Honeymoon on a Luxury African Safari.

Honeymoons in Africa can be the most amazing and romantic trip of someone’s life. Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, because of its stunning wildlife and its mysterious scenery. Visualize you and your loved one in the heart of Africa surrounded by wild animals and the most breathtaking, beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. A honeymoon is really special, where better to spend it than on a luxury African safari surrounded by some of the most striking sights and awe inspiring scenery in the world. During the day you can see wildlife you could previously only dream of. Imagine waking up and seeing animals pass by camp that you would normally only see in a zoo. A honeymoon in Africa can combine the relaxation of a spa with the adventure of a safari. Whether you want to be active or relaxing in the sun an African honeymoon can be the right choice for anyone. Imagine walking over the vast open plains in Africa seeing beautiful views of this inspiring continent.

The sight of Africa as a couple is one of the most romantic place to go on a honeymoon. You can start your day with a romantic breakfast in bed and then go on a tour where you can see animals such as lions and elephants. The more adventurous couples can enjoy an elephant back safari, this is an unforgettable experience, it’s not just riding on the largest animal in Africa, it is also a journey through beautiful scenery and allows you to see Africa through the eyes of the animals. The safari also allows you to experience a whole new culture, whether all you want is to try new foods or if you want to see how the locals live. You can use this safari as a way of exploring the beauty and the culture or just to have a romantic honeymoon in a far flung foreign country.

You can also go on tours with other couples, whether they are themselves on a honeymoon or just having a romantic holiday this can allow you to see the beauty of Africa in a different way than if you were going as a couple. On a honeymoon in Africa you can also go and meet locals, whether it is on tours and they are your guides or in shops where you can buy souvenirs for your family and friends. This will give you an insight into the lives of the locals and allows you to explore the difference in culture.

The unmistakable scenery can make the holiday even more special as the two of you are experiencing your first holiday together as a married couple. There is something for everyone, whether it is just relaxing, touring or even taking photographs, a luxury African safari honeymoon can cater for every mood and every type of person, Whether you are romantic or more adventurous, an African safari honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience and can you imagine a more beautiful and breathtaking place to spend your honeymoon that in Africa? Can you imagine a more inspiring thing to do on your honeymoon than on a luxury safari? A luxury African safari can give you the experience of a lifetime.

Indonesia Tour Destinations – Book Indonesia Tour Packages With Oceania World Travel

Indonesia Tour Packages and Holiday Destinations are the favorite’s destination in the world for tourists and the fourth most populous country in the World. The cost of travelling to Indonesia inexpensive and potentially will put many people from the globe taking off tour and travel to Indonesia.

Times are changing however and there are now lots of tour and travel packages to Indonesia available online booking. That is make easy for traveler from around globe be prepare their budget for travel and holiday in Indonesia.

With so much to see and do in Indonesia, including the many world heritage sites that reside there, it would be a shame to miss the history, culture, architecture, natural resources, and cuisine that the archipelago has to offer.

Sumba is the number one most visited Island in Indonesia and it is not hard to see why. The characteristics of Sumba are demonstrated in abundance by this highly popular holiday destination. In particular the Southwest Sumba is hugely popular because of all the illustrated features being present there and it being accompanied for the most part by a unique experience and entirely different vacation experience; be it adventure or nature at its scenic best or simply fulfilling the desire to lose yourself in another world!

Nihiwatu, a small and exclusive island hideaway in remote eastern Indonesia is one of the most extraordinary resorts in an archipelago of the extraordinary. Among travelers who seek excitement with absolute covert, Nihiwatu reputation is unrivalled for starters; excellent fishing, surfing, what are you waiting for? Do not miss this!

Having said that, other Island in Indonesia that is more affordable. Moreover, one of the most affordable destinations is West Timor. If you select the best locations, the culture centre of East Nusa Tenggara can be very favorable, using up will be manageable, and you will be able to enjoy a great holiday there. Rote is another destination where costs are perhaps lower than the favorites Indonesia, there are many other options depending on the type of holiday you are looking for, and how much you want to spend in Indonesia.

For anyone interested in a tour of Indonesia but who may be concerned that their limited budget may not be enough for the trip, it is worth investigating what cheap tour packages are available. A great place to start to look for budget packages to Indonesia is a travel agent specializing in Indonesia travel. Most travel agents offer packages to suit individual budgets, so it is always worth looking.

If you make up one’s mind to take a package tour make sure that you understand everything that is included in the price. Assuming you are Transportation, airport transfers from and to, accommodation, entrance fee, luggage, airport parking and what meals and or drinks are included.

Oceania World Travel is your source for expert advice on Indonesia package tours, and all inclusive vacation packages. While tour Packages offers the most well known all-inclusive Package tours, there are many other options for package tours or all inclusive tour package from other excellent companies.

Wildlife in Himachal is Exceptional

Wildlife in India is a must see experience. Himachal Pradesh, a very important region from the tourism point of view, is quite rich in flora and fauna. The region is a must see experience for the environmental lovers with the rare varieties of nature. With the touch of mountain freshness and the aroma of the flowers, Himachal remains in the memory for long. Among the major environmental attractions in the region is the Chail wildlife sanctuary. This is the major spot for the species that are endangered on the face of the earth. Here, one finds the fusion of deodar and the oak forests. One will be thrilled on seeing the superb glimpse of the Solan valley. Located on the area exceeding ten thousand and eight hundred plus acres, one will love to see the species like black bear, crested porcupine, goral, wild boar and many more. Apart from this, one can find the birds, reptiles and many other rare species in this part of the world. For the trekkers and the safari lovers, this is a special region.

Another fabulous reserve of nature in Himachal Pradesh is the Great Himalayan National park. To reach this fabulous national park, the tourist has to go to a place called Mandi. The area of this park exceeds eleven hundred and seventy kilometers. The park comes under the wildlife protection act of 1972. Apart from the richness in flora, the number of fauna species in the park exceeds three hundred and seventy five. The number of bird species in the park exceeds one hundred and eighty one. In this national park flow the three beautiful rivers like Tirthan, Sainj and Jiva. One can approach this national park from Kullu. The distance from this region to the Great Himalayan national park is sixty kilometers. In this national park, one has the opportunity to see the brown bear, rare Himalayan goat and also the snow leopard.

The prime species in this region include Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Palm Civet; Hmalayan Yellow throated Marten, Kashmir flying Squirrel, Flying Fox, Barking Deer and much more. One is flabbergasted on seeing the walnut trees, the alpine trees and the snow capped peaks. One can also see the musk deer and the barking deer here apart from many other species. Move a distance of sixty five km from Dharamshala to reach the famous Pong Lake Sanctuary. The number of bird species in this region exceeds 220. In the Simbalbara wildlife sanctuary, one can find the crested porcupine. Himachal tour packages are a great option to enjoy Himachal beauty

Grand Canyon – 1 Day Float Tours

When it comes to Grand Canyon rafting, most of us think of two-week expeditions that involve navigating whitewater rapids and camping on a beach. But I’d like to bring to your attention to 1-day float tours, which take place on the smooth section of the Colorado River and are ideal for couples, seniors and families.

There are two places where you can take this kind of river-rafting adventure:

Las Vegas travelers will partake in West Rim float trips, while folks heading up from Arizona cities like Phoenix, Sedona and Scottsdale will do the South Rim tours.

The West Rim is 120 miles from Las Vegas, which makes the region ideal for day trips. The typical float tour involves the following:

Personally, I get quite a kick out this trip. For one, the West Rim is the only place in the National Park where you can ride a helicopter to the bottom. I also like the fact that you go to the base of Hoover Dam. Few people actually get to experience this. Consider yourself in limited company when you do. And make sure you look up the wall of the Dam before getting on the raft because the top is 700 feet above you!

The South Rim float tours are equally impressive and come in two varieties:

The first tour is your most basic and affordable. The second trip is the deluxe version and will cost more. But the flight over is incredible and fast, and the side-trip to Antelope is something you’ll never forget.

Remember earlier I noted that there are no whitewater rapids on float trips. The benefits of this are:

The other huge benefit is that kids as young as four years of age can do these trips, thus making them perfect for families.

These trips are all-inclusive and come with lunch, all gear and a professional river pilot/guide. I do encourage you to bring the following:

Lastly, I recommend packing a bag of dry clothes. It’s more comfortable sitting on the bus home in fresh clothes versus damp ones (been there, done that!)

Float trips are seasonal and run from March through November. That said, don’t wait to book them last minute. These tours are extremely popular and sell out way in advance. My suggestion is if you think you are going to do one, book it ASAP.

The best prices for these water adventures are on the Internet. More specifically, buy direct from the tour supplier as opposed to a broker. My last word of caution here is make sure you complete your transaction on the web. Doing so will guarantee you get the Internet discount (unlike your fellow traveler who booked differently and got nabbed paying full retail price!).

Experience Authentic Sri Lankan Hospitality With Homestay

Discover a unique and interactive stay in Sri Lanka by receiving hospitality in a Sri Lankan home with homestay in Sri Lanka. Experience the extraordinary hospitality of the local people in a local home, where you can enjoy a complete Sri Lankan stay. Home cooked traditional local cuisines, customs, lifestyle and culture are offered to you first hand during your stay with a local family. All houses for homestay are registered with the Sri Lanka Tourist Board to guarantee the reliability of such homes offering homestay in Sri Lanka. It is a cost effective method that does not put a lot of strain on your finances and you get to live a true Sri Lankan life and understand its people. You can find a home, based on your requirements, interests and region. You can also opt for more than one homestay to learn the differences and get the best of your stay.

Homestay in Sri Lanka allows you to eat, shop and travel the way the local family you are staying with does. This gives you more exposure to the Sri Lankan life and you can take home experience that you could not have gained any other way. It is a great way to make friends, meet new people and mingle with a normal crowd of people who are living normal lives. If you are a student interested in different cultures and countries, this is an ideal way to spend a holiday. A homestay in Sri Lanka during a national festival or a religious celebration can be an extra perk to be a part of local events. If you like trying out Sri Lankan outfits, this is a great way to learn how to dress like the locals and to experiment with a Sri Lankan look. You will be amazed how cooperative Sri Lankan people are in helping you get accustomed to their ways.

You will receive a comfortable stay with all facilities and standards you will not be disappointed with, in a bungalow, house or an apartment. Whether you want to experience life in the heart of Colombo or elsewhere, homestay in Sri Lanka provides you a range of options. Inquire from your travel partner or hospitality service provider about homestay and learn beforehand what to expect and options to choose from. It is a truly a unique and exciting way to experience local lifestyle and to make your holiday worth every minute by unravelling beautiful Sri Lanka with deeper insights, all by yourself.