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Celebrate Diwali and Brighten Up Your Festive Mood

With the onset of autumn, the world is already into a bright festive mood. London is celebrating the beautiful and charming Diwali festival this October at Trafalgar Square. Diwali has great religious significance among Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities. It connotes the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. In fact, it also has great spiritual significance and celebrates the illumination of inner light.

London celebrates the “Festival of Lights” every year with great musical shows and cultural events. Thousands of people from London and worldwide, flock to the city to be a part of this joyous occasion. Diwali is also the celebration of knowledge, wisdom, truth, light, Crackers, Worships and forgiveness.

Throughout the city, many Asian restaurants serve special Indian dishes like exotic sweets and traditional vegetarian food items. During this period Indian tourists can get the essence of their traditional home-made food and the entire city is engulfed in the joy of celebration and merriment. Trafalgar Square is illuminated with varied and colourful lights which indeed entice the visitors with its magical beauty and charm.

During this high season generally prices of accommodation reach sky-high. The best option for a comfortable and budget accommodation are apartments. Various Cheap London Apartments are available which are not only available at competitive prices but also fulfill the necessities of the travelers. Moreover, these Cheap Apartments in London are easily available even during this festive season of the year.

Apartments in London are the most preferred choice for a short weekend break as well as a long term stay. Even children find these accommodations extremely comfortable as they are extremely spacious unlike cramped hotel rooms. London apartments are stocked with all the modern amenities and promises to give a home-like stay amidst this enchanting English capital. The facilities of maid and laundry are available which gives comfort and plenty of time to explore this beautiful city.

Apart from getting indulged in the Diwali celebration, travelers can also see the beautiful tourist landmarks like the Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Houses of Parliament and London Eye. Tourists should not miss the vibrant and colourful nightlife of London. So, if you have been planning for a memorable family break or a vacation with friends then this is the best time to visit this English capital. Hence, plan a trip, pack your bags and get immersed in the beauty of this spectacular occasion.

Wildlife in Himachal is Exceptional

Wildlife in India is a must see experience. Himachal Pradesh, a very important region from the tourism point of view, is quite rich in flora and fauna. The region is a must see experience for the environmental lovers with the rare varieties of nature. With the touch of mountain freshness and the aroma of the flowers, Himachal remains in the memory for long. Among the major environmental attractions in the region is the Chail wildlife sanctuary. This is the major spot for the species that are endangered on the face of the earth. Here, one finds the fusion of deodar and the oak forests. One will be thrilled on seeing the superb glimpse of the Solan valley. Located on the area exceeding ten thousand and eight hundred plus acres, one will love to see the species like black bear, crested porcupine, goral, wild boar and many more. Apart from this, one can find the birds, reptiles and many other rare species in this part of the world. For the trekkers and the safari lovers, this is a special region.

Another fabulous reserve of nature in Himachal Pradesh is the Great Himalayan National park. To reach this fabulous national park, the tourist has to go to a place called Mandi. The area of this park exceeds eleven hundred and seventy kilometers. The park comes under the wildlife protection act of 1972. Apart from the richness in flora, the number of fauna species in the park exceeds three hundred and seventy five. The number of bird species in the park exceeds one hundred and eighty one. In this national park flow the three beautiful rivers like Tirthan, Sainj and Jiva. One can approach this national park from Kullu. The distance from this region to the Great Himalayan national park is sixty kilometers. In this national park, one has the opportunity to see the brown bear, rare Himalayan goat and also the snow leopard.

The prime species in this region include Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Palm Civet; Hmalayan Yellow throated Marten, Kashmir flying Squirrel, Flying Fox, Barking Deer and much more. One is flabbergasted on seeing the walnut trees, the alpine trees and the snow capped peaks. One can also see the musk deer and the barking deer here apart from many other species. Move a distance of sixty five km from Dharamshala to reach the famous Pong Lake Sanctuary. The number of bird species in this region exceeds 220. In the Simbalbara wildlife sanctuary, one can find the crested porcupine. Himachal tour packages are a great option to enjoy Himachal beauty

Porsche For Hire Only in London

I have lived in London all my life. You can even say I’m a local or a native of the place. I have seen almost everything that one can see in the city. I have done everything one can do. But London still never fails to surprise me! It keeps on innovating itself, through its people.

As a young professional, I am most impressed with London’s high-quality service industry. This certain industry has developed itself to be the best in the whole of United Kingdom. As a consequence, we, the people who avails of their quality services, are enjoying good, easier and more comfortable lives.

One of the many industries that London has been excelling at is its car hire companies. There’s this one car hire company I was given the chance to deal with recently, and I can say that it is the best experience I have with car hires ever. It was a certain Car Hire company I stumbled upon in the web. Believe it or not, they have cars as luxurious as Porsche for hire at very low daily rates.

They do not only have Porsche, they also have Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Rolls Royce and many others; cars that you thought only James Bond can drive. They have different colors of the best cars, and the latest editions too. Pictures of all the cars they offer are all readily available in their website. There, you’ll drool over the sexiest luxury cars in the world available for rent.

They also have very efficient and friendly customer assistants. In my experience, the person who assisted me made my transaction with them very satisfactory. He was very knowledgeable with the cars they lease and was very sensitive to answer to my specific needs. It was a worry-free experience.

Another thing I liked about that luxury car hire was the fact I never experienced any problem with the car I rented for the whole durations of my lease. It was very obvious that the cars they offer for rent are very well maintained. That is very important because the least thing I would want to experience is to be inconvenienced by the things I pay for to help my life easier. With Car Hire, I got my money’s worth.

The next time I’ll need another Car Hire London, I know exactly where to go.

Grand Canyon – 1 Day Float Tours

When it comes to Grand Canyon rafting, most of us think of two-week expeditions that involve navigating whitewater rapids and camping on a beach. But I’d like to bring to your attention to 1-day float tours, which take place on the smooth section of the Colorado River and are ideal for couples, seniors and families.

There are two places where you can take this kind of river-rafting adventure:

Las Vegas travelers will partake in West Rim float trips, while folks heading up from Arizona cities like Phoenix, Sedona and Scottsdale will do the South Rim tours.

The West Rim is 120 miles from Las Vegas, which makes the region ideal for day trips. The typical float tour involves the following:

Personally, I get quite a kick out this trip. For one, the West Rim is the only place in the National Park where you can ride a helicopter to the bottom. I also like the fact that you go to the base of Hoover Dam. Few people actually get to experience this. Consider yourself in limited company when you do. And make sure you look up the wall of the Dam before getting on the raft because the top is 700 feet above you!

The South Rim float tours are equally impressive and come in two varieties:

The first tour is your most basic and affordable. The second trip is the deluxe version and will cost more. But the flight over is incredible and fast, and the side-trip to Antelope is something you’ll never forget.

Remember earlier I noted that there are no whitewater rapids on float trips. The benefits of this are:

The other huge benefit is that kids as young as four years of age can do these trips, thus making them perfect for families.

These trips are all-inclusive and come with lunch, all gear and a professional river pilot/guide. I do encourage you to bring the following:

Lastly, I recommend packing a bag of dry clothes. It’s more comfortable sitting on the bus home in fresh clothes versus damp ones (been there, done that!)

Float trips are seasonal and run from March through November. That said, don’t wait to book them last minute. These tours are extremely popular and sell out way in advance. My suggestion is if you think you are going to do one, book it ASAP.

The best prices for these water adventures are on the Internet. More specifically, buy direct from the tour supplier as opposed to a broker. My last word of caution here is make sure you complete your transaction on the web. Doing so will guarantee you get the Internet discount (unlike your fellow traveler who booked differently and got nabbed paying full retail price!).

Offerings at Kenyan Beach Hotels

Diversity is the selling point for any safari trip to Kenya. You have it all here, from the wilderness to the pristine beaches. If your inclination is to spend time observing the wonders of nature in the form of wild animals, then the Kenyan landscape provides for you an endless wildlife documentary that you can step into at any point in time. If your idea of a vacation is to take in the beaches, then Kenya has 480 km of beach stretches for you to explore. Some of the best resorts and luxury hotels are situated along this. Rest assured, no matter where and how you choose to spend your holiday planned by , you will take home memories for a life time.

has tied up with some of the best names in the luxury hotel business in Kenya. Booking at these places will also include safari packages to make your stay well rounded. Of course, the accommodation is in a class of its own. Some of the options you have are the Southern Palms Hotel Kenya. Smack on the Diani Beach, this hotel is around 40 km away from the airport. Booking in time can mean that you get one of the 36 sea-facing rooms. The rooms are furnished in the traditional Lamu style and the hotel has a number of dining options as well as swim up bars.

Another choice would be the Mombasa Serena Beach Hotel on the spectacular Shanzu beach. What makes it a favorite choice is the number of sports facilities that are thrown in for the price. The setting is that of a Swahili village and is replete with traditional architecture. This hotel is a looking point for the turtles and marine life of the Mombasa Marine National Park. A hotel that is also placed within the premises of the Watamu National Park is the Hemingways. Highlights of this hotel are the freshwater swimming pools as well as floodlit tennis courts. Exceptional food is the hallmark of Hemingways.

For a unique experience try the tree houses of The Cover Luxury Tree Houses. These six tree houses are located on a 19 acre cove overlooking the Kinondo Beach. The experience is unique with all the trappings of a luxury room and more. Swahili style cottages are what make up The Tijara Beach. Catering to only 8 people at a time, each of these cottages has an unfettered view of the ocean. The Boutique Sands and the Funzi Keys also serve as the last words in luxury.

Each of these hotels comes with a 7 day accommodation package. Deals for children are of course separate. Rest assured, with you will be in good hands.