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Cleanse Your Soul at The Kek Lok Si Temple

Mahayana Buddhism is one of the two main strains of Buddhism practiced in Asia the history of which can be recounted over a thousand years. The evidence of the practicing of the religion can be sighted in all parts of the continent and especially in China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Nepal mostly in the form of Buddhist temples.

The Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, China is one of the better known temples in the area and also has the honour of being the largest Buddhist temple in the entire South East Asian region. Kek Lok Si, meaning Temple of Supreme Bliss in English, is an attraction where one can observe Chinese rituals and Buddhism blending seamlessly to create a unique form of worship. Whilst construction began only around 100 years ago, the temple is of seven stories and combines Chinese, Thai and Burmese architectural styles to represent not only Mahayana but Theravada Buddhism as well. The Kek Lok Si Temple plays a major role in the religious and spiritual activities of the people of Penang and a visit to the temple is a must to observe the manner in which the locals venerate their faith.

Tourists visiting the temple have the opportunity of freeing a turtle at the Liberation Pond, venerating the Buddha and a number of other Chinese gods and observing a Koi Pond and the statute of the Bodhisattva of Universal Compassion. The best time to observe the temple would be immediately after the Chinese New Year at night. For a period of thirty days, the prayer halls, pagodas and bell towers are well lit thereby creating a majestic and memorable sight of the temple.

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