Monthly Archive: January 2017

The Accord Metropolitan Chennai-a Premier Business Hotel

The Accord Metropolitan Chennai is a premier business hotel in the southern city of Chennai and is a perfect choice for business travelers. A number of business executives and big time honchos from all over the Indian subcontinent as well as from across the globe head to Chennai on business and a good place to stay with all the business facilities on offer is an important requirement. Thanks to hotels such as these, a stay in Chennai is well taken care of.

As popular for its traditional roots as it is for playing an important role in the economic development of the region, the city of Chennai has it all. A perfect balance between a laid-back culture as well as a fast track to economic development makes the city a great place to head to for every kind of traveler. The travel buff can spend days in the city exploring all it has to offer on the travel platter and the business traveler can spend all the time he wants exploring all the opportunities available in the city. Even if a business traveler heads to the city with only business in mind, the many facets of Chennai ensure that they end up exploring more than just that. Hotels like the Accord Metropolitan Chennai are therefore temporary homes not only for the business traveler but for the leisure traveler as well.

Chennai has been known to be a hub for industry as way back as the sixteenth century. It was then that the textile industry here began to take root and even today, the textile industry in Chennai and the surrounding region is highly popular. This sees a number of executives and investors related to the textile industry make their way to the city in order to finalize their deals or explore new avenues. Related industries such as those associated with the raw material as well as the equipment used in the manufacture of these textiles have a strong presence here too. The production units in turn attracts workers from surrounding towns and cities and this in turn gives rise to even more support businesses. Moreover, this is only the textile industry that is being considered. There are a number of other industries here that have been set up for decades and this makes Chennai a busy city.

In recent years, the business of Information Technology has changed the way the world looks at India and Chennai too has played an important role. There are therefore a number of companies that have either set up base here or send in their representatives to explore the options that the city has on offer. Thanks to hotels like the Accord Metropolitan Chennai, the stay is not only classy but helpful for business activities too.