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In The Snowy Mountains of Magical Kashmir

Verdant natural beauty, exotic mountainous retreats and rich cultural heritage make Kashmir one of the most sought after tourist spots in India. Read this article to know what this magical land, in the lap of snowy Himalaya, has to offer you.

If you want a mountainous retreat away from frantic city life, Kashmir is where your search ends. The ‘Heaven on Earth’, ‘Jahangir’s Valley of Paradise’ and ‘Alps of India’ – these are the quotes which Kashmir is fondly dubbed as and bespoke how beautiful this north Indian state is. Kashmir has been the wildest and most controversial tourist spot in India. Incidents of terrorism and some religious riots kept the region under isolation for long, but now the region is regaining the same status and attracting backpackers from far and wide. Legendry Himalayan peaks, famous Shikara ride in Srinagar, skiing and trekking in Gulmarg and the highest and most rugged landscapes in Ladakh are some of the region an increasing number of travelers visit to Kashmir.

Undoubtedly, Kashmir is magically beautiful and has always been in wish list of nature-lovers. However, many of travelers change their idea, simply because the region is said to be unsafe to wander around. But reality is different. Most of tourist places in Kashmir are safe and untouched by regional riots. Go to Ladakh, and you find nothing terrifying for travelers: this is the remotest but the safest region of Kashmir. And the same goes with Jammu, Srinagar and Pahalgam regions.

Amidst snowy mountains of Kashmir, this is a lot in store for backpackers. From exciting adventures of Zanskar Valley to religious retreat in Leh and Amarnath and serene lakes of Srinagar to fun-filled skiing in Pahalgam and Gulmarg, there is something exotic for everyone. Considering top tourist destinations in Kashmir, you find most of them are gifted by Mother Nature. To begin with, Srinagar boasts a magical beauty of nature dotted with picturesque gardens, tranquil lakes and lush green plantations. Snowy Himalayan peaks in background are a soothing retreat for eyes and senses. Paying respect to age-old mosques and a fun-filled Shikara ride are the parts of any itinerary of Srinagar tour.

Leh, in the lap of mighty Himalaya at a breathless altitude of 3505m, is another not-to-miss attraction of Kashmir tour package. Rugged terrains, freezing streams & glaciers, breathtaking landscapes and exotic flora & fauna nearby this gleaming jewel of Ladakh tourism leave visitors enchanted. However, iconic stupas and monasteries of Buddhist religion are what the tourist find most intriguing in Leh. The city is a great place to learn and savor Buddhism. Gulmarg is one of the hot favorite destinations for skiers, golfers and the ones looking for tranquil retreat in India. Lush green valleys and enticing hill-side retreat here also keep domestic tourists pouring into Gulmarg – literally “Meadow of Flower”.

Pahalgam is a beautiful hill resort in Kashmir and is perfect place for honeymooners and peace-seekers. Also, the region boasts a range of adventures like trekking, rafting and camping, which attract adrenaline junkies from various parts of the country.

Touring Mumbai With Budget Stay!

Whether you are on a budget traveling with your family on a vacation or you are on an official trip or business meeting, you can find vast options of Accommodation in Mumbai that suit your specific need.

There are several Hotels Near Mumbai Airport to serve the numerous numbers of people pouring in on daily basis. It serves both the passengers and the visitors. These hotels generally offer a full array of services including hotel reservations, car rentals, airport pickups, information regarding several locations in Mumbai and many other services. Most of these hotels provide high speed internet both in public area as well as in guest house. One can also avail the facility of unlimited local and long distance phone calls. There are specialized meeting rooms (wired, wireless) for business travelers. Accessibility to guest rooms, fitness center, registration desk, pathway, business center, pool, restaurant, spa etc is made easy for the travelers. These hotels have on-site self-accessible parking. There are facilities of babysitting, barber, beauty shop, book store, buffet breakfast, car rentals etc to make your work easy.

In these Hotels Near Mumbai Airport, there is cash machines/ATM nearby, coffee or tea in room service, concierge lounge hours, evening turn down service, foreign exchange, gift/newsstand, and daily housekeeping service, laundry on site, limousine service, 24 hour room service, safe deposit boxes, front desk, valet dry cleaning and what not on the list. The in-house restaurants will provide you with the authentic lunch and dinner of not only Indian but Italian, continental, Chinese, Japanese and other varieties too.

All the above facilities and warm hospitality of the hotel staffs will make your day and trip very comfortable. Moreover, if we talk for the view of a business traveler, the services specific for them are categorized as- copy service, fax service, message service, fee for incoming fax, translator, post/ parcel, secretarial service, on site business center, network internet printing etc. They are the best which you can get and the most important fact is that the hotels are of wide range as per the budget. If you are on a budget constraint ten also you can get a comfortable stay near the Mumbai airport. The rooms are clean and comfortable.

There nearby location to the airport is an added advantage to the tourists as they can save their travelling time as well as these hotels are suitable for those travelers who are willing to take a short break, freshen up between two continuous journeys. They can have breakfast, coffee and a short nap in order to kill the time between two connecting flights. They will make you feel at home even being so far away!

Have You Ever Heard of a Rich But Cheap Holiday in 1borneo

Malaysia is a tropical country blessed with 365 days of warm weather and sun shine. The states of Sabah and Sarawak in the island of Borneo are God’s gift to Malaysia. Have you ever heard of a rich but cheap holiday in 1borneo? Strange as it may sound it is possible to stay in the most happening area in Borneo and still enjoy a holiday well within your budget! Nature has gifted people of Malaysia a ready made recreational park in the form of the island states of Borneo. From tall mountains, to hiking trails, caves for exploration, waterfalls for spine shivering showers, Borneo is a haven for the adventurous and nature loving tourists. You will be surprised at the modern, comfortable hotels that have mushroomed in central locations of 1Borneo Hypermall which can give you a cheap holiday in 1borneo.

Centrally located, with great security and sanitation, not to mention ‘5 star equivalent’ bed and bath, these hotels have managed to keep costs low by cutting out on the frills but keeping up on excellent basic amenities. If your destination is Sabah, don’t hesitate to check out at the happening 1Borneo Hyper Mall in Kota Kinnabalu. You are sure to find wonderful low cost hotels with shuttle or other transport facilities to take you around the city.

For the fit and sporty, the Pinnacles in Sarawak is the ultimate experience in trekking. A trail of about 2.5km, with a gradient of 1200metres, the steep climb might leave you with little energy but the spectacular sight of hundreds of razor sharp limestone structures atop, will make the climb well worth it. If you are up to diving, then the Sipadan-Kapalai dive resort is a ‘must visit.’! The Barracuda Point which is the most popular site, lets you come in close proximity with the underwater inhabitants such as the green turtles, hammerheads, grey reef sharks and the under water coral gardens with schools of unicorn fish! If this doesn’t sound magical, nothing else will!

A holiday in Sabah Sarawak is never complete without the experience of the famous Mount Kinnabalu climb! The tallest mountain in Malaysia cited as a World Heritage Site, is a picture of majestic beauty, with the bold and young trying out their mettle at mountain climbing at the foothills. Kinnabalu national park, another world heritage site is home to some of the rarest orchid species and the most carnivorous pitcher plants!

It is the concept of an affordable lodging that really clinched the dream of a cheap holiday in Malaysia for many tourists. From world famous beaches, to tropical rain forests, to mountains, to quaint villages, aquatic thrills and spills, the country has so much to offer that no tourist would want to leave with only a quick tour of Kuala Lumpur. Another concept is the chain hotels with competitive pricing across the country that has made this exciting proposition a true living dream! Browse and book on line to get the best deals. There is no need to compromise either on basics such as bed and bath or even security and sanitation because without these, no hotel can be called ‘a value for money’ proposition.

If Sabah and Sarawak are island states lying to the southeast, then Kulim is a typical mainland Malaysian village in the northern most state of Kedah. A quick cheap holiday in kulim gives a visitor an idea of this country’s cultural and racial diversity. The Hindu temples, Churches, Buddhist temples, Mosques are a testament to the harmony with which the different races coexist. If you can locate a good hotel that gives you proximity to at least some of the ‘tourist interest’ places along with facilities such as internet connections then it is well worth exploring the region while being in touch with your loved ones. Some of the places worth visiting are the Junjung waterfalls, Sungai Sedim recreation park, Kulim Hi Tech Park, Mount Bungsu forest reserves and last but not the least the world famous tree top walk, which boasts of being the world’s last canopy walk.

Thanks to low cost air carriers, budget hotels, tourism has boomed in Malaysia making it a win win situation for both the tourist and the industry. Remember, a bit of preplanning, advance booking on line and getting the priorities right for a good yet comfortable lodging that you would be happy to recommend to your friends is the trick to enjoy an affordable, comfortable yet a cheap holiday.

Cheap Holidays to New York

New York is one of the most exciting cities of the world. It is situated on a big natural harbor on the Atlantic coast of the Northeastern US. It is the most populous city of United States. This place is also referred as “The City That Never Sleeps”. It is well known for its culture and dazzling nightlife.

Taking a trip to replenish your wardrobe, shopping is a marathon affair in New York holidays. Whatever you want to buy you can get in this mixture of finance, culture, history and romance. Take advantage of the concierge service at the hotel and get a ticket to a show, reservations to the spa, or a Limo tour.

The empire state of New York is one of the hottest long haul holidaying destinations across the world. It may not be an exaggeration to claim that the pulse of America’s dynamism beats at its hardest here. Its character of being a gigantic melting pot of numerous cultures from across the world has made New York a smashing smorgasbord of multi ethnic culinary delights and extensive retail therapy.

From Ellis Island to Coney Island to Staten Island to Long Island to Manhattan Island, there are no islands that are as well known as the ones in New York. The cultured and well-heeled ensconce themselves in fabulous New York hotels when visiting the city from their luxurious homes in the Hamptons. In New York, opulence is commonplace. Movie stars, rock stars and sports stars are snubbed as they sit on the subway trying to make their way to the East Village, or make a pilgrimage to the Guggenheim or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is all part and parcel of life in New York where everyone is a star or can be! Visit Washington Square Park where the great, the near-great and the once-great all perform in vain attempts to gain the attention of New Yorkers who’ve seen it all.

Places to visit in New York

Major attractive sites over here include Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Museum, Bryant Park, Chinatown, Columbia University Times Square, 40 Wall Street, etc.

Honduras Travel Tips

It remains never easy for us to decide a tourism spot because we do not have much time and money to waste. Most of all, tourism is a hobby for mental recreation and wrong selection of the place may change our recreation into mental agony. There are many countries that claim to be tourist friendly but their claims usually prove hoax due to expensive rates and too many restrictions upon tourists. Honduras travel can for sure be selected by the tourists because it offers cheaper tourism facilities. There are many resorts and places to visit in the country and visiting Roatan would be an experience that you could never forget because the region is filled with a lot many beaches almost all of them providing different kinds of pleasures for the tourists including scuba diving.

Copan ruins can be the impetus for Honduras travel and attract too many tourists annually because Maya civilization can be seen at its zenith in those ruins. Many people find a good learning and research material in Honduras. Forest of the country is filled with almost all kinds of rare plants and enjoying wildlife in the country is also a safe and enthralling experience. History and culture seem to amalgamate here because the country does not only have the ancient ruin, town of Comayagua provide us a beautiful opportunity to see colonial era here.

There is no need for scuba divers to wander here and there in search of the best place for scuba diving, the bay islands of the country are the best for scuba diving and diving here can never be forgotten because of unique under water experience. Puerto Cortes is among the ancient ports and it is a port worth seeing for the tourists. Landscape of the country is exceptional and it is one of the best places where you may go for enjoying life away from mechanical life. Here we would find the pleasures of nature with purity. If you are planning for Honduras travel then we may be of the great help for you. You would find all kinds of information from us so that we may plan your trip in a good way. We may provide you the diversity of nature and places to visit. You can get information from us about temperature and other related matters so that you could decide for the best time to visit the country for maximum pleasure.