Book Fights to Cairns to Gauge Your Daredevilry

The word adventure generates many images in our minds. For some it is all about putting life in danger whereas for others, adventure is a way to find one’s own self. If you fall in second category and have always hoped to visit a land that offers such challenges to you, then Cairns is the best destination for you. Listed below are the top activities that excite many adventure aficionados and entice them to look for airlines offering cheap air tickets to Cairns.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping has opened up a unique way for man to win over his fear. The bungee jumping experience from the AJ Hackett, a 50 meter tower set in the blossoming tropical rainforest tempts travellers of all age groups to book flights to Cairns. It is the top most viewing platform in Cairns that flaunts beautiful sights of rainforest and Coral Sea. The 16 different Bungee jumping experiences from the crown of the tower are worth exploring.

White-water rafting

White-water rafting is the most popular adventure activity in the region that makes many travellers book cheap flights to Cairns. Although white-water rafting looks dangerous, the instructors of the rafting camps ensure the safety of the travellers if taken proper safety measures. Rafting is a deep-rooted tourist activity in Cairns that can definitely give goose bumps to anyone. While rafting, the travellers may enjoy the spectacular views of some great immaculate rainforest running along the waters.

Hot-air ballooning

Travellers booking flights to Cairns never miss a chance to observe the entire Atherton Tableland with a bird’s eye view. The hot air ballooning community in Cairns has been established mainly on the Atherton Tableland, Kuranda Range and to the north around Port Douglas. A trip on the hot air balloon proffers remarkable romantic sights that inspire many to propose their beloveds for marriage! This is one top reason why cheap flights to Cairns sell like hot cakes.

Helicopter tours

Helicopter tours from the top of the Great Barrier Reef are highly popular among the travellers on Cairns holidays. The travellers love to travel via helicopters as they bestow a zoomed panoramic view of the beautiful attractions of the natural wonders of the reef, splendid rain forests and a far stretched coastline through scenic flights. It is always recommended to book these helicopter tours well in advance as they usually stay extremely popular with tourists all year long.


If you have ever imagined of falling free from the sky like a bird then do try out skydiving in Cairns. Due to the mounting tourism in the region, a number of skydiving companies have been set up in the region to provide training to the travellers for a tandem jump over the radiant coral sea and flourishing tropical rainforest. Skydiving is definitely not for the fainthearted and is the best way to test out your daredevilry.

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