceremony is held-often in the evening-for the installation of the groom into the family of his wife include a pack of salt, a box of tea, flax rope for weaving casting-nets or a bamboo container of can (pipe) wine, etc. These are offered when the bride’s family asks permission for the groom to stay with her family. The morning following this ceremony, the boy brings a blanket, pillows and a knife with him to the girl’s house and stays there. It is at this time that the girl starts wearing her hair knotted in a chignon on the top of her head, which shows that she is a married woman. The groom’s stay with his wife’s family ends once the couple already has some children. Then the wife brings her dowry to her husband’s family. If the husband stays in the same village, he has to carry his wife on his back until he reaches his home. On wedding day, the couple will not wear new clothes because, according to traditions, water mixed with ashes Will be sprinkled on them.

Birth: Cong women deliver in the seated position. They have to follow many taboos before and after delivery. The Cong are well-known for their knowledge of herbal medicines that care for pregnant women.

Funerals: When a family member passes away, a ritual specialist is called to conduct services designed to take the deceased’s soul to the ancestors. The date of the burial is carefully observed. Before the burial, an offering of rice is made in ritual ceremonies and traditional dances are performed in the evening, A simple grave house is built. Twelve days after the burial, an altar is set up in the family home. The deceased’s sons indicate mourning for their parent with clean-shaven heads, while the daughters have their sideburns cut. They wear white headbands until the next festival of new rice.

Beliefs: Cong ancestors belonging to the second or third generation are worshiped on the occasion of Tet, the lunar New Year. The father hosts the worshiping services of his wife’s parents. If the father dies, his wife will take his place. When the sons move away to live independently, each will set up his own altar at his new home. Ancestral offerings are often a bowl of uncooked rice, water in a bamboo container, and chicken. In the ceremony before the ancestral altar, the man- with the chicken in his hands-prays in front of the altar, kills the chicken on the spot, applies the blood on the perineum leaves, folds them, and attaches them on the wall together with some chicken feathers.

In the third month of the lunar year, ceremonies are organized just before the sowing of rice seedlings. Gates are set up on all paths leading to the village, with notices of taboos and no-entry for strangers.

Each family of the village also organizes their own worshiping services after they finish sowing the seeds. The ceremony takes place at night in the hut constructed in the family’s fields. Fish and crabs are offered. The head of the family implores the animals not to destroy the crops. He then plants several Chinese shallots and prays that the rice will grow as well as the shallots.

Education: Cong customs and traditions are passed from generation to generation.

Artistic activities: The Cong often sing and dance on ceremonial occasions, especially weddings. Songs that are especially enjoyed are those that alternate between the families of the bride and the groom who gather at the foot of the staircase to welcome the couple. In addition, there is a marvelous dance performance by the bridegroom’s sisters at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. They dance and hold aloft traditional gifts, including imitations of chickens and squirrels, which are presented to them by their brother.

Games: Children like to play games such as run and chase, khang, etc., and to play with bamboo toys.

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Let All Your Dreams Come True During Your Visit in Queen of Hills

Globally famous as Dev Bhumi due to its exceptional natural beauty and captivating charm, Himanchal Pradesh is a state situated in North India. It is amongst the most sought after tourist destination which is nestled in the foot hills of Himalayas. Be it the snow laden mountain peaks, lush green forests, fruit laden apple orchards, cool amiable climatic conditions and the fresh misty air of this majestic place, have magnetized tourists from the different corners of the globe for having a wonderful holidaying experience. This place is blessed with some of the most spectacular and beautiful landscapes which make tourists spell bound with its heart gripping impressive panoramas.

Himanchal Pradesh is a favorite destination of all kinds of tourist’s, adventure seekers, nature lovers, vacationers, honeymooners and pilgrims from all over the world. It is the abode of several captivating and charming destination like Chail, Chamba, Dalhousie, Kasauli, Khajjar, kullu, manali, Mandi, Shimla, Mashobra, Solan, Rohtang pass, Kangra, etc. All these sight seeing spots are worth to explore because of their spell binding and heart gripping captivating beauty. These magnetizing places are the result of the marvelous creation of god and are decorated with the astounding attractions and destinations. So, Himanchal tourism is offering you the wonderful chance to explore all the attractions and worth visiting spots.

Himanchal Pradesh is inviting tourists, vacationers, honeymooners and adventure seekers to full fill their dreams in the wonderful place. Located at a distance of 90km from kalka, Shimla is one of the heart gripping hill stations in India luring tourists attention. During the colonial period, this place is the “Summer Capital” of India inviting a large number of its admirers not only from India but also from the different corners of the world. In the present era, this extensive town is offering wonderful opportunities to explore its mysterious beauty.

Shimla is gifted with abounding natural beauty and act as an ideal destination for making wonderful and cherry carnivals. This small hill station amidst the lofty snow clad mountain ranges, surrounded by lakes and greenery all around give a picturesque location where one can spend the ultimate experience of lifetime. The unique thing about Shimla is that it still retains its colonial charm that is not found anywhere else in India. You can visit this beautiful place of India anytime through several Himanchal tour packages. Every nook and corner of Shimla is blessed with the gifts of Mother Nature in the form of snow caped mountain peaks, apple orchards, blossoming gardens, picturesque landscapes and soothing climatic conditions. The beauty of this place can’t be described in words, so, if you want to experience its majestic beauty, make a visit here and enjoy your journey.

Likewise Shimla, manali is an important, most visited place of Himanchal Pradesh which never fails in alluring tourists from the globe. This place is often mentioned as “Switzerland of India” because of its ancient temples, meadows of wild flowers, marvelous landscapes and bewitching waterfalls. All types of tourists find it as their idyllic vacation spot where some leisure time can be spent. So, if you want to share these experiences, make your tours in the beautiful hill stations of Himanchal Pradesh for a unique experience of lifetime.

Penang Butterfly Farm – Natural Beauty Flitting in The Breeze

Live butterfly exhibitions are still not as well known as zoos and aviaries, although the first ever live butterfly exhibition was set up in 1976 in Guernsey. The Penang Butterfly Farm was set up in 1986 on a small plot at the end of Batu Ferringhi in Teluk Bahang to introduce the public to the life cycle and habitats of live butterflies, as a research and breeding centre and a place of recreation. As the Malay Peninsula is home to more than one thousand species of butterflies, it was timely that a farm to popularise and breed butterflies was established. Today, the butterfly farm, with over 4,000 Malaysian butterflies from 120 species in all colours, shapes and sizes, including some rare and endangered species such as the Indian Leaf and the Yellow Bird Wing butterflies, are displayed in natural-seeming landscapes in large, free-flying enclosures. Visitors can come into contact with famous Malaysian butterflies such as the Rajah Brooke’s Bird Wing discovered in Borneo in the 19th century and named after the first British Rajah of Sarawak. Over 300 varieties of plants provide the butterflies with nectar and places to take refuge during rain and places to lay eggs.

Visitors to the farm learn to appreciate and identify butterflies through the colours, patterns, sizes and shapes of their wings. Highly coloured butterflies are naturally identified as the world’s most beautiful. Visitors also learn that what rubs off as a powder when a butterfly is touched are really the scales on their wings. They also learn about the body parts of the butterflies and their life cycle. In general, visitors get to be close to the butterflies, so close that some will land on them. Butterfly conservation is becoming necessary as their habitats are threatened by deforestation and the mission of the farm is not only to protect and breed vanishing varieties, but also to create awareness and disseminate information on butterflies and their habitats to protect threatened species and prevent habitat destruction. The butterfly farm’s other attractions include fish ponds with over 20 large species, displays of invertebrates, ducks, snapping turtles, snakes, reptiles, tortoises, free-flying birds, an insect museum, a Hide and Seek Garden and an educational and resource centre.

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Cheap Hot Air Balloon Rides is a Boon to Frugal Travellers

Reasons to visit Rajasthan are aplenty. Still retaining the vestiges of royal splendor, this princely state is huge and laced with the wonders of bygone eras. Its architectural gems are more than what the parables have spread. So is its culture that has a bold stroke of colours that evoke romance in the coldest heart. Now another recent addition to the tourism here has enhanced everything else; the cheap hot air balloon rides over the state. Imagine enjoying a satellite view of the intricately designed havelis, beautiful sand dunes, ancient temples, mighty fortresses, surrounding hills and everything that makes Rajasthan stands out from the rest. As of late a novel way of enjoying the beauty of this place has been developed; hot air ballooning. It is not just the satellite view of all these that is appealing, everything is packaged in the cheap hot air balloon rides approved here by the state tourism.

Hot air balloon flights present a microcosm of India, complete with the regal hospitality by the people, the glitz of camels, heavily mustached men clad in traditional clothes, soulful music, glistening sarees and a wide range of culinary delicacies. What is more charming, Jaipur’s pink facade or the carnival charm of Pushkar? You wonder. Jaipur Sightseeing is one of the main attractions offered by the hot air balloon operators in Rajasthan. Showering you in pink, Jaipur’s landmarks like the Hawa Mahal, the observatory, museums and Jain shrines speak aloud the tales of its victories. A walk around the city might be nothing less than a bedlam and also congested, but the bucolic aura is there nevertheless. Picturesque palaces perched atop hills and camel rides to the top have always given the tourists a chunk of local life. But nothing equals the balloon flights over these grandeurs while breeze gently caress your face and tousles your hair.

Most guests who have a flair for adrenalin-rankling experiences opt for a hot air balloon ride and those who have, voted it as one of the finest moments among their short spell in India. Even if you have visited Jaipur multiple times and know it from the back of your hand, a balloon flight once is a must to gain a new insight to something you know so well. Shaming even the birds successfully while enjoying a panoramic vista in all its elegance, it is a great means to explore the city. And it has already become a major event and activity in the towns of Pushkar, Ranthambhore and Jaipur.